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Hub Building Resources

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Galaxy Citizen - A Starbound Roleplay Community

Hub Building Resources

Below is a list of resources and tutorials that hub builders can make use of when designing or building their hubs. More resources, such as template worldfiles, will be added when I receive them.


Empty Haven District Parallax

Empty Corrav District Parallax

This is an empty worldfile with the Haven District parallax, a black box for building interiors, and a grassy ground. To use this worldfile and many others, go to your singleplayer game and discover a new planet. Then, get your coordinates with /whereami. After that, close your game, and rename this worldfile download to the coordinates as if it was the same worldfile. Then, just drop and replace the world you discovered with this download in the universe folder of your starbound directory. You can teleport to the world using a /warp command and the coordinates you got.


Teledoor Template

This mod is required to use teledoors/interactable signs in singleplayer.

Teledoors use a serverside script to allow custom signs to be used as if they were teleporters. Typically they are invisible and simply layed over blocks or a custom object, but they can also have their color directives changed to look like just a custom sign that can act as a teleporter.

The link above is a template to use for an invisible custom sign teledoor. Within the teledoor, you will most likely only be concerned with one particular array.



These are bookmarks for the teledoor, and contain all the information you need. Each curly bracketed content is one bookmark. Because it is an array, you can add another element. Example:




This adds two bookmarks with different information as you put it in. The name and description fields are self explanatory.



CELESTIALWORLDFILE HERE is the celestial coordinates for the destination worldfile. For example, CelestialWorld:-41144911_-243865722_-2072770_11 (this is the haven world coordinates). The final area is the position exactly in the world where you want the teleporter to teleport you to. To find this, use the /debug command.


The first number is your X coordinate - round this to a whole number, as this will be XCORD. The second number is your Y coordinate. Round this down, subtract two, and place it after the period (.). This will be YCORD.


ICON HERE is the icon by the name of the teledoor. It is simply the file name of all the icons available:


The icon in the example above is “return”. That will be ICON. Remember that teledoors tend to have two teleporters.


Pop-up Sign Template



This a sign that when you press E on it, shows a popup message. To give it a custom sprite, use Animated Signs to generate a custom sign, and then paste the directives of the sign over on DIRECTIVES HERE. Put your message in MESSAGE HERE, and then put in any racial descriptions at the DESCRIPTION HERE’s.


Silverfeelin's Worldedit

Very useful for any building purpose. Useful for adding a shit ton of the “...” black blocks we use to surround interior teledoor rooms.


Custom Objects

Add customized sprites to your hubs.


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Teledoor Example:



We usually surround interior worlds with black blocks to block out any outside.


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