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// Doctor of Archaeology looking for work and artifacts //

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// The link refers to a small, personal website. It is rather minimalistically organized and stylised, with a textbody, a set of contacting possibilities, a comment section and a separate menu to send direct messages to the site's host. //

Welcome <user>!

I am looking for work in the field of archaeological exploration and excavation in ruins, analysis of artifacts, findings of fossils, literature and ancient documents or anything similar, as well as translation or proto-sociological and -cultural evaluation. It is possible to hire me for a certain project, as well as for a short to medium-term employment at a dedicated company.

For the latter, I have a few requests to make, which are essential to me being abled to work properly:

  • Spoiler


    • A local workstation equipped with basic archaeological equipment
    • A personal terminal
    • Access to all data regarding the ongoing project I and possible co-workers are researching on
    • Full access to the working site
    • A basic accommodation (bed, cooking station, heating)
    • I am ready to work under a supervisor, as long as I am allowed to use my custom equipment as well as conduct personal research to an extent that doesn't jeopardize or delay the project



If you are interested in hiring me for a short- or medium-term employment, please contact me via a direct message to negotiate terms.


Also, I am interested in buying any possible artifacts or presumed ancient items of any kind - after an initial, personal survey to assure its authenticity, of course.

In case you are interested in an exchange of archaeological data I've gathered, I would be happy to give you access to my personal database. I have gathered data from every known humanoid species in the Milky Way, including sociological, anatomical, cultural, architectural and various other information. Of course, I am not aversed to a nice conversation amongst colleagues, either.


Dr. cult. Ruvaak Pravuu
Doctor of Archaeology

// A couple of different contact possibilities follow //


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// User SlyFox replies to the thread. //

You might want to contact the Haven Senate, they might need someone like you. Even if not, they can probably point you somewhere else.


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On 20.5.2017, 01:08:02, PrivateNomad said:

// User SlyFox replies to the thread. //

You might want to contact the Haven Senate, they might need someone like you. Even if not, they can probably point you somewhere else.

// User ADMIN_RuvPra replies to the comment. //

Do you know how I can contact them? Your advice seems like a good idea to me.


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