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//BREAKING NEWS: Increased Pirate Activity in the Fringe//

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//A news article from Civspace had been bounced and reposted across the nexus, it featured a video of a Human news anchor in a suit, sitting at a neat looking desk, the news station's logo flashing behind him on a number of screens. The video itself had a number of different subtitles able to be displayed.//

Large text reading "BREAKING NEWS" flashed across a number of screens behind the anchor

The news anchor sifted through a few papers, adjusting the stack so it was straight. He looked to the camera and cleared his throat

"There have been a number of reports from freight companies shipping to and from the area known as "The Fringe" that their cargo ships had not checked in. Some companies investigated further, and discovered that the ships that had not checked in had been stripped clean of all their cargo and left to drift away from the hyperspace lanes. Unit-Five-Five-Seven-Eight has an exclusive look at one of the freighters, which has been recently discovered. Over to you."

The news anchor looked over to another camera, before it cut to a different shot of a sturdy looking Glitch, wearing what looked to be an EVA suit. The Glitch put two fingers to the side of it's helmeted head, nodding lightly. The camera man and the Glitch seemed to be floating in space, the visible wreck of a large cargo ship seen in the background

"Statement. Thank you. This cargo ship was discovered recently by authorities in the area, there seems to be a number of hull breaches along the entire ship."

The Glitch turned around, looking at the ship for a moment, before turning back around

"Concern. The ship's pilot and all of it's cargo are nowhere to be found, obvious signs of fighting are seen inside. Shell casings and laser burns can be found within the ship.  Closing. Back to you."

The camera cut back to the Human anchor

"Are pirates really stalking the hyperspace lanes? Should you and your cargo be concerned? Stay tuned on this developing story."

The logo of the news station flashed across the screen, the video ending. There is space for comments below.



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