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      Hello! This is a reminder that just because your roleplay is taking place on the Nexus, it does not mean it is exempt from the rules of GC regarding roleplay. In the case of extremely public places such as the Nexus, making sure you post doesn't break these rules could be even more impertinent than in on-server roleplay. Rules such as, but not limited to the following: Roleplay of a sexual nature must be done in private, and any form of sexual roleplay involving characters that would be considered a "minor" is grounds for a ban. Usage of Unapped Technologies and Races is strictly forbidden outside of 100% fiction, such as Virtual Reality. Activities such as maiming, torture, or other excessively gory or explicit roleplay require consent to be done. Thank you for your time.
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// A Mysterious Crime //

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// An emergency broadcast was sent out to all the lords and ladies in Metalfawn. The broadcast was accidentally leaked onto the Nexus by an unknown perpetrator //


Vires in Genus

Lord Dillon Hildegard and Commander Marquis are Dead.

Lords and Ladies of the realm, this messages is sent with complete secrecy. 
Lord Dillon Hildegard of Moonbath and Commander Marquis of the Queen's Guard have been murdered in the West-tower here in the Sisheer palace complex. It is believed that Commander Marquis was visiting Lord Dillon for an unknown reason when the murderer attacked. There is a possibility that there were multiple perpetrators as Commander Marquis was one of the greatest fighters the realm has seen. The deaths of them leave two empty seats in the council, as Lord Dillon was acting as Master of Foreign Affairs. It is in the realm's best interest that their deaths remain secret until more is known about the mysterious crime. We worry that Lord Dillon's death will result in anger from the Hildegards, Lords of Moonbath, and will cause them to distrust the crown and the capital. We have doubled the security in the palace as a result and the Queen's safety is our top concern at the moment.
When it is made public, the realm will mourn the death of these two brave men, just as us all in Sisheer have been. 
May peace come to us all.


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//User TheBestInTheWorld comments on the broadcast.//

The false and sinful are punished by God


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