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Physical Appearance

176cm tall (5’9”)
Green feathers, white face plumage
Dark brown eyes
Relatively well trained
Scar from a snakebite on his right shoulder

Usual Attire:
Brown leather jacket – modified with a lot of pockets
Light brown shirt
Black trousers with even more pockets
Brown explorer’s hat




Although he might seem a bit eccentric first because of his attire, he is actually a very calm and polite person and – in contrast to his impression – a bit shy around new people. He is also very curious about his surroundings and always eager to learn and explore, partially of course because it is his profession. Conflicts are not really his forte and even though he knows how to use a machete to get through a jungle or a revolver to disable traps and possibly hostile animals, he is very hesitant to use them against a fellow humanoid species.

Political Ideology:

The Kluexan religion – or any religion for that matter - isn’t interesting to him apart of its archaeological value and influence on the different races’ cultural progression, yet he respects religious people.
He is not too engaged in politics, as long as they do not endanger cultural diversity, heritage and freedom of the respective political group’s subjects. Thus, his relationship especially to the Stargazers is not the best, to put it mildly.

His general goal is to explore, excavate and preserve historical artefacts and the galaxy’s races’ culture for the future, as well as to spread awareness to be more thoughtful about one’s past. Personally, however, he tries to find out more about the origin and past of Kluex himself – as with many prophets, his story has been lost in time and the remaining fragments are either locked away by the Kluexan priests or buried beneath the sands of time, waiting to be dug up again after millennia.


Ruvak is originally from Nest, the Grounded’s haven. He grew up in a family with 4 siblings and loving parents and showed interest in art and history, especially ancient history and archaeology, early in his life. So, in contrary to his siblings, who all entered a career of trade and entrepreneurship, he studied old literature, books, artefacts – anything he could find and stick his beak into (always hoping to not get bitten or stung by something that might hide inside it). His older sister Ticra always brought him something to research from her travels until one day, he asked to travel with her while she made a delivery to a friendly Hylotl settlement.
He was completely stunned by what he saw – cultural riches and traditional life he only read about in his books all in front of him, waiting to be surveyed. From this day on, he decided to travel around the galaxy to get to know cultures first hand and to explore space for anything he might find interesting. The problem was: He was only 17 at that time and his father was not quite happy with his choice to study archaeology instead of something “useful”. Nonetheless he followed his passion and, after about 4 years, bought his own spaceship to venture out – the Ticra.


PS: Yes, he is a bit inspired by Indiana Jones.


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Very good character; there will be lots of opportunities for archaeological-type work in GC soon.


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Omg, we both got characters inspired by Indiana Jones!

Nice one there


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