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Weekly Update #27 [14/5/2017]

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Weekly Update #27

Here we are again, GC. Each day it seems to be getting better and better, or at least I think it is. As the summer closes in, expect a rise in on-server activity, as well as Derelict coming into fruition. There'll be a lot of opportunities out there, and we can't urge you enough to grasp at those opportunities to create your own story. To start off, a request:
Please donate. The server has run out of money and we cannot pay for another month unless Aurora pays out of pocket. Do your duty as a Galaxy Citizen and reap the benefits!



  • Keeping things stable as always.
  • A few bump on the roads have been encountered but passed through. Overall, staff is working on making the Discord server a more positive environment for players old and new.


  • Keeping things stable as always.

As for other things, congratulations to the new Media team staff, @Loo and @Short-Factor! In addition, Loo will be fully joining staff as our newest Community Monitor, specializing with management. In addition, congratulations to our new CM and server tech, @Kappa!


@Skid723 Has kindly offered a reward for a top voter at the end of June if GC is number one at the end of the current month. Get out there and vote! The staff team and many others are very thankful for the efforts you all have done for GC. Recently, we have:

KcqhmMu.png Doubled our votes.


Held number one for six days.


And increased the average players on the server by nearly 10. You guys are what actually make this server successful, and it is things like this that rain prosperity on GC.

For other news, @Waffles is working on managing a new Cards Against Humanity cardset for GC. We'll see how that turns out soon.


Also, I made a flag for Haven.

And now, for things on the pipeline:

  • Fleet system being worked on by @Drakkar and @Snakeybob!
  • Subhuman lore by @Waffles will be posted soon as a reward for GC getting number one!
  • Possibility of a folklore submission forum to submit lore tidbits for the setting!
  • More info on Derelict soon!
  • Possible induction of new Media Team members. If you're interested, post a staff app or contact @Drakkar!
  • More Haven events for passive RPers!
  • Atlas events by @Lloyd!
  • Penguin lore and bestiary grading by @krowski!
  • More added onto the undiscovered Starmap for Haven!
  • Updating of the Haven Roster by @Nick McMuffin!
  • Wayfarer events by @Nemo!
  • New work on a recreational Club in Haven by @Hare and @PrivateNomad! No more will you have to do Tree RP when we're through with it.
  • Work on the Rendera District of Haven by @PrivateNomad and @WowGain!
  • Completion of the Haven Museum, accompanied by the Mael Radec memorial service event. The Haven Museum is an area where people can donate artifacts to be displayed, sometimes even being payed for doing so.
  • Donation perks

As you can see, we have a lot that we're working on! More than has ever been worked on in the past in GC. I'd like to give a huge thanks for all the staff who have made this server great again, and I extend that thanks to the players of GC. It is these actions that give us new wonderful RPers, and compel old players of GC to return to us to see the greatness that we have created. Let us extend a warm welcome to possible returning players @Hare and @Ace of Fours, that they may try and again find what they're looking for in GC that was once absent before. A lot of stuff has changed, and its still changing - but for the better. Our collaborative efforts are turning GC into a server for everyone, with a dynamic setting and lore that ordinary players can affect, with unique and interesting plotlines that can involve everyone. It's a wonderful thing to see all of this hard work paying off, with all these players coming back to submerge themselves in it once again.

Stay juicy, GC. Also it's likely I'll be the main one doing these now, so @WowGain can focus on his more important admin duties. I hope you guys don't mind the change.

Galaxy Citizen - A Starbound Roleplay Community


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If my credit card wasn't f♥cked up, I could've been gold/diamond donator by giving a certain amount... Like, seriously, it's frustrating when error comes because of my kind of card / account, but yeah


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