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//Wayfarers' System Catalogue//

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//A page goes up on the Nexus, cataloging the systems explored by the Wayfarers of Iluhuli.//

Welcome to the public Wayfarers' catalogue. Here we list the systems our brave explorers have discovered, in order to keep an organized record of planets for people to colonize.

Our official page.




System UI-5 (Main Sequence) (Explored)

Ø OHK - 1rfjwkAjsx6w83Tb_0oEkh2ZHIIahdDSRwkirhF-JrfjwkAjsx6w83Tb_0oEkh2ZHIIahdDSRwkirhF-J

Ø OHK - 2b-K8V93eX1PlUhUkR8Zb06J0MXQ-K3v7TGAA5Gpb

II OHK - 3 NG1zTsiEsJv3g_U7SN3xy806Qso-aMQTOqkCFjuU9n3XF6cx9QJifI_d9uRBlmwFmah-85gYWVCFSdfs(A species of strange slug-like creatures have evolved here. Powerful rivers provide a potential source of power.)


System UI-6 (Binary Main Sequence) (Explored)

Ceres Belt α Xm1v0hQCVqWLKpRX6I_LLTtqOQ92-H1QET2q6jt1

Ceres Belt β rfjwkAjsx6w83Tb_0oEkh2ZHIIahdDSRwkirhF-JrfjwkAjsx6w83Tb_0oEkh2ZHIIahdDSRwkirhF-JrfjwkAjsx6w83Tb_0oEkh2ZHIIahdDSRwkirhF-J(The asteroids orbiting this system’s two suns have been identified as two separate asteroid belts. The innermost belt consists of large miscellaneous rocks, while the outer belt is the remains of a long dead planet, and rich with tin.)

III CYN NG1zTsiEsJv3g_U7SN3xy806Qso-aMQTOqkCFjuUjjNgx3JZ4JkHcCj3ts7G5j8EXXHbjLLKGiLHaSo_jjNgx3JZ4JkHcCj3ts7G5j8EXXHbjLLKGiLHaSo_Lusnium.png(The planet’s surface is entirely covered by strange flowers, which glow ethereally in every color of the rainbow. At night, they turn a strange shade of red. For some reason, there exists a permanent patch of ‘light’ which pushes away all who approach. A voice speaks through it four times a day; dawn, noon, dusk, and midnight. The source of the voice is unknown, however, the light has been identified as charged Lusnium. The surface has also been pelted with odd statues which have fallen from some extreme height. Their source is also unknown.)


Ø CYN ii (Cyn’s twin moons. Every now and then, asteroids will wander from the outermost Ceres belt and get caught in their orbit, getting flung back and forth before either impacting one of the moon’s surfaces, or burning up in CYN’s atmosphere.)


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