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ZOOM Discs

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Name: ZOOM Discs, or Zero Point Mines.

Description: A octagonal pointed mine device. It has several struts that extend outwards from the center to a length of 2 meters, with wiring inside.  The center point of the mine houses a zero point manipulator as do the ends of each of the struts.

Abilities: The mines house several zero point manipulators which when fully extended, can react to the nearby presence of an individual and fling them into the air, at most a 300kg individual. It will fling them anywhere between 5-10m somewhat rapidly, before dropping them.

Conditional Abilities (Optional): Can be concealed in long grass or dark environments, as well as matched to resemble nearby environments. If attached to the side of a wall , they can be used to slam individuals into walls in much the same way as a shock wave. They can be manually detonated via remote, up to a maximum of 2 times.

Limitations: They're stationary and as such can be easy to spot in an open environment. Shooting them will cause them to harmlessly malfunction, with no explosive repercussions.

Conditional Limitations (Optional): If the struts housing the extra zero point manipulators are cut, the mine loses efficiency substantially, reducing the force outputted drastically to only allowing movement of things 50kg or less.

How does it work: The central mine device houses the power system, which is a precharged liquid hydrogen battery. The top of the mine houses the zero point manipulator, as well as the folded up struts which extend when the mine is activated. When movement is detected within the mines radius, it will activate the emitters and commence the flight for the victim. 

Flavor text: Created by Abigail Lautner for the Atlas Corporation.

Referenced Technologies (Optional): ENERGY CODEX

Attainability: Semi-Open: Atlas is the source.

Tags: Military


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Hey there, @Abbygale. I don't see any precarious or abusive things about these- They function quite akin to modern mines, beyond the science fiction of ZPEM technology- and are well enough to warrant an initial pass. Awaiting secondary grading.


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