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Margury's logs - The expedition

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Author: Bradley Sykes
Date: 25th of April, 3284
Time: 17:14 Margurian I standard time (MIST)
Log archive: The expedition
Log no.: 1

"After months of gathering funds, contacting our acquaintances,
making arrangements, carefully planning and making preparations,
we finally left our solar system. Our borders. Saams Khir. Home."

"We are to meet and group up with a large vessel with machinery 
and mechs that one of our 
acquaintances provided for us out of
charity and support for our cause. We are to meet them halfway
or journey to Old Margury, within the sovereign solar system of
Haven. Here, we will take our first and final stop, join forces
with the larger vessel and perhaps look for capable hirelings."

"The spirits and morale on the ship is high. The crew is
excited and the scientists never stop talking about whatever
we may find there. Their guesses are supported with the most
fascinating theories, while some others started placing bets."

"I must say that, regardless of all the joy and excitement, I
feel a bit nervous and anxious. Maybe even a bit agitated, for
I know not what lies ahead of us. Will we even find anything?
If we find anything, what will it be? Artifacts? Information?
Danger? A sign of life? I suppose that my questions will remain

unanswered until we get there."



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Author: Bradley Sykes
Date: 5th of May, 3284
Time: 22:59 Margurian I standard time (MIST)
Log archive: The expedition
Log no.: 2

"Looking out of the window in my room, I can see Lapetus
passing by as we are heading towards Haven. The rest of the
fleet will head to Vedoxis and wait for our allies to arrive.

So far, we haven't received a word regarding their ETA."

"In the meantime, I'll be exploring the sovereign grounds of
Haven and see if I can find out more about the place. I'd be
lying to myself if I'd say that I'm not a little curious about 

the colony and its people. Besides, I could use a snack or two
for the rest of the trip! Even though Colonel urges me to stay
on board out of 'safety' reasons.

"Spirits are still high among the crew members and the rest of
my fellow travelers. One of the scientists on the other hand
got a little 'space-sick'. I don't know how else to describe
it, but he's having a hard time being in space. The poor man.
Lindsey is taking care of him by cooking up her herbal tea,
so he should be in good hands.


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Author: Bradley Sykes
Date: 7th of May, 3284
Time: 22:24 Margurian I standard time (MIST)
Log archive: The expedition
Log no.: 3

"Today I've set my first steps on the planet of Haven. I must
say that I'm impressed. The reports that I have received and
the public news that I've read on the Nexus so far always had
my curiosity, but I never got to see the sovereign city with
my own eyes. The intel's description couldn't even come close
to the beauty of the city. Even the snacks are great!"

"During my stay there, I came across a few acquaintances I had
not thought I'd meet here. One of them was a person whose life
I saved when he was still an ignorant and irresponsible child.
He seemed to have changed much and I felt glad to see that he
managed to better his life. We caught up quick. As soon as I
mentioned the expedition, I could sense a slight interest
growing by the way he asked his questions. I managed to avoid
taking him along to Margury, because I wouldn't know how the
people would react. The young man is still a Godus after all.
When I saved his life, I did so by defending him from against
our own. Saams Viddah."

"When I got back to the fleet, I came to understand that the
crew and our fellow travelers organized a new activity to keep
themselves occupied. Saata. They made some space by moving
aside a few tables and chairs in the bar and started placing
bets with the snacks I brought along from Haven. Ghir'dan. At

least it'll keep people occupied and they'll have a good way
to release stress."


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Author: Bradley Sykes
Date: 19th of May, 3284
Time: 22:24 Margurian I standard time (MIST)
Log archive: The expedition
Log no.: 4

"Vash'dan bas! It has been almost over 2 weeks since we got
to Haven's solar system, but there's still no sign of our
allies from Atlas. Not even a single message or broadcast. I
am starting to fear that we, once again, have misplaced our
trust. Luckily, we only used 13% of the funds meant for the
expedition to pay them up front. If they, indeed, have decided
to betray us for money, at least they won't get away with all
of it."

"Whether our Eelos have left our call unanswered or not, I
will have to make a decision. Either I keep looking for other

Vidda, or I will have the fleet move out and head towards Old
Margury without any further help of outsiders. We already have
gathered a small group of able-bodied and capable people. Among

them, there's mercenaries, scientists, archaeologists and even
a war veteran. However, their strengths combined will not even
come close to the capabilities of an excavation machine that
Atlas had promised us."

"Last time I checked up with the grew, they seemed to have
grown tired of waiting. I'll need to make this decision in
a few days max."


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