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This is an alternate template to use for writing characters. Instead of focusing on single questions that are filled out, this focuses on in-depth writing and characterization and in my opinion looks neater.

Galaxy Citizen - A Starbound Roleplay Community


General Information

Write a small summary paragraph and post reference images for the character. Basic information such as name, date of birth, species, gender, any current citizenship statuses or occupation/faction, skills, color scheme, etc. If you wish, include any friends or enemies known. Anything that isn't explained in detail in the other sections or anything extra you want to add. Also include any themes.

Physical Appearance

Write a paragraph on the character's actual physical description, being detailed. Hair color, skin color, eye color, general clothing or appearances, etc. Also include any tech used.


Personality Type: Put your character's personality type here.

Political Ideology:

Write a paragraph on how the character acts, how they speak, how social they are, what sort of person they come off as, etc. Include their goals and ambitions, a very important aspect of characterization so your character can achieve things. You should also include other things such as political ideologies, likes, dislikes, etc. Go wild.


Write a backstory for your character here; their history, all the way up to the current day where you can even update it further if you wish. Explain how the character was raised to have their personality, or how they developed their ambitions or ideologies. 


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