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The Spoonbender Worm

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Name: The Spoonbender(Cochleari vermis)


Description: The spoonbender is a large, disgusting creature, consisting of pale purple flesh and a single bulbous eye. The body of the worm lacks no discerning features or marks, instead a long, serpentine mass of slithering meat ending in the eyestalk, and eyelid. It lacks a mouth to the quick observer, but a keen eye can notice the folds of skin protecting the mouth below the eye. The spoonbender was named for their discoverer, and first victim, the psionic Dr. William Spoonbender, as he was investigating a site of high hyperspatial chaos and remarked about the existence of a worm that would eat “beans and chaps, Donny old bean” as a result of cuil-related entropy.


(( image drawn by pinkbat thank you yes all credit ))

Behavior: The spoonbender is incredibly cowardly, usually retreating to abandoned buildings, lifeless craters, caves, and corridors in realspace scenarios.
When the prey nears, they will attempt to secure the food in the stealthiest manner possible, only striking when they feel the time is right. They will enact this policy of stalking-and-feeding around all their prey, sapient life, save for the novakid, which is a disgusting morsel to them.


Tamability: To tame a spoonbender, one most possess a high mastery of the psionic art of Empathetics, and bond with the creature over a period of months by feeding it spoons, and in some cases other psions. This will bind the creature to the empathetic, as otherwise they cannot realize the untold suffering that any race feels due to the sheer amount of their own. For the spoonbender, existence is the highest agony, only dulled by an empathetic’s kindness.

Where is it found?: The spoonbender dwells mostly within the entropy of Hyperspace,
although those that enter Realspace will usually seek out barren, lifeless areas in which to hide.

Rarity: Very uncommon. They are usually only present in areas of high surreality, such as  the Undercrypt, or Psionic temples, and will usually appear as pests around areas of hyperspacial activity.

Diet/Method of gaining nutrients and energy: The spoonbender is an extraordinarily unique organism in that it eats only two things: Iron, or variants thereof, favoring them in the form of spoons for easy consumption, and psions, which it consumes to gain the rest of its vital nutrients. They will eat other beings if necessary, but the innate force of cuils found in trained psions and their ilk attracts them like bloodhounds to, well, blood. The process by which it eats is poorly-understood, but seems to consist of strangling the prey, drugging it up on the secretion of the spoonbender, then consuming it slowly and steadily through a mouth concealed within the folds beneath the eye, like a snake.

Products?: A mild hallucinogenic drug, currently a prescription drug in some backwater areas of the galaxy known for killing if consumed in amounts exceeding
about three grams. Their meat is bland and tastes like sawdust, while the ash produced by disintegration through overcuilification is useful as an artificial sweetener.

Reproduction: The spoonbender reproduces via budding, with smaller spoonbenders coming into existence from the tail of a grown adult and breaking off once developed. The spoonbender itself lacks gender, although it identifies as voidfluid.


Size: All spoonbenders begin at the size of around a foot, but grow up to six feet in length. Each is about two feet wide.

Weight: About fifty to seventy-five pounds, at full adult size.

Lifespan: In realspace, about forty years.


-Extraordinarily quick.

-Able to use their secretions as a mild form of hallucinogenic drug.

-The head-portion may rotate a full 270 degrees.

-The spoonbender, when tamed, may be used as a sort of tracking hound for hyperspatial activity, gazing longingly toward sources of immense cuils.


-It will generate a massive amount of background cuils, potentially destabilizing itself into instant death upon entry into realspace.

-Due to the inherently high cuils generated by this creature, the race as a whole will instantly disintegrate into ash upon witnessing any act the creature itself finds offensive. This may be anything from a rude gesture to pouring the milk before the cereal, or anything else in between.

-Lacking in talons, claws, or sharp teeth, the spoonbender is defenseless against nigh all forms of attack. They are very easy to kill.

Other: He’s a sensitive boy.


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