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Novakid Business

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= Novakid Business =


(Above: A bottle and glass of a type of highly refined Starshine, created from collecting stardust and brewing it.)


Many Novakids partake in nomadic activities involving the collection of various space resources, using their train ships to collect resources and ship it or sell it. This is a nomadic way of life, and for many Novakids, make them their money and builds their living. There are numerous ways they do this, mostly depending on their profession. Travellers often spot these Novakids going about their business, traversing the stars with their space trains. Many travel under the name of a collective business, working together for profit. Among these travellers, however, are Novakids with more sinister purposes…



Mining is a fairly profitable business for Novakids, of all types. Mining is most typically an activity for a group or gang of Novakids to partake in, travelling to different places to set up small, temporary outposts before moving to the next out of boredom or lack of resources. Most of the time these outposts are on asteroids, though sometimes they are on planets or moons. Sometimes, if the area is profitable enough, these towns actually grow to become more permanent settlements, spurring the growth of many popular Novakid settlements. Much of the mining business also includes drilling for erchius or karonium fuels.



One of the things Novakids are most famous for is their alcoholic beverages, brewed from some of the most exotic materials in the galaxy; Novakids will travel across the stars to find crystal deposits, concentrations of stardust, moon rocks, and other substances just to brew it into alcohol that anyone or a Novakid would find pleasing. Many drinks are very exotic, glowing with a brilliant starshine and galaxy-like pattern, while some are extremely expensive due to an amount of prisilite salt in their brew. Some Novakids use collection nets to do this, while some use other means. The brewing industry is popular, shipping to many bars across the Fringe from Novakid breweries.



Novakids, of course, love guns. Many Novakids also love hunting. Novakids also love to travel. Combine the three, and you come up with a very profitable Novakid hunting business, where hunters travel to inhabited planets to hunt game there, selling the meat, hide, and other things to make a profit.



Many Novakids choose to travel across the galaxy in order to set up mobile shop, selling whatever goods they may sell. Many of their names are known, their profits great and tales spread wide as they make coin from their trade. Much of these Novakids deal in western-style items such as guns, beer, or anything in general that they may have.



While perhaps not being a business per se, banditry is performed by many Novakids, taking advantage of a nomadic lifestyle to steal, raid, hijack, and pillage. Often times they will attempt to overtake another train to steal its cargo, and sometimes they may attack non-Novakid ships as well.


(Above: A sheriff and a bandit battling in a stardust cloud.)


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