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The Four Arms

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= The Four Arms =

Glitch legends forged long ago speak of four powerful, ancient artifacts forged by the greatest hands of the Glitch and wielded by the strongest warriors to bring untold devastation upon their enemies, absolute ruin upon the land, and woe to their challengers. Alone, they are powerful artifacts - together, who knows what power they would grant the wielder; however, none thus far have succeeded in bringing together the Four Arms.

The Diode Sword: 

The first artifact is the Diode Sword, told to have been a mighty longsword wielded by the lord Tarnspark the Mighty thousands of years ago. It is said that any who wield the sword hears the voice of God, who guides the wielder’s arms to its truest accuracy, among having other considerable powers, perhaps holding the power of God himself. It is legendary as the great Excalibur is, holding power unmatched. Nobody knows where it lies; some say at the bottom of the hottest volcano, some say in the deepest reaches of uncharted space.

The Resistor Shield: 

The second artifact is the Resistor Shield, a powerful and sturdy shield that is told to block any blow, any projectile, any spell that dares to come its way. Legend has it that it was wielded by the most steadfast of champions, throwing their shield rather than a blade to overcome any challenge they faced. None know where it is, but texts rumor it to be in the “bastion where hopes spill.”

The Capacitor Staff: 

The third artifact is the Capacitor Staff, created by a Glitch archmage an untold number of ages ago to bring unstoppable havoc upon the world. It is said to absorb power and unleash it in devastating bolts of lightning hotter than the hottest hot, brighter than the brightest light and louder than the loudest sound. It is said it rests in the “house of gods and the root of lightning.”

The Transistor Bow: 

The fourth and final artifact is the Transistor Bow, a powerful weapon said to launch arrows of the purest energy, thrusting into their opponents with the utmost force amplified to its extreme; it is said that he who wields the Transistor never misses, and one wielder of the bow is rumored to have assassinated a king from a mountain to a city across the continent itself. Like the Diode, none know the true location of the Transistor.


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