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“We are the Haven Guard -

Hope is always in our sight, everything we do a deed,

First to fight, last to leave, our will we will not cede,

Haven bless that we may lead,

In the wartorn wastes marked by our creed.”

The Haven Guard’s Creed


= Haven Guard Recruitment Form =

Guard Discord =


The Haven Guard is the paramilitary force that defends, fights for, and enforces the law of the Haven Federation. Sown into their code are values of protection of the weak, honorable service, and upholding of the constitution and law. To join the Haven Guard, you willingly sacrifice your well being for the greater good, to enforce the law of Haven on its streets or to even go out to carry out its military will.

The Haven Guard is not the Haven Military, which is comprised fully of NPCs. Unlike the military, the Haven Guard allows its members to exercise a greater degree of control and personality over their arms, so long as they follow the code of the Guard and the law. Think of it as the Overwatch of GC. The people of Haven admire them greatly, everything they do a deed. Oftentimes they vary in terms of specialty, equipment, and personality, some even choosing to use only melee weapons, as they are given that much leeway. The ranks of the Haven Guard are as follows:

  • High Guardian - Commander of the Haven Guard
  • Sentinel - One of the most respected ranks, just below the High Guardian as a secondary commander.
  • Paladin - Beginning the elite ranks, the Paladin is an esteemed and respected member of the guard.
  • Vanguard
  • Defender
  • Peacekeeper
  • Vigilant - The rank a Protector attains when they prove themselves worthy.
  • Protector - New recruit.
  • Ranks are earned purely from merit and dedication to the Haven Guard.



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