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Pitch: A very "recently" space-worthy species. Compact, but inquisitive, clever, and adaptable, they're seeking their place among the other species of space.




Slakran are minute but highly curious and adaptable creatures which appear amphibious at a distance, but up close are obviously adapted to a terrestrial lifestyle on a strange, turbulent world where sunshine is intense and still heavily worshipped. They revere nature - especially the blood-and-flesh denizens of the wild AND civil world that they refer to as either "meatbeasts" (animals) or "fleshies" (people). They have an affinity for defensive, medical, and travelling technology, but seem to be lacking in firepower due to their more passive approach on exploration and relations. Simply put: they don't feel the need to have a lot of offensive power. Generally a well-tempered race, they're still subject to individuality as any sapient race is.

They greatly enjoy other cultures other than their own, occasionally appropriating aspects of others into their own. Generally, art is highly revered - especially electronically produced bass-heavy music and brightly colored pictures. Again, they're subject to individuality.

Their native language is called Fesjidit (Fez-jid-it), their home star is Fsshjadara (Fish-jah-dahrah), and their home planet is Jadaranaas (Jah-dah-rah-nahs).



Slakran are terrestrial beings with slightly tough skin on their backs, outer arms, heads, and outer legs, but soft human-like skin on the abdomen, chest, lower jaw, neck, inner arms, and inner legs. They have four digits on each of their two hands, and have legs like humans ending in zygodactyl feet with short, sturdy phalanges. The phalanges going backwards are hardly noticeable, allowing them to practically wear plain humanoid clothing, including shoes. Their heads are always much darker than their pale bodies, lest they are albino, leucistic, or melanistic. From their head and along their back run lines of bioluminescent tissue, which is included in their head fin and on their two whisker-like projections on their snouts. There are a few lines on their bellies as well, though harder to notice in the light due to the generally pale aspect of the area. They possess five eyes with bioluminescent irises. Unlike spiders, however, their vision is considerately better than a human's. Their sense of smell is weak despite the size of their snout, and their hearing is on par with humans. They stand, on average, around four feet tall, and weigh about seventy pounds.

Slakran aren't built for intensive melee combat, making them weak to melee attack, but they make up for this weakness by having great vision, aim, and strategic nature, which stem from their history as a pack hunting beast. They will rarely use their cytotoxic venom unless the situation is desperate, though it's not particularly strong. The venom takes effect immediately in the afflicted tissue, causing pain and swelling which increases in intensity by the hour.  Left untreated, necrosis develops and can cause sepsis, but the time that it takes for this to happen depends on venom potency, which also depends on the individual's genetics and age. 


Brief History:

The history of the Slakran is wrought with chaos and regret, all stemming from their once-rampant greed. After their era of rapid innovation and invention, known as the Wakening, they had disputes over the control of the most essential of innovations - those including the distribution of power, food, and water. Once cities had arisen and politics firmly established, the political climate - along with the planet's - would become more heated by the year, which caused concern among the masses and made them demand change before it was too late. The unrest would eventually turn into world war, which would end up murdering most of the roots of their problems - the corporations that had absolute control over their most needed resources.

Unfortunately, due to the world war and lack of control over resources, they ended up placing themselves in a sort of post-apocalyptic period since the power could no longer be distributed efficiently or properly with the mass destruction. In this down period, they'd lose an additional fifteen percent of their population from the lack of access to basic medical care, clean water, and steady food supplies.

This period would also be a period of rejuvenation for the planet and the views of the species, which eventually led to them uniting under one society under the idea that many minds are better than one, which ended up being very much true for them. They'd soon refine their ability to harness renewable energies enough to rebuild their cities, re-establish their food supply, and repopulate. After regaining control of their planet once again, they'd look to the stars, pondering what opportunities may lay out there in what they mostly considered the unforgiving void outside the benevolent protection of their fierce star.

Despite their fear of the uncertain, for nearly a thousand years, they'd slowly work their way up to interstellar travel, and alongside that, would catch up technologically with defensive technologies, medicine, and offensive tech to a degree. They had agreed to limit offensive power...

They have claimed at least a hundred officially governed planets, as unofficially counted by them back in the year 3250.

They're still making their way around the galaxy, and there are many explorers wanting to discover what other species have to offer.


General location of last surveyed settled planets in the galaxy. Direction of settlement indicated by the arrow, and starting point indicated by the X:



An observer's rough rendition of an individual idling:










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They come in every color, with black being one of the rarer ones. You can have them normally pigmented like the individual that was shown or entirely black if they're melanistic, save for the bioluminescence.


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3 minutes ago, Metraxs said:

I can get behind this

!!! THANK you

Also please don't be afraid to ask questions, especially in second stage of this.


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Hey there @Foxwolf333. Sorry for the delay, but I'll be grading your app today. I like the thought put into their culture and biology, though a lot of it could've been saved for the second phase. It's certainly a unique species, I haven't really seen anything like it before. I'm giving this a pass, and I look forward to phase two.


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@Foxwolf333 It's been a while, please post a phase 2 or a bump before Saturday or this app will be rejected.


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