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// Declaration of war //

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// An open transmission would start to play, loud static mixed with a weird buzzing noise playing for most of the time as this transmission continues to play on most public radio channels. //

// After some time the static would start to clear up, only to present a horrid mix of moaning and shuffeling before a voice starts to talk, the voice deep and clear //

"Beings, of those who opposed me and my will. I am, the giver of our kind. Those who you call "Infested" or "Monsters", a rather foul name for beings that are the chosen beings to ascend into a higher plane of biological existance. Regardless of your pityful insults, I will not present myself by name, as you are not worthy to hear the sacred words of the ancient ones, but you are free to address me as "Giver". It has come to my attention that the attempts of containing us in this limit space are growing futile and weak. The .. "Federal Biohazard Control" as they name themselves, are failing. This is the warning I will give to those in the Fringe, those who are becoming warry that their lives will come to waste without much reason. The Ascention awaits, a chance to live your life to the fullest extend, no longer bound by the chain of simple evolutionary patterns. But as it has also come to our attention that the Fringe has refused our gift .... the messengers of my voice have gathered followers, but it is not that what I asked for. As for due, we will soon be released from our confinement and many of my subjects have brought many suitable places to my attention. The most interesting of these showcases was the place named "Roji", proposed by a young ascendant with the given name "Zela'kana", a name which you might not be familiar with. The holy words are only shared to those who have recieved the highest gift from the creators. Nontheless, this place has been blessed with my attention..."


"After many years of tired stares into the stars, I have fully opened my eyes.. futile resistance, the false hope and the lies of the weak corrupt this place.. and yet, it holds. Sanctum to those, who believe that death will be their biggest suffering if we encounter them. As for now, this place has stated it was no longer being "pushed around" or "bullied", rather resorting to calling unknown allies. For this, I am giving a polite chuckle, our swarm hungers, the emptyness has filled our minds, and only blood shall return us to reason, as those who cannot be reasoned with must be slaughtered to fuel our minds."

"Do not underestimate us, we are many. And we are constantly shifting, adapting to the course of time, faster than you will ever begin to understand. "Roji", will be an example for the Fringe. Why our might, cannot be opposed, the corpses of your fallen soldiers... the corpses of the lifes lost in battle, will stand up and notice the pain you have brought them. Your loses, are our gains. Both in size.. and in mind."

"I will be looking forward to the next cycles, do not disapointment. My mind has grown tired of false challenges, so please... make it worth my time."

// The transmission quickly ends, continuing to the loud static and buzzing noises it once was, safed files popping up randomly on the nexus with many of them arguing the credibility of this transmission. //


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