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// Roji Declaration //

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//user tartarusminingcompany.industry.nex leaves a comment//

The staff at Tartarus Mine have received little to no salary this week in preparation of this anticipated war. Tartarus Mining Company will make clear that we are a neutral party to the conflict and as such, will begin taking in and providing food, medicine, shelter and security to those in need. Josh

//the post is ended by an application form for refugees//


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48 minutes ago, Joshwwaaa said:


//A reply would be made//

To imply that one could be neutral in a conflict such as this is foolish. This coming war will spell much more for the Galaxy than the fates of two parties, rather, whether such an empire like the Caliphate and the Parasites can impose their will upon the denizens of the Fringe without consequence. To declare neutrality is to declare submission to their desires. 


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// User "Brad_Lee" <b.sykes@margury.nex> would leave a reply //

So another war erupts in the Fringe. A war that will once again fall upon the innocent denizens of the Fringe.

Margury will remain vigilant and stand ready to send out supplies that we can spare to those in need as well
as taking care of the refugees.



// User "♥Lorch♥MeltYourHeartDown♥" <lorch-i-licious@margury.nex> just liked this post! //




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