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      Hello! This is a reminder that just because your roleplay is taking place on the Nexus, it does not mean it is exempt from the rules of GC regarding roleplay. In the case of extremely public places such as the Nexus, making sure you post doesn't break these rules could be even more impertinent than in on-server roleplay. Rules such as, but not limited to the following: Roleplay of a sexual nature must be done in private, and any form of sexual roleplay involving characters that would be considered a "minor" is grounds for a ban. Usage of Unapped Technologies and Races is strictly forbidden outside of 100% fiction, such as Virtual Reality. Activities such as maiming, torture, or other excessively gory or explicit roleplay require consent to be done. Thank you for your time.

((ooc)) Currency Exchange Table - OOC

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Updated with the new currency, Caliph Riyals, and changed growth to reflect the changes at this period from the last period.


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Updated with the currency of Roji, the Chime. Misc lore of the Chime:

"Chimes come in five variants, the Single Chime, The 5-Chime, the 10-Chime, 100-Chime and the 1000-Chime

They look like disks and vary in shape size and material depending on their value. They can be tied together on strings and when done so appear to look and sound like a chime of sorts."


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