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  1. post your best gc memes   
  2. // Democratube.nex //

    // For the first time publicly, Purgatory has connected their video-sharing social networking site to the public of the galaxy, allowing for endless opportunities of failure and cat videos to be uploaded to the Nexus. This serves as the hub for those posts. The website itself seems to be a generic, blocky video-sharing site, with upvoting, downvoting, and commenting on videos made by registered users. Uploading a video seems to be an extensive process involving birth certificates, slang, the Subhuman language, and your filed DNA sample ID number and military rank. //  // Please be sure to include the title of the video you're commenting on in your comment posts. Commenting, as always, requires a username!* //   DEMOCRATUBE VIDEO SHARING ENTERPRISES: MAKING YOUR PERSONAL MOMENTS 89% LESS PERSONAL SINCE 3247   *Usernames involving or relating to any synonym or derivative of "anonymous" have been permanently banned from use on official Purgatory.nex subdomains. Post like you mean it, you commie cowards- We can't shoot you if you're in fucking space. -site staff*
  3. Spicy Maymays

    Florans on the server in a nutshell