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  1. Greetings!

    Hey guys, I'm Zach, but people call me Nash, I just wanted to say I am taking the quiz as we speak, and will look forward to joining you guys soon! I'll also read up on the lore for the races, because I'm a lore-junky at heart. Well, I just wanted to say hi, and am looking forward to joining the fun. Have a good one!
  2. An Introduction and a Question

    Hello! I'm very familiar with RP in general, so I was glad to see the well fleshed out rules and universe. I recently got Starbound, and fell in love with the existing universe and Lore.  I do have one question that I realize probably should be asked elsewhere, but I'm unsure exactly where, so this seemed as good as anywhere. Are characters meant to be created with Pre-Existing gear/aesthetics? That is to say, to we have to find our own weapons and outfit and such, or is there somewhere/someway that we are to "Build" our character perse? Other than that, I'm about to hop onto the server for the first time! I hope to meet a lot of you!
  3. A Stupid Newbie

    Greetings. I have a little experience in RP. What newbie like i am should do first? 
  4. Hi everyone!

    Hi my names Jay, or Syn, whatever else you prefer.    I'm new here and thouh I love role play have never actually done so properly so far in non-videogame form (looking to getting into VtM soon) . I love Starbound so any advice on what goes on around here, basics and such, would be much appreciated. Look forward to meeting you all 😊
  5. hOI There!

    hOI There! Fellow Citizens Of the Galaxy! It is I, The Great Vibrating Temmie! Nah....Hey Everyone! I'm Nikinivi, A New Member.  I Don't Have Much to Say About Myself, So I'm Gonna Keep It Short and Simple. I Like RP's. Alot. But BACON, Didn't Have Any Good RP's. They used To Atleast. So yeah. When I Saw The Serious RP Tag on this Server, I HAD To Join. I Hope To Meet Awesome People In This Amazing Server!
  6. Hello fellow Citizens and brothers in arms ! Im Matesz. You can call me Mate, Mathew, Matesz or anything close to it that i can notice as being directed at me. I am 17 years old in fact. Unexperinced in Role-Play. Might be un-frequent in activity due to school. I won't be mad for hating me for my english, as it is not as eloquent as i'd want. I'm from Poland. Yay. Can't wait to join :3
  7. Hello. I am new to the galaxy.

    Hello, This will be my first RP experience, and my first time playing on a Starbound multiplayer server as well.  I have read the rules, and passed the quiz. I will do my best not to annoy anyone with my inexperience lol. I am still trying to figure out what type character I would like to portray. Any suggestions are welcome. The Chirtera character seems interesting.  I look forward to trying out the server! ^_^
  8. Wayne "Blade" Avery

    Name: Wayne Avery Alias: Blade Profession: Freelancer, Cargo Runner, & Melee Weapons Engineer Affiliation: None (yet) Age: 28 Height: 5'10" Weight: 165 lbs (Lean/Athletic) Description:      Frosty alabaster hair is kept in a careless, spiky fashion atop his head. His eyebrows are his natural hair-color, coal black, and are thin and arched over his ocean-blue eyes. Sometimes black stubble can be found about his high-cheek bones and sharp-jaw, but he tends to keep it from forming into a proper beard.      Blade isn't the tallest of freelancers, but he is not the shortest. Standing at nearly six feet, he is broad shouldered but supports a lean and athletic musculature. Due to being an ectomorph, his muscles do not really appear unless he is handling a physically arduous task. When he does show his strength, his body is very cut and chiseled but rapidly returns to undefined after a task is completed.      Typically, he likes to dress casually and blend in. In his mind, looking more important than a citizen would have him labeled as dangerous; this would make his job as a "grey-area" cargo runner more difficult, as he does not seem to mind taking on less-than-legal work. Personality:      Blade is a "you get what you see and hear" kind of guy. He takes people for their word, he tends to be the same type of individual no matter what situation hits him or who he has to meet, but he has an underlying tactful side that allows him to fit in depending on what the situation calls for. He doesn't like making promises unless he knows he can follow through; but, when he does, he makes sure to do exactly what he promised.      When it comes to semantics, Blade sides with "good" people; but, that's not to say he is pure of heart. He does not mind vigilante justice, and may even take on jobs from people with sinister plans as long as it doesn't affect the people he cares about.      
  9. *New Player*

    Hello there, I'm VioletProwler(just "Violet" works fine). I've been playing Starbound for a few days now, and decided to try out a server, so why not start with the most popular? Even better, it's RP oriented, and I love that as well.
  10. Anxious. Hello!

    Hello all! I am actually rather new to this RP scene and kinda decided to check it out more.  I found GC after browsing a bit and I think it's pretty cool but I'm pretty hopeless at this stuff so I thought I'd make an intro post after playing on the server for a bit My character's name is Turnwall and she is a Glitch.
  11. Hello!

    Hello folks. I'll make this my short obligatory "hello" instead of droning on and on about myself and where I'm from. Quite simply put, I've jumped between a few SBRP servers ever since late 2013 and have enjoyed the varied experiences, though I never got to try out GC... Mostly due to the (seemingly unwarranted) criticism and hate it got. However I've been here, lurking around for the last few days and despite everything I've heard it seems the place is very enjoyable and more open-ended than other servers. So I think I'll enjoy my time here! I intend to bring a few of my own ideas to my characters and hopefully have some fun without messing things up for everyone else. But since I tend to stick to the background I doubt I'll manage that. End cliche introduction.
  12. Howdy All! I'm Osiasya and I love roleplay (Really shouldn't everyone here love it?). I am used to roleplaying on forums, I have done a small amount of table top as well (World of Darkness and D&D). While I am rather eloquent in text, I was god awful at the tabletops hence why I don't attempt those anymore. I have passed my test and I am able to access the server but there is so much here I am not really sure where to start or how to join in. Is there a newbie guide I am missing or?
  13. Imagine a woman, BUT WITH TURNIPS

    Heya! I'm Selvia (I prefer the Screen name while having online fun) I live in the USA and have been RPing for several years, along with being a skilled builder across several game titles. (I'll admit, starbound is still a challenge for me) I look forward to meeting you all. ~Starbound Selvia
  14. Hi im spiredbubble53 you could also just call me ashton as it is my irl name.
  15. My First ever Introduction in a Forum

    Well, here iam, I searched some Starbound RP servers on the interweb and ended up here, 2days before the 1.0 update and didnt find backing up things and so im now stuck in 1.0 gg. I will join the server again when planet-chat is back via mod/addon or such. Anyways, my personality is mostly Happy, weird, funny and i tend to make VERY BAD jokes. Hope thats good enough of an Introduction. ^^   ~Shakiko 
  16. Well, here I am. Hi everybody!

    Well I'm a fairly new user to the roleplay community, but I'm a pretty rugged veteran to the Starbound one. I've been playing since very early access!  Anyway, I have no idea what I can do here right now. (Hylotl best species.)
  17. Hihi!

    It's been a long time since I've roleplayed in-game; I've mostly been keeping to text lately, but I thought I'd see if I could give it another shot. I started in terraria right about when it first came out, even hosted my own rp server for a while, then the rp scene pretty much died there last I checked. I rp'd for a little while here on this one server that I can't recall the name of, again, when Starbound was just coming out; and I think I just got a little bored of it because the community wasn't so big and at the same time it was spread out thin over a galaxy as Starbound is, as well as the lack of any real overarching stories. So I found this on a quick reddit search, and community seems pretty nice from my time in the chat, and I like the attention to creativity that this server seems to have from custom race apps and all that, so yeah! I don't have a character yet, but usually I like to play younger characters; I like playing that cheery, naive, curious sort of character. And, I suppose it's a bit unorthodox, but I'd like to find someone to work my character into bio-wise, like maybe a sort of relative or old friend! I dunno just seems like a fun thing to try, to me, but if that doesn't work out any time soon I'll just go ahead and make a new character, I suppose!
  18. Howdy!

    HI THERE! My name (or at least my forum name) is Breezenees! I've had a fair share of experience in roleplay, and can adapt pretty well, so I hope we can all be friends both IC and OOC (Hopefully you guys use those terms). I enjoy spriting, doodling (They really aren't all that good but I try), robots, and animals, especially bears. I currently don't have any characters for this server yet but I'll be sure to make some quickly! I can't wait to roleplay with all of you.   Cheers!   (Did I do the introduction right? I really hope I did.)
  19. Okay, so it has been like a week and a half that I have been playing on the server... and I guess I should have posted an introduction earlier. I suppose I'm not used to using forums or any of that jazz but here goes: I would say I'm not new to roleplay, but I have never played roleplay in an actual video game before. My knowledge of roleplay mostly comes from table top gaming, and even then I haven't played enough to roleplay on the spot. I am getting better though, and I really do enjoy this community!
  20. Just a quick "hi"

    Hi everyone! I'm Avallstorm and i'm new to a lot of this but i'm excited to join, I've been playing starbound for.. 2 years now? a year and a half maybe? Who knows, but I've never played on an RP server so I'm currently just looking around on here, trying to get my bearings before I dive into this but i'm glad to be here! (also a side note does anyone know where I can read up on the lore for this? it's not the easiest to find :P)
  21. Uh...hi!

    Hi! My names Geariko. I'm a just a shy gamer who just recently got back into starbound after trying the alpha back in..I think it was 2012 or 2013? (Holy crap, the game has changed.)     I have experience in roleplaying in other MMO's and tabletop games and I thought it would be fun to try starbound universe because of how open it is to really creative and fun stories.   As for the my characters bio it will be up sometime this week after I read up on the lore a little bit :D. Its nice to meet you all! 
  22. Hello, I'm new here

    Hi. I kinda just started and I wanted to try and play multiplayer here. I like to RP and I can get really immersive into games so I thought this would be a nice place to play with others. I've read the rules, watch the introductory video and did the test. I can be very nervous at first and please let me know if I'm doing something wrong, please be patient with me is all I ask. I already made my character's profile and stuff so I'm wondering if I should go ahead and post that? Anyway, I would like to play with others on the server and be a citizen of "The Fringe"!

  24. Hello,Im Gilgamesh,Uh,Nothing much to say,Just a random hylotl that sells Weapons and Illegal,LEGAL!,Parts of Random technology stolen,Handmade From different types of mechanism,Like a Black Merchant,I Really hope we can get to make some nice  offers and to not get in the jail again have a good time.   (Maybe even trading some contraband goods)
  25. The Kendarysk Corporation: Official page.

    Citizens of the Fringe, we are The Kendarysk Corporation: Anomalous Division.   This will serve as our formal introduction, as well as our official page. If you have questions regarding our rules/practices,/history, ect. ask here. If you wish to apply for a position at the company, apply here. If you have located an anomalous being, tell us here.     Our Company Summery: We are the Anomalous Division of the Kendarysk Corporation (DLL). We are the only surviving division, all others have been destroyed. We are dedicated to the finding, containing, and understanding, of anomalous people/beings/objects/entities. We are a human based company, no other species are permitted to join. This is due to the [REDACTED] which caused the collapse of the other divisions in [REDACTED] of [REDACTED] 919-H. Robots/synthetics/androids are allowed, as long as their AI is human based. We require guards, field agents, research teams, scientists, medics, engineers, military personnel, and weapon experts.     Our Practices: As stated, we capture, contain, and study anomalous entities. Anomalous to us is: "Any creature/being/object, that bears a trait or ability that is unusual, and not indicative of their species."  *and may be useful to us. *and has not been documented before. We study these anomalous beings in order to understand, and reverse engineer their abilities, and to use them in combat, defense, or medical situations. Our ultimate goal is to protect humanity from the aforementioned [REDACTED] which destroyed our company years prior, and is [REDACTED] us. We do not hold morality, if it is anomalous, it will be contained, no exemptions. Resistance will be met with detainment or termination, this goes for anomalies, people, aliens, and our own personnel.       Our History: The Kendarysk Corporation was founded on earth in [REDACTED] of [REDACTED]. Our company spanned [REDACTED] galaxies before the events with [REDACTED]. The Anomalous Division was the smallest of the corporation, as its original purpose was [REDACTED], and as such, anomalous research was secondary. [REDACTED] [REDACTED] It was in [REDACTED] that the [REDACTED] made contact with the Kendarysk Corporation, forcing us to join or be [REDACTED]. We chose not to join To resist extermination, and began [REDACTED]. Sadly, the company was mostly destroyed, leaving only the hidden 'Anomalous Division' untouched by the insectoid hands of the [REDACTED]. The Anomalous Division, now the only fragment of the Kendarysk Corporation, decided that they would build their power back to Old Kendarysk Standard. Once we return to full power, we will fight back against the [REDACTED] and save humanity.       Rules for joining: *You must be Human. *Please do not not be human. *Robots/androids/synthetics counts as human (so long as their AI is human based). *Yes, Glitches count as human. *No Apex do not count as human. *You must have at least 5 years experience in whatever the appropriate fields. *All personnel (regardless of position) must have training in basic combat and field medicine. *You will be willing to sign a confidentiality (nondisclosure) agreement. *You will not speak of anything you see in our facilities to non-Kendarysk personnel. *You will be hooked up to our database, if you do something, we'll know. *You must be willing to do whatever you are told. *We WILL terminate you if you break any above rules.     We hope this guide has helped you understand the Kendarysk Corporation, If you have questions, either post below, or message us directly.   Stay safe   -Kendarysk Corporation: Anomalous Division.       (( OOCly, the KC:AD follow every rule on this list   Thanks Opon for showing this to us ))