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  1. Name of Aug/Tech:  U.M.M (universal malleable material)    Description: U.M.M is a smooth, black, elastic rubber-like synthetic material capable of independently flexing, bending and stretching anywhere across the surface of the material.  How does it work:  A woven series of tiny synthetic muscle and nerve like material. Connected to it a series of tiny scales capable of cloaking the material and also independently changing the colour of each separate scale. The cloaking functionality works the same as the HERMES MK XII Cloaking Suit "Meshed into the suit is a system of smart nanotech sensors, these sensors pick up the surroundings and once activated begin to mimic their surroundings with a smart moving display." The tiny synthetic nerves and muscles connect throughout the entire material. This means that as long one of the nerves of an almost detached piece of U.M.M is still connected to the main mass it will continue to function. For the material to function it must be commanded by a directly connected computer with the matching programming or an advanced AI.  What is it’s intended use:  The material is designed with the purpose of practical civilian, industrial and military use. U.M.M can be used for the manufacturing of suits, droids/drones, tools, vehicles and more.     Strengths:  It's agile and tactical functionalities are extremely useful for military applications.  The flexible and lightweight material allows for stealthy movements.  Can be applied to nearly any vehicle, droid, weapon and more.    Weaknesses:  The material is fairly weak and is capable of being torn in half by hand  The material will not longer function and break at temperatures above 60 degrees Celsius or below -25 degrees Celsius  Not resistant to emp  Like the HERMES MK XII Cloaking Suit, the cloak has a slight delay in updating to sudden change, causing a slight shimmer to appear, the same happens upon initial cloaking, which appears like a slight wave of scales "flipping" that spreads across the body.    Attainability:  Open    Tags:  Industrial
  2. Name: Cephan Squill brain augment and custom android Description: A foot long long male squid (foot and a half including tentacles) with nothing remarkable about him other than having various mechanical parts attached  to his brain Abilities: -Increased intelligence/lifespan up to human levels and 30 years respectively  (Cephan) -Moving above water (android) -Human strength and appendages (android). -squid brain IS EMP proof  Limitations: -Virtually useless in combat without his suit (Cephan) -Squid weaknesses (Cephan) -Suit is vulnerable to EMP -must be recharged for 8 hours after 24 hours running Conditional Limitations (Optional): -Uncomfortably warm  -Controls stick sometimes jams How does it work:  Cephan himself is the result of reckless lab experimentation on squid, with him being the only one who's electronics didn't short out and fry his brain to calamari or who's genemods turned him into a pile of quivering sashimi. Cephan's brain is E.M.P proof due to a cerulium coating.The android is simply a regular commercial android modified to accommodate a small fish tank and various controls for being driven by tentacles, including a mouse,keyboard and so on. Flavor text: The experimentation that resulted in Cephan's creation lead to a tense debate regarding whether or not it was ethical to terminate the potentially malevolent subject c (or Cephan). While this happened, the squid managed to make an awkward hobble for freedom, before grabbing his files on his way to crash one of the escape vessels into a nearby planet Attainability: Semi-closed, as Cephan's brain augments could be replicated with extreme difficulty Tags: [genetic],[industrial] Category: Genetic (Body augments and mutations)
  3. Spires and Spiremindry

    Art from downfaster readan music Name: Spires and Spiremindry Description: Structures of varying sizes, from the scale of huts to skyscrapers, made up of opaque and pitch black material with little luster. The interior walls of these structures, despite appearing like thick glass, are the same material-- they just tend to give a dim projected view of the exterior. Typically appear in the form of geometric shapes, with the most common being enormous rectangles. Abilities: Capable of autonomous interior rearrangement. The larger and denser a structure is, the slower and more limited it is in its ability to restructure its interior. The extent of rearrangement can be anywhere from the walls extending slow tendrils to push furniture around, to the dimensions of a room being altered, or changing the destinations of hallways. Possess corruspheric pilot chambers. By entering these, an obsecrian may insert their mind into the living structure itself. They become omnipresent within the facility-- the drones become their eyes and ears, the apparatus of the facility becoming their appendages. Obsecrians who take on this role are referred to as spireminds, the practice referred to as spiremindry. There is a basic ownership protocol in place to prevent unauthorized spiremindry. Structural corru exists in segments and is more resistant to infectious agents. If a part of the spire is compromised, it will not spread to the rest as easily as it would within most corruspheric technology. A competent spiremind can easily stem an infection before it becomes a problem, even if the initially infected segment is lost. Conditional Abilities: Within the context of obsecrian mining operations, these act as spiremind broadcasting towers, allowing extended control of apparatus outside of the facility. This function is not available in structures unless they were built for the express purpose of managing equipment in the greater area. Limitations: Structural segments, when compromised, turn to heavy metallic sludge. For example, if the walls, ceiling, or the floor of a room take enough stress or are subject to an infectious agent, they will turn into a pitch tar-like substance. This is difficult to remove and dangerous if one is trapped in its flow. Spiremindry leaves the operator exhausted after leaving the pilotsphere.  The amount of time they feel this way is dependent on how long they were acting as the spiremind, but is negated by them going to sleep for at least eight hours. If they attempt to re-enter the pilotsphere before they are fully rested, they'll just fall asleep in there for a while. The hardened skin of the structural corru softens when moving, making it much more susceptible to blunt and infectious attacks. Conditional Limitations: The size of the structure acts as a limit to what kind of obsecrian can operate it. Generally, non-Jud can only operate small structures for long periods of time, just enough to use the broadcasting abilities of a mining spire. Spectres and Jud are capable of operating larger facilities, and can comfortably use smaller facilities for much longer periods of time. How does it work: Corruspheric materials are the crux of all obsecrian technology, and that includes their structures. While they prefer to carve out caves for civilian purposes, industrial and military facilities are usually spires. Spires utilize a strain of structurally oriented corru, often referred to as black corru, created by both feeding it corruspher of a lower quality and instructing the substructure of the superorganism to be more densely packed. The resulting corru is heavier and less able to shift itself freely, but functions as a comprehensive building material in both insulation and integrity. Referenced Technologies: Corruspheric Technology Attainability: Semi-closed. It's a racial technology that probably isn't very hard for non-obsecrians to come across, but they'd be hard-pressed to use it. Tags: [Industrial] [Racial] Category: Other/Components
  4. Silk extruder

      Quote Name: Silk extruder,Spider-rig (Silk) Description: A small metal box with an opening of variable size and an opening for silk producing chemicals.Controls for thickness and stickiness are on the  side of the box. Abilities: Extrudes silk of variable thickness and stickiness.Strength the same as brown recluse silk.Stickiness can vary from "regular rope" to "Krazy glue like". Conditional Abilities (Optional): Could be used to spin a giant web,to catch people in and make things look spooky.Suitmaking. Limitations:Can only extrude 20 feet of moderate width silk per full regular sized silk extruder tank.Can be cut with some difficulty.Burns quickly.Sticky silk will freeze and become rigid,whereas none sticky silk will just become cold and slightly less flexible. Conditional Limitations (Optional): Clogs and other malfunctions can stop a silk extruder from working. How does it work: It takes in a mixture of fluid and converts it into silk,similar to the inner workings of a spider.Don't ask me the exact sciences behind it.As of the time of writing this,science doesen't know how spiders make silk,and neither do I Flavor text: The rig is an invention of the Ishimada clan,and was released to the public through a leak by a reckless defector.Needless to say,he isn't leaking anything else. Attainability: Semi closed.Attainable from certain dealers (Contact me,in other words.OOC of course.) Tags: Industrial Category: Tools
  5. Synth Upgrade Module

    Name: Synthetic Upgrade Module Description: Circuit board and RAM in a titanium protective case. Has a port for several kinds of adapters, and has a module for encrypted wireless communication. Abilities: Gives Synth a blueprint for self-upgrading themselves with an augment. Universal compatibility with all Synth via adapters. Conditional abilities (optional): More recent Synth have the blueprints download faster due to more processing power. Also downloads and installs faster if the Synth is Bluetooth (or whatever it would be called in the 33rd Century) compatible. Limitations: Blueprints must be preset on the module. Adapters are obtained separatley from the module. Approximatley a 3% chance of the circutry breaking during use, and at maximum will no longer function after 70 uses, if not maintained for longer usage. Conditional limitations (optional): If no blueprints are installed, it has no purpose. It can also be infected with malware, like most other data-contatining devices. Use of drive not recommended in a combat situation, as it increases the time for the upgrade to dowload and install (much like real computers today  can lag when doing simultaineous tasks) , and may leave the user vunerable. Actual self-upgrade during combat is never a good option as it always leaves the user vunerable and takes some time. Chance of disfuction during use increases by approx. 7% in a combat situation (Titanium isn't also very much plasma proof, real life included). How does it work: Upon insertion, uses predetermined programming to download the installed blueprint to the Synthetic receiving the upgrade. Upon finishing, said Synth can self-build and install the augment shown on the blueprint. Installing a blueprint onto the Upgrade Module is done with state-of-the-art software that is only distributed to liscensed manufacturers. However, one who's tech-savvy enough and somehow has their hands on the software can create their own modules. However, if such "home-made" module is sold for currency, it is a violation of copyright and, if caught, legal action will be taken. Flavor text: Created by Ily Ginsky as a hobby project which he didn't expect to be a success. Now widely manufactured to help improve Synthetics' lives. Attainability: Can be used improperly if not regulated. Augments that add attached weapons require a background check. Certain weapon aguments are only attainable by Synths that are in military service. Should only be bought legally; illegally obtained upgrade moudles can contain potentially fatal malware, or be a scam (with the module actually containing no blueprints). Legal purchase limited to liscensed manufacturers and retailers. Tags: Industrial, Semi-Open
  6. Mutagenic

    Name: Serum X-843 (AKA Mutagenic.) Description: A gross, sticky orange sludge that targets and overrides DNA. Abilities: The Mutagenic, when ingested or injected into the body, causes the genetic material of a target to be converted and overrided. This causes the target to rapidly mutate thanks to specialized proteins and microbots. The subject can either mutate into a walking, mindless being that resembles a living tumor, or something else entirely depending on the subject's reaction to the mutagenic, and the various DNA samples that help compose most of the substance. I.E, "animal people." Limitations: The mutants who have lost their minds are either docile and brain dead, or incredibly vicious. However, it should also be noted that the target's mutated form would post a serious hindrance should there be new limbs, as the target will not know how to use said limbs, and general negative effects such as muscle mass degradation. Not to mention that cellular instability would be very much common, most mutants developing several tumors around the body, both benign and cancerous. Conditional limitations: Should the target be mutated and ending up sentient, there is a high chance for them to gradually go insane, either through the mutagenic affecting their grey matter, or the state of their bodies. How does it work: The Mutagenic enters the body through ingestion or injection, as previously noted. Once within the body, the target's DNA is hijacked and overridden with the DNA samples contained by the mutagenic. Through microbots to displace the genetic material, and specialized acids and proteins to speed the process, the target's DNA starts to take on the attributes of, or is completely engulfed by, the mutagenic DNA. Once the process is complete, the leftover chemicals in the mutagen begin to cause the body to enter a state of rapid "evolution," morphing skeletal structure, organs, and muscles into the blueprint of the new DNA. The highly unstable properties of the mutagenic cause the mutations to be almost unpredictable, though anyone should know that a mutant is severely negatively affected by their mutations. The constantly mutating properties of the mutagenic's structure make it extremely difficult, though not impossible, to create a cure that reverses the effects. Flavor text: Created by an Apex scientist, name currently unknown, as an attempt to trans-mutate the minds and bodies of the Fringe, in order to create a world ruled by nothing but docile, or mindless, beings. This way order would be brought to the chaos of the Fringe, by removing those who bring it in to chaos in the first place. Originally began as a sort of way to grow back sentient beings from singular lumps of flesh, but the resulting experiment went terribly wrong. (See: The Abysmal) Attainability: [Semi-Open]  Tags: [Industrial] [Event] [Genetic]
  7. Ferrum Flight Suit.

      Name: Ferrum EVA-FS. Ferrum Extra Vehicular Activity and Flight Suit.   Description: An armored suit slightly larger in stature than the wearer, with sleek plating covering most of the user, and a small helmet covering the wearer's head. The boots, forearms and upper back house gravitic propulsion systems, visually reminiscent of small vents. The hands have a vibroblade in the back of each wrist. Laser cannons are in either hand, situated in the palm. The upper back also houses the power unit, and an insert for oxygen tanks. Colours are variable on the suit.   Abilities: -A small neural interface located on the neck allows for efficient control over tools and changing tools on the fly. -Gravitic Propulsion allows it the capacity to fly, at a rate of 20mp/h, in atmosphere. This method of propulsion is quicker to start and change direction, compared to fuel oriented. -Hand mounted lasers are built to either cut or weld through thick pieces of metal, and make short work of most materials. -The lasers are variable, if short ranged. They can be in quick pulses for tac-welding/small cuts, a consistent beam for a slow weld/cut, or a concentrated beam with a short lasting burst, for cutting through thick material. -There are hardlight vibroblades in the back of each hand, built to shear smooth and precise lines in materials that are being cut. -The systems can be aided via onboard VI that can stabilise and guide the wearer, through mechanical components on the shoulders and arms, -It contains a suite for wiring and circuitry, to repair damaged systems and electronics. -It has an advanced visual suite, to allow vision in any conditions. -It is built to be used in the vacuum of space, and is thus sealed against any potential contagions or toxins. The in built oxygen tank can last up to 90 minutes. -Energy Shielding is built into the suit, designed to handle fast-moving debris and detritus in space. -Whilst the shield is active, EMP’s are nullified. At least 3 separate pulses are needed to disrupt the shielding.   Conditional abilities (optional): -In the vacuum of space, the shield functions at peak capacity, easily handling debris moving at hundreds of miles an hour, and other comparative projectiles, as well as working as excellent radiation and energy shielding. -The welding equipment is far more effective in hard vacuum, being able to greatly exceed it’s atmosphere safe temperatures, and can perform at comparatively impressive speed. Namely about 3 times the usual efficiency. -Mobility. The Gravitic Propulsion is far less limited in space, allowing for precise and adept motion, at over 10 times the speed in atmosphere, namely 200mp/h.   Limitations:   -The suit is only somewhat armored, comparable to light metal armor with flexible portions on joints. -The propulsion systems are a perpetual weak point in the armor. -The power source for the suit is located on the back of the suit, alongside the oxygen storage for EVA operations. If compromised, it will release the energy in a volatile blast, likely killing the user, and those within a 5-12 foot radius, depending on the severity of the damage. -EMP’s notably interfere with on-board systems, and may even incapacitate the user.   Conditional limitations: -In atmosphere, the shield is dangerous to use for more than brief periods whilst working with the cutters, and can result in immense generation of heat, injuring the wearer and those nearby if overheating. -The cutters can overheat in atmosphere, compared to in hard vacuum, meaning that the usage of the three mentioned modes, The pulse, slow beam, and concentrated beam, can only be used sparingly, as opposed to constantly. -The propulsion systems are limited in atmosphere, and are comparably weak to activity in hard vacuum. They have a limited flight duration, no more than 5 minutes, when in atmosphere. -In Atmosphere, a weight limitation on potential supported mass occurs, at 800lb, including the users mass. This is due to the gravitic propulsion having limited in atmosphere capacity and risk overheating and exploding, if exceeded by a substantial margin, at 1200lb. -When separated from a power source for at least a period of two full days, the suit will run out of power and become inoperable.   How does it work: Gravitic Propulsion, Neural Integration, Vibroblades, and Lasers. Utilising an Exo-Suit as a base, and combining that with welding and wiring equipment, vibroblades, and giving it the capacity to maneuver in zero gravity environments with gravitic jets, and the result is the Ferrum EVA-FS.   Flavor text: Designed by Eva Caldeiro following an incident on her ship where Atlas personnel blew up the cockpit, intended to handle such incidents with greater efficiency and self reliance.   Attainability: Semi-Open. It will take a place for sale on Caldeiro Cybernetics when created, alongside other products.   Tags: Industrial.  
  8. Phazar Parasyte

    Name:Phazar Parasyte Description: The Phazar Parasyte is a Parasitic Creature, which is bonded to it's human host for life by an umbilical cord connected to the host's chest(though this can range to almost anywhere on the Host body), and must be bred inside of large Tanks. It is about  the size of an Emperor Scorpion (20 cm. 6.9 in)) and weighs just a bit less than an actual Emperor Scorpion( 20 g). During the process of being tank-born, the Parasyte can undergo a range of changes, making the color of the Parasyte's skin range in a large number of colors. The Parasyte grows over a long period of time with it's host, getting large and larger, making the outer shell of the Parasyte begin to mold and crack, until it undergoes a final metamorphosis, turning the Parasyte into a very light or dark color   Abilities:  Increased intelligence Communication between host and Parasyte Draining of the Victim's bodily fluids by a set of thin sharp needle-like appendages inside of the Host's hands   Conditional abilities: Increased vitality after Draining of a victim(All wounds are able to heal twice as fast for the first half-hour Sonic-Screech whenever Parasyte senses that it's Host is in danger Limitations: Too much Draining leads to an inebriated state, followed by unconsciousness for up to 5 hours Conditional limitations (optional): If the victim is suffering from a sickness, the Parasyte will immediately communicate with the Host, telling it that the victim is not safe to feed off of. If the Victim is fed off of anyway, both the host and the Parasyte may end up suffering from the Victim's disease How does it work: The Parasyte works as a Companion/Tool for the Host to live with, since it could also offer the Host with information on a second personality. The Parasyte can be described as a being similar to a salpion and an Emperor Scorpion, though it's pincers are generally strong enough to break bones, with a grip rivaling that of a Coconut Crab(The world's strongest crab). With age, the umbilical cord attaching the two gain elasticity, making it possible for the Parastye to travel further and further away from the host. With the correct amount of knowledge and surgery, the  Parasyte is able to have it's umbilical cord severed, though this can only end beneficially after a number of years have passed with the Host and Parasyte(around 16 years). If less, then both are in danger of the surgery, and the after-effects could be harmful to the two. The Nutrients gained from absorbing so much energy on a daily basis not only allows for an increase in metabolism, making it more energetic and able to heal faster, but also makes the Parasyte is capable of gaining intelligence from an increased in nutrients, allowing it to gain more intelligent as the years go on. The host of the Parasyte is armed with a set of needle appendages inside of the hand, to be able to hold down their prey and drain them of their vital nutrients(ergo blood). The Appendages are hidden inside of the palms of the hands, and are able to come out to suck the victim's nutrients through a sliver in the palm that's able to part with ease, and come back with ease, though such nutrients could also be gained from a well-placed diet for the host. Flavor text:The Phazar Parasyte was a test subject in an underground lab, built to synchronize different parasites to their host bodies, in the hope of producing new infections, and cures. A team of intelligent scientists experimented using an egg donated from one of their own, to produce a child and it's Parasyte. The lab was attacked however, and only the child survived, escaping the ruins of the complex, though several files of the entire thing could be found deep in the Nexus(Darkweb of the nexus) thereby letting anyone with the know-how engineer it. Attainability:  [Open] Tags:  [Industrial] [Genetic]
  9. Name:  Mark I Feet Based Rocket Propulsion Boots  or F.R.P for short.   Description: Rocket Boots that allow to user to achieve LIMITED flight, appears to be boots with small rockets on he sides, also attached to a belt which contains a small fuel tank and the operation button   Abilities:  +Allows the user to 'Fly' for a short time +Easy to carry +Looks Cool   Conditional abilities: +They work better indoors as there is no wind to affect trajectory.   Limitations:   -Only has limited fuel, about 5 - 15 minutes for continued flight, depending on weight. -If the tank located at the back of the belt is shot with a high calibre round, there is a very high chance the tank will explode (unless empty of course) causing injuries to the back. -Has a weight limit of 110 kilograms, any high than that and they won't work. -Needs training to properly operate -Can overheat if overused for a short time, in which a safety feature turns off the boots for a short time to allow them to cool down, which is about 5 minutes Conditional limitations:  -If the outside conditions are windy, then you can be blown around quite easily. -Anything that filters out flame based weaponry will filter these out too. How does it work: The F.R.P uses small jet based rockets located at the top and bottom on the boot, 2 for each side, when the operation button is press, Erchius fuel is pumped to a chamber above the rockets and used as a propellant to boost the user up, it is best used in short bursts to conserve fuel and prevent overheating. Flavour text:  A little Pet Project Halapi has been working on, she has been using spare parts and scrap metal to put together the first prototype, (which she will test before it becomes Semi-Open) as a mechanical genius she is able to crank out most of anything she designs. She may develop a Mark II given the time and resources.   Attainability:  The Boots are intended to be used by Halapi and her fellow rangers, as she doesn't own a factory she won't produce a staggering amount of these and it will take some time for her to make more and unless she decides to sell the patent won't be publicly available  [Closed] Until after testing stage (Which will take a OOC day or two) After which it will become [Semi-Open], However in the unlikely even Halapi sells the design it will become [Open] After testing phase you can ask Halapi Icly about them and she will make you a pair, which again will take a day or so. Tags:  [Industrial]   Other: Since this is my first tech app, if I have done anything wrong feel free to let me know, as I am open to advice. 
  10. E.V.S Parasite

          Name: E.V.S ( Energy Vampire Syndrome) Description: Externally the subject has eerily green, glowing eyes, which emit greenish smoke under certain conditions, somewhat more muscular body type compared to them before infection, and internally there's a large parasite the size of a toothpick in the neck of the subject, which is spreading through-out the subjects body over a period of months History of Augment : Colin had spent many months trapped on a backwater planet, in the middle of nowhere, he had happened upon a woman in black, who wanted to leave as well, along the way they discovered a primitive, natural wormhole, sustained by electromagnetic forces. Colin tried to get some of his people, the natives to come through but they spurred him on to deal with the woman and he decided to, in a final confrontation of Colin trying to escape through the wormhole after the woman, he was half-way through it and it’s destination when it closed upon him, sending him spinning off through the wormhole, remaining there for a year, only living due to the lack of time making sense there, to an area where would find he had contracted an alien parasite that causes his body to use up his body's energy much faster as well as defending him. How does it work: The Alien parasite, nicknamed the "EVS" has irreversibly bonded to the body of the subject, and constantly drains energy in the form of calories from the body of the affected. The affected is unable to eat as all of the food goes into the parasite, and so he has learnt to use the parasite and it's own miniature parasites to feed both himself and it, by using it to drain calories and somewhat mass or flesh from a victim, causing intense pain but feeding the victim .Without food, the parasite will slowly shut down what it believes to be "Less important" parts of the body, including the part of the brain that inhibits morals, and memories. The parasite does not simply act as a burden, but as protection for the host, as the parasite constantly creates tiny insect-like creatures with an incredibly hard carapace, which when the host is fired at, will rapidly leave through the skin of the host and create somewhat of a kinetic shield, killing all of them in the process but keeping the host alive with little to no damage, not even kinetic. As time goes on this could extend to the host having control over these insects to allow them to drain or eat something from a range, being able to eat through flesh in little under a minute to strip a living being. After draining a subject, there will be a short period where the parasite will grant it's host a large boost of strength and speed, where-in it can be used to drain more people. The parasite naturally disperses energy through heat and light energy, usually through the pores and eyes, creating somewhat of an eery glow around the subject, and even more so when actually draining a subject, causing a green smoke to emit from the eyes of the host. The parasite is very protective of it's subject and is somewhat sentient, but cannot communicate with its' host, and will filter out all foreign chemicals not naturally in the subjects system. As time goes on the connection between the host and the parasite will continue to grow, and cells will begin to change into ones more similar to the parasite. After a period of around 2 months, the host's cells will be completly replaced by the parasites, and will gain an increased healing rate, being able to heal minor wounds in seconds, major wounds in hours, and no fatal wound healing, and draining someone can rapidly speed up this major healing for a fraction of a second; As cells are replaced, the host will also gain an ability to painfully transform into an insect-like creature which will have some advantages of its own after a while, but thats for the boogaloo app, but as it stands, it just looks spooky, potentially the transformation could allow mimetic adaption as time goes on, but that is also for the sequel app, if I get this passed.   Strengths: Somewhat more durable than a human, able to survive the first bullet in a fight without suffering any kinetic damage After draining, the subject gains a large strength boost, now able to hold a man around 130kg with one hand, and able to run at around 20kmh for about 5 minutes ( After around 2 months, this can heal the target incredibly quickly ) Able to feed on living organisms by keeping hold of them, preferably by the neck, draining calories from their body, which takes a minute or so, doesent kill them unless pushed to do so ( which will result in eating them alive by a bunch of insects) and will leave them in an unconscious state and a some-what withered look ( Needs to drain approximately 2 or so "Average" people. As in people who eat the average amount of food people eat per day )(After around a month he can use the drones to drain people from a range or flat out eat them alive ) Foreign toxins, chemicals and medicines are all filtered out from the body of the host, so they're unable to be poisoned or get drunk Given time he could learn to drain and kill people from a range with the miniature insects, or even multiple people at once. After 2 months time, he'll be able to heal at a much faster rate, minor wounds healing in seconds and major wounds healing in hours A transformation can occur where the host turns into an insectoid creature Weaknesses He needs to top up on energy ( Will be done IC on-screen whenever on, otherwise will be done off-screen ) Less than 3000 calories per day, drained from living, functioning orgasms, per day, will cause him to enter a weakened state where he is much more frail Anesthetics and Painkillers dont do anything to him, neither do stimulants, as the parasite filters out all foreign agents it see's as a threat, meaning medicine is a no-go and he's going to need to use ghetto surgery ( Unconventional substances that are overly complex or unable to be understood by the parasite simply go through like a normal chemical ) Armor does not work well with his heat dissipation, as it builds up under the armor at quite a rate, causing over-heating He's not a bullet sponge or particularly good at firing guns, all of his strengh is in fist-fighting Plasma and Flames cancel out the shield and eventually the ranged insects He's essentially unable to remove it as cloning himself after he dies will simply bring it back, killing it will kill him, and if it dies and is cloned, it'll create another version of him All food is filtered out and the parasite will subconsciously "Push" him, to drain living organisms and change his morality Maximum amount of body being used for active drones is 30%   How do you believe this will benefit roleplay?: It's something that is reasonably balanced with in the long-run, more strengths and weaknesses and isnt a generic military augment app that is meant to show off CRP prowess, but to promote interesting roleplay that could stem from manipulation and subterfuge, as well as trying something a lot more creative than a traditional app. As well as a character who isnt just physically, but mentally turning into a monster, and the effect that has on them and those around them and how it will divert them from their path   Attainability: Closed, as the parasite is completly fused to the body of the host through DNA, and killing the host, removing the parasite and cloning it will simply clone the host with it. Permission for the app can be gained, but not on any pre-established characters. Tags: Genetic, Industrial    
  11. Hey, I'd really like to add the translocator for IC use, because I don't really want to hurt anyone in special situations, no matter if he has weapons or not. It might help me and other people, solving problems without violence IC ^^.  Oh and... we are in the future, if we can use beamers and teleporters, we should also use translocators. (In fact: It's even a vanilla item) (Oh and excuse me for grammar failures. My native language is not english  ) Name of Aug/Tech: Translocator Description: It looks like a mix between a gun and a grenade launcher with a blinking pellet. The translocator is mainly made out of durasteel fot he casing, a few electronic parts, an electromagnet to eject the pellet, impervium because it's a hard material which can carry the dangerous parts of quantum touched prisilite which makes the actual teleportation possible. The pellets have in this case also quantum touched prisilite and a magnetic casing to get catapulted. History of Aug/Tech: Scientist's and engineers of the O.F.S.C were thinking about a revolutionary way to move from A to B without using your legs. They decided to create a translocator for rescue teams and other people who really need that tool. Torygg made together with other scientists and engineers the blueprint and started already to assemble a few building parts and hope their invention would work. (just in case: You can get the pellet back by just picking it simply up after teleportation. You get 6 replacement pellets, if you lose one) How does it work?: It shoots a tennis ball sized pellet almost 30 meters with magnetism. The user would teleport to the tennis ball sized pellet if he activates it.  Intended use: For multiple ways to get from A to B. for example for adventurers who need to pass an abyss or for a rescue team who need to reach a victim on higher places like trees or other high terrains. Strengths: -It can teleport the user instantly to that place, where the pellet would land after activation. Weaknesses: -It can shoot the pellet only for short distances  -Can be EMP'd because it also runs by electricity.  -You need to wait 10 seconds until you can shoot the next pellet (cooldown) How do you believe this will assist in benefiting roleplay?: It might assist roleplay at critical situations. For example if someone want to use a gun against you, but you don't want to hurt him. It would be the perfect item for pacifists, cowards or people who want to do something good... or evil people. (seriously, I need that item for some cases IC) Attainability: Semi-Open (You need to pay Torygg 38000 osidians for one) Tags:   (Civilian)
  12.   Name of Aug/Tech:  Xan III Model Androids (Attempt Numero Dos)   Description: A large, towering android based on a siege-glitch (His original purposes design) chassis being about 2.3 meters tall and weighing about a tonne (2204.62 pounds/1000 kilograms) . Armoured with quarter of an inch (This varies drastically due to combat wear) of titanium to repel small arms fire and to provide some protection against heavy weaponry and a carbon fiber undercoat (Generally thin as carbon-fibre is naturally strong) to allow for flexibility within the unit. Armed with a Laser Utility Tool capable of firing medium to short range blasts, cut through light armour and obstacles and to serve as a CQC weapon. Able to lift several tonnes, the equivalent to half the units body weight. Pistons within the legs and arms allow for unit to be capable of dealing damage to armoured targets and aiding in subduing hostiles when needed, or to eliminate high priority threats. Unit is powered through a hybrid engine, containing a engine capable of taking multiple fuel sources and able to charge the units battery set, keeping the unit functional for extended periods of time. The new, improved android models where made as a project via Blue Snake and Blood Viper, in an attempt to bring them back after what seemed to be an 'extinction event', in which the two remaining/known units perished in combat, their units being demolished besides their backup memory cores, which thankfully were not corrupted.   History of Aug/Tech:  Xan III units originally wheir made and used to crush glitch castles and fortresses, during the many crusades on their homeworld. Due to a mass rebellion against their creators, they seeked out the Fringe as a potential place to settle down and avoid the masses of case they encountered back in their prior systems. However, only a few lone units survived, and soon became 'extinct' as they each perished due to corruption or other means resulting in the units almost becoming erased from history. Thankfully, thanks to a few individuals, the machines are being re-made, designed now as peacekeeping utility androids made to roam and protect those who require their aid, either that or do as they wish. They ARE programmed with free-will after all. How does it work?:  The unit runs off of a hybrid engine, which accepts most fuel times, fossil, bio or erchius. The engine supplies the battery with it's charge, which powers the unit. The Laser Utility tool runs off of the same power source as the rest of the androids components, with the exception of the pistons which are powered via CO2, which needs to be refilled after prolonged use if the unit is to keep it's extra strength. The android is primarily Digital based, with minor analogue systems, meaning that although he is susceptible to EMP's, some systems will survive. The Intended use:  The Xan III Model of Android is primarily designed for peace-keeping and rescue, being capable of smashing through most obstacles and taking on hostiles. The Fringe lacks those capable of protecting innocent lives, so this android has been created to help assist those in need of such protection. OOCly however, he's the first character I've created, and has a tonne of lore around him already. However, due to the app wipe I'm trying to be able to bring him back, but I'm having little success. He's already got a massive amount of character development and I'd hate to not be able to play as him again.   Strengths:  Large Height and Weight (2.1m and 1 tonne) Laser based Utility tool Strong armour High Strength Incredibly durable Weaknesses:  Incredibly slow. Like most beings, the larger you are, the slower you are Limited power supply, the laser utility tool uses up most of the androids power supply Armour is easily penetrated by armour piercing rounds, especially in carbon fiber areas Not immune to EMP's, pretty much a standard android weakness Limited CO2 for pistons means that arms and legs can stall, or cease functioning if all the gas is used. Destroyable via the core in the upper chest, resulting in the unit exploding, about as strong as your average small bomb, resulting in the unit perishing. Easily beat with plasma, laser and explosive weaponry, due to the limited amount of titanium plating able to be used. Engine is a bloody gas guzzler if it's being relied on other than the battery. Unit can only last approximately 12 hours on both fuel and battery reserves when not in combat, 2 hours in combat with no charging or refill. Laser decreases battery life by half in prolonged use (Firing for 12 seconds). Upon reduction of battery life, liquid fuel is used instead, designed as a backup to allow the unit to charge or escape combat. An offline android is a sitting duck to be scrapped or destroyed.   How do you believe this will assist in benefiting roleplay?:  Sometimes civilian characters are present in GC, those who can't fight and are often seen as easy targets by crooks and criminals. Due to the limited effectiveness of mercenaries and effectiveness of the users skill with firearms, they make effective bodygaurds or rescue operatives. They aren't however strictly for combat, strength can be used to assist in construction and obstacle clearing, and their laser utility tool comes in handy in many situations, making them a Jack Of All Trades.   Attainability:  [SEMI CLOSED] (Seek me and speak to an admin on whether you wish to have one. If I see people randomly using them without my permission expect to face the consequences) Due to the changes made on how attainability works, this is going to be assumed 'OPEN' Though it is sort of just a slightly stronger and more limited industrial bot.   Tags:  [INDUSTRIAL] OR [MILITARY] (I was not sure if you was only allowed one tag, but, I could not decide which, so I put it in between)   Additional Notes:  This app is in no way designed to be a Kill Bot, and if a player is caught using that as such will have to deal with the staff-team for abusing the application. If no signs of weaknesses are present from the player who uses the application, they'll be punished, due the fact that I aren't having people use this as their 'all fight winning robot'. If anyone is caught randomly assaulting which is against their programming, it counts as app abuse. If any issues are brought about thanks to this app, speak to me and/or the staff team. If you wish to use this app, speak to me FIRST, if I catch anyone running around as one of these WITHOUT MY CONSENT, expect to be spoken to. These rules are put into place to prevent this app being used to ruin the roleplay experience of other players, if ANYONE IS CAUGHT PLAYING THESE WITHOUT MY CONSENT AND ABUSING THEM, EXPECT TO BE SPOKEN TO. I need to keep record of a set LIMIT of these units, sure, you can have one similar, but if it's a XAN unit, I need to keep record. Cheers.  
  13. Over the past few weeks I've seen an influx of industrial androids, who are being used in the same way one would use a killbot. Heavily armored, giant, and used primarily for combat. When was the last time you saw one of these "Industrial" androids actually do something like carry cargo, work on construction sites, and whatnot? I highly doubt you have, and if you ask them they'd probably say they did it off screen. I feel we should begin to restrict industrial androids, for example, having the person apply to be an industrial android. After the application is done and accepted, we could have some in server monitors (More staff spots open, mind you) keep an eye on them for a few days to make sure they didn't just throw everything they're supposedly going to do with the android out the window to go be a knockoff military android. Let the retorts fly.
  14. Kardan Konstrukt

    // A page hosted by a secure corporate network is found by the user, under the domain '' It reads as follows: // Welcome, (username), to the official Kardan Konstrukt corporate guild domain! It is here that you can read up about us, monitor our public activities, check our product listings, and post applications. ABOUT - PRODUCTS - BRANCHES - PERSONNEL - APPLY // Clicking on any of the five buttons above would bring the user to the appropriate sections below. // ABOUT Spoiler Kardan Konstrukt is an ambitious multi-branch Fringe corporation, founded by the Kardan brothers, that offers products and services to both fringers and coredwellers alike. Initially established in late August of 3282 under the name Regian Arms (RgA) as a contractor for the Thompson Security Company, Kardan Konstrukt has since grown to accomodate a small staff of both droids and industrial and security personnel, and become independent of funding from the TSC and other parent companies. We are currently based aboard the KK-designed-and-manufactured flagship 'Penitence', and manufacture most of our goods onboard said vessel; plans are in place to develop a planetary headquarters and manufacturing center in the near future, with funds provided by our generous and loyal customers.   PRODUCTS Spoiler Our company currently supplies a relatively fluid catalog of military, industrial, and medical stock, offering high-quality products at affordable prices and reasonable deadlines. Delivery is available in the form of direct pickup from pre-designated coordinates, shuttle-based transfer, and high-speed orbital 'drop-crate' delivery, via our patented KK 'Arrowhead' Mk. III reentry-certified shipping containers. Company products currently include custom-manufactured machinery and equipment built-to-spec for individual buyers, as well as KK-manufactured firearms, personal equipment, vehicular and personal armor, light vehicles/mounted weaponry, industrial machinery, engineering tools, cybernetic augments, pharmaceuticals, droids and synthetic bodies. Our most popular stock currently available includes high-performance body armor, infantry weaponry, and engineering equipment such as mag-boots, crush-resistant void engineering suits and hand-held plasma cutters. Projected stock to be included in the near future will include raw- and refined materials, and a wider array of available stock, such as heavy vehicles and starships. ((Nexus market page WIP; please PM guildmaster or consult in-character for purchase details and stock.)) BRANCHES Spoiler Kardan Konstrukt supports four primary branches, and plans are in place to gradually increase this number as our employee-base grows. Employees may take occupations in multiple branches for split- or doubled hours, with appropriate pay for the amount of time spent in each branches service. Education is provided via our corporate network and specialist classes are available for those interested in increasing their experience in a given field. Current branches include: SECURITY The security branch of our company protects our corporate assets and deals in security contracting, explosive ordnance disposal, reconaissance, HECU/HAZMAT operations, aid services,  and military and police education. We employ only the finest of security contractors, training our personnel to a high standard of combat education and discipline; there are no itchy trigger-fingers, 'accidental misfires', or instances of misconduct - one slip and faulty personnel may find themselves on corporate probation or have their employment terminated. If you are interested in contracting our personnel for security duties, please contact our administration center. *Applications are currently open for recruits. INDUSTRIAL The industrial branch deals in manufacturing, repairs, demolitions, droid services, and a wide variety of engineering specialties; it is responsible for machining and assembling most of our heavier stock and maintaining all of our facilities and mechanical assets. Personnel with mechanical or technical knowledge are highly sought-after by the company, making this one of our best-paying fields of employment. We accept maintenance, construction, and demolitions contracts via this branch of the company, and of course, labor can be contracted via the administration center. *Applications are currently open for recruits. MED/SCI Kardan Konstrukt's med/sci - short for medicine and sciences - branch deals with cybernetic and biological research, medical- and cyber-operations, health of all staff personnel, and general research and development for the company. The branch employs doctors and sciences of all kinds in order to cater to medical needs - both ours, and yours, and to ensure that the cure for the next deadly fringe-wide disease is just around the corner. Please bear in mind that we are still currently developing this branch, and that laboratories are not available yet for the scientific portion. However, our medical facilities are well-developed and can accomodate for all species, organic and synthetic. Those interested in procuring augmentations or simply seeking medical help may contact the administration center for details. *Applications are currently open for recruits. ADMINISTRATION The administration branch handles company logistics, planning of industrial and strategic operations, and public transactions and relations. This branch is currently not available for direct employment and is only available to the company CEOs and their immediate assistants. The administration center can be contacted at *Applications are not available for this branch at this time. PERSONNEL Spoiler Below is a list of our current personnel, as well as associated companies or organizations. Please note that some names and positions are kept confidential for security reasons. ADMINISTRATION CEO Radec Kardan CEO Sarka Kardan SECURITY Warden Ardza Olympus *Specialist, engineering Operative Greg Peters *Specialist, engineering Operative Shay A. Wymann ((UNLISTED)) Agent Artemis ENGINEERING Assemblyman Briddy Assemblyman Xoco MED/SCI Cyberneticist Addison H. Vedder Scientist Bob Rocket ((UNLISTED, PROBATION)) Doctor Johann Dutch BACKERS ICIF Thompson Security Company Purgatory APPLY Spoiler Looking to join the corporation? Search no further; our application form can be found below. *Benefits include company-provided medical and education. Some fields may require psyche eval or physicals. Some species will be unable to take certain occupations for phsyiological and psychological reasons; please consult administration for details. NAME: (Full name, forename-middlename-surname.) AGE: (Your age. If artificial, list projected age of your AI.) SPECIES: (Your species. If synthetic (discluding glitch), please follow your entry with ', S') DESIRED FIELD: (The field you wish to enter; security, engineering, med/sci.) *DESIRED OCCUPATION: (Flexible.) PAST EXPERIENCE: (List any previous experience and education.) EXISTING GUILD AFFILIATION: (List any guild, corporate, or other faction affiliations you have, current and previous.) EXISTING CITIZENSHIP: (List existing citizenship in any jurisdiction zones, E.G. UACC, Serenity, Purgatory, ICIF) *OTHER: (Medical conditions, criminal record, etc...) *Unncessary if not applicable. //The page ends here. Contact data for administration and other miscellaneous, irrelevant data is listed below.// Logo & all products, digital/physical, © Kardan Konstrukt, 3282. All Rights Reserved. Contact: - -
  15. Merc.exe

    Name of Aug/Tech: -Obvious, what's the name?- diaodium  (dai-dum) and alternate system alteration Description: -What does it look like?- the first is a rusted metal or at least it looks like that but its been painted to look like chrome steel.... oh and the second is internal History of Aug/Tech: -Where does it originate from? Who made it?- as a greedy human company from another universe  was losing to there rival...They decided to marty the ol money nade...and make a weapon project military android and call it mercenary.exe They were scanning universe by galaxy by galaxy for any new ore's that was phase one phase two?? Hire the best scientist they could afford on any race to work up a military ai worthy of it...And thus phase 3? eliminate the competitors everyrthing! And so he did Now he has finally retired...But scared that the machine would fight back if they try to decommission him he would turn...So they sent him on a scouting mission that will be over when a invasion never comes How does it work?: -How does it function, what is the science?- the diaodium is a flexable metal..that bulks his outer armor and laces his skin....It is quite heavy! The other tech the alternate system alteration is where he switchs which frame is attached to his see he has to frames inside a massive body one fast one strong and slow the slow one is where he focus his hydraulics on his upper body movements and the other where is faster is a vice versa.... Intended use: -What was this made for?- its in the history Strengths: -What are the benefits?-heavy strength but not fast and the alternate is vice verse oh and the diaodium is REALLY hard like impervium but just below that level Weaknesses: -What are the downsides? (Personality/Mentality changes do not count unless they are a true detriment rather than a quirk)- even in  his scout mode hes still somewhat slow...He also has expensive fuel So its difficult for him to refill and boy is he slow in heavy mode plus his armor maybe thick to physical types but if doesn't have his easily detachable breaker (that can be easily broken) he will receive serious damage...Not one hit but...More like three
  16. The Root - beast / Augment(?)

    Name of Aug/Tech: Ropefish / “the root"   Description: A soft, snake-like creature / parasite which represents a root. It’s infamous for it’s ooze, which is known to be one of the most effective but dangerous healing methods. The creature itself resembles anywhere from 6-12 inches with several, green lumps which produce the ooze.   History of Aug/Tech: Much like snakes, these creatures evolved from an underwater species of reptiles, who needed to hide from predators in an literal underwater forest. Their method of camouflage was simple - pretend to be a tree root. However, this did not mean they didn’t have offensive capabilities. Much like some inedible creatures, these creatures actually recreate themselves in a strange way: by being consumed. Not only is the surface of their skin highly immune to acids, but also they do contain, in a thin layer underneath the skin, a constantly refilling form of ooze (which is why this thing is getting the aug app in the first place.) The ooze, as produced directly, contains miniature doses of larva and minerals. As the Ropefish is devoured and consumed, the larva will attempt to latch onto the outer walls of the stomach, and feed on whatever minerals it can consume. If it successfully latches on, it’ll enter a state of rapid growth, weakening said host, forming a white, nutrient-coated “shell” around it. After anywhere from 2 hours to a week, the root will crawl out of the body when it’s in any form of unconscious / unaware state. This miracle root was discovered by a floran named “Jer-Tok,” or better known as “Jerome.” The floran studied this for months within a floran colony, hoping to allow for medical advances to be made. His research was taken to the fringe for the intent of it’s social interactions, in which he met a hylotl named “Ropefish.” The hylotl had volunteered to dive into a pool of roots, which lead to the discovery of its reproductive method (SFW) as it lead to it taking over one of the rooms on her ship, thus earning the nickname “Ropefish” in honor of her. Two months afterwards, both people disappeared without a trace at the near – same time, however some “witnesses” claim they had either committed suicide out of madness or been beaten down by a few passersby’s on the planet “Horsebutt,” or to be more precise, within the inn. This may lead to some surviving ropefish / roots lingering off of citizens not cleaning up their messes. Lookin’ at you, Jerry.   How does it work?: (I’m unsure whether or not it’s survival method should go into it’s history, or in here. So, uh, take History and “how it works” as a mixed bag.) The biology of these creatures are mostly like a worm, but with several additional organs: such as long gland which creates Oxycontin (C18H21NO4HCl), and a pouch filled with hydrochloric acid. They also have two extra organs dedicated exclusively to creating and oxidising salt water to produce Chlorine. Due to these extra organs, their diets consist of mainly acidically based products and salt products, such as bread, crackers, and milk, to maintain the sack’s integrity.   Intended use: It’s intent is to bring a quick and efficient method of healing a person’s minor to concerning wounds within anywhere from a minute to an hour, depending on how bad it is.   Strengths: The main benefit is stated above; it allows the user to be healed effectively at a reasonable pace. In addition, the ooze does have minerals within that benefit the user, allowing for a spa treatment. It also provides a sensual (but not existent) feeling of warmth, allowing it to be used as a relaxant.   Weaknesses: If the user ingests / leaves the beast exposed to a pore leading to the stomach, it will attempt to reproduce. If it successfully reaches the stomach, the user may discover that they are consistently hungry and thirsty, as the larvae entires a state of rapid growth. The process will take anywhere from 2 hours to a week for it to grow large enough to survive outside the host, and thus it will attempt to leave when the user is unconscious. Depending on the location the host is when it escapes, it can result in several severe problems, including the root infesting the user’s sleeping quarters / ships, causing possible damages or another cycle of roots passing through the human while it's unconscious. or possibly death by starvation or constipation (clogging the lower esophagus / small intestine, thus not allowing food to enter the stomach) if it cannot escape. In addition, it will not magically heal the wound - it will still need time to close. It also takes a lot of time and money (Approximately 3 months to a year, depending on how condensed the larvae is) to separate and filter, making it an unreliable and extremely valuable resource.   Tl;dr (make sure to read this – it includes some factual shit): PROS: - Fast, easy, and effective healing, although not instantaneous. - Minerals help the body recover. - Creates the illusion of warmth on the applied area. - The root requires a constant supply of food / water, thus if it infests an area which has no food / water, it will likely die off quickly. - The roots are non-sentient, allowing them to be "farmed" constantly for their ooze. CONS: - Cannot be exposed near pores on the body that connect to the stomach (Anus, Nose, Mouth, etc.), or several major downsides will occur.      - It will produce larvae in the stomach, causing hunger and thirst problems.      - Can cause death by malnutrition / starvation / constipation      - Once it leaves the host, it can potentially infest the area it escapes - The ooze will not instantly make the wound recover. - Refining it to remove the larvae, thus allowing it be consumed / allowed near pores, is expensive, inefficient, time consuming, and unreliable.     - the conversion rate is approximately 1 gallons to about 2 quarts, assuming the average amount of larvae per square inch is 3.2.     - this also allows for it to be worth a larger sum of money due to it's uses. - Extremely hard to tag. - (Knowing how perverted GC can be, I have to add this one.) ERP with the roots can easily cause the user to become infested, as it leaves you exposed through an orifice connected to the stomach. And being infested means your life will become a living hell.       Attainability: I’d personally like it to be Open, but I can understand if it needs to be Closed. The reason why I want this to be Open is due to me wanting the availability to medical (and life threatening) supplies available to citizens. b-be gentle senpai...
  17. Capture pods (App)

    Name of Aug/Tech: Capture pods ((Nicknamed 'Pokéballs' by many.)) Description: A small, round beacon, orangish yellow in color. It can easily fit in the palm of the hand, and can come in many different colors. History of Aug/Tech: This piece of technology was originally made as an alternative to pet carriers. The technology became free-sourced, and many corporations made their own version of it. They are widely available in pet stores. Countless different brands have been made, and they are fairly easy to recreate. How does it work?: Contrary to the name, the Capture pods are not capsules where pets can be stored in. (Because that would be dumb.) And neither are they balls you throw at animals to contain them in. They are actually miniature teleporter beacons. Animals can be registered into a database, and kept on board large space stations, usually funded by the company that made the Pods. There is a subscription fee for the holding services. An animal of your choice can be placed in a holding pen, if they pass the safety inspections. Overly dangerous animals are not allowed to be held on the majority of stations, as they pose a danger to other animals. The pen number is then registered to the ball, and the creature inside will be cared for and fed daily. Custom food for it can also be ordered by connecting the pod to the nexus. When activated, the creature will be teleported to the users location from the pen, at the nearest flat surface the red circle on the ball is pointing at. Intended use: Originally made as pet carriers so people can transport their pet around easily. For example, storing it in the pens and then bringing the ball to the vet, instead of lugging an angry cat refusing to get his vaccinations all the way there.  Strengths: Can allow you to bring an animal with you virtually anywhere you can also teleport to. Weaknesses: The ball cannot get a signal if the planet has some kind of jammer, and cannot function deep underground. To prevent the teleporter systems from being overloaded with requests, each person can only beam down 1 creature every 3 (IRL) hours. Beaming them back up can be done at any time. At most, two creatures meant to be kept in Capture pods can be down at one time, by waiting 3 hours after the first creature is sent out.  How do you believe this will assist in benefiting roleplay?: Lets people bring down non-sentients to RP. Also will be a talking point and contribute to some forms of RP. Attainability: Open. Very easy to purchase. Tags: Industrial. Genetic too, I guess?   Edit: It is my civic duty, no, my RIGHT as a human to post this in relation.     Spoiler  
  18. Name of Aug/Tech: Poltergeist (Personal Attraction/Repulsion Relocation Technology) Description: By harnessing the pre-existing and already established tractor/repulsion beam technology one can manipulate objects without making contact with them. The visual changes are lightly glowing spots on each of the fingertips and palms and  small silver lines running from each spot up the arm and into the neck.  History of Aug/Tech: It was originally for industrial/construction uses and then temporarily abandoned by it's developers (Artemis Biotech) until a man with a large paycheck approached Artemis Biotech with a wish for a means of self defense. Accepting the paycheck, they revived the old experiment (Though It can be said that it wasn't completely stable, it worked) and installed it into the individual. How does it work?: As previously stated, it works through implanting small attraction and repulsion beams in one's palms and fingertips and connecting it to specific points in the host's brain and nervous system, allowing them to simply activate the individual beams and switch them from their attraction functions to their repulsion functions and vice versa. Obviously implanting it requires extensive surgery, which in some cases can cause minor damages to the host's body. The technology is powered by rather small kinetic energy generators surgically placed in the host's arms, pretty much creating a constant simulation of the host's arms shaking (as if they were extremely cold or nervous. These generators can be optionally turned off through neural commands, but the technology cannot be used when they are off.  Different manipulations and hand movements can accomplish different things with the technology, and the longer the host uses and interacts with it the more skilled they become in using it (EX: Rotating objects and making more specific movements.) Items aimed at with the hands can be lifted and moved through space with the movements of the hands/fingers manipulating them, following the hands direct. Intended use: Originally developed as a prototype to assist construction and other larger scale tasks, it was briefly abandoned by it's developers, Artemis Biotech, and then had new life breathed into it when they were approached with a plan to re-purpose it as a weapon of self-defense. It is now generally used as a somewhat extreme form of military assistance and self-defense, thought it's base functions still resemble that of a tool. Strengths: It can lift a total of three hundred pounds (136.078 kilograms), and move it to different degrees of specificity depending on it's handler's ability and experience with it. The tech can also be used to push and pull objects and living beings, forcing them backwards or forwards (How much depends on their strength, weight, and the application of the tech) Weaknesses:  When the user attempts to lift something over the specified weight limit, it puts an immense strain on their brain and body that will leave them physically exhausted after, in extreme causes even causing small amounts of physical damage. Anything over three hundred and fifty pounds (158.757 kilograms) is downright impossible to lift with poltergeist tech. As previously stated, whenever the power generators are active it will make the arms shake, sometimes making very specific motor activities difficult.  It is susceptible to EMP's.  How do you believe this will assist in benefiting roleplay?: It develops a character of mine, as well as possibly spicing up CRP a bit, straying from the usual "He fires, She fires, He fires, She fires" format. Attainability: Closed, as there were only a few prototypes developed, and the only one truly stable enough to be of any use was snatched up. Tags: [Industrial.]   ((PS: The character I intend to use this for has a strong preference towards non-violence and will only use said tech/and or violence in moments of extreme anger or danger, not for going beastmode on strangers. Thanks for your time!))  ((PPS: Changed it around to fit the new format. Hope I did it right. Thanks!))        
  19. Grimvok Model Androids

    Name of technology or augmentation: Victor Variant Grimvok (VVG) Android   Description: The VVG model is an android, with the workings of an Industrial Style Android. Its outer layer covered in synthetic flesh, giving the look of a human, unless observed briefly. If observed you would see his optics give off a dull, Purple glow, along with a quiet hum coming from his chest. Weighing at around 375-400 lbs (170-181 kgs) due to the Average-weight, but solid metal compound its frame is made of, on top of the carbon fibre coating. A VVG Models AI is located in the standard human anatomy where a groin would be, as compared to standard issue android AI placement being the head. The price is rather cheap compared to most militaristic androids. As it lacks the comparative advantages, when placed head to head. In short, an Industrial styled android personalized to the intended user. This can result in minor height and weight differences, with no impact on the direct capabilities.   How does it work: The VVG model’s outer metal compound is made from a durasteel-rubium composite, built to be able to absorb force, resembling a Muscular humans anatomy. His skeletal frame is made up from a Durasteel/Aegisalt compound, making it lighter than other styles of large androids, carbon fibre coating the metal and insulated wiring underneath its synthetic flesh. A VVG model android’s power sources are three, wallet-sized, cerulium coated, plutonium charged batteries, located in its abdomen, right thigh, and upper chest favoring the left side. These batteries are spread out enough, to where if one was compromised, the other two could still function albeit a very strained action. The batteries at full power, can last about 7 days in standard mode, and 4 if under continuous heavy use EG. Utilising its full capabilities: Lifting his weight limit of 1200lb.   What is it’s intended use: To replace the deceased human with militaristic positions and continue their functions as a replacement. It is programmed and built with the materials able to defend itself and various others if need be. It is also a relatively unique model.   Strengths: -It can lift up to 1200 pounds due to being an industrial styled android, utilizing pistons and the like, rather than the sleek androids synthetic muscle. -The body can undergo an impressive amount of damage, compared to a regular human -The model can undergo increased temperatures both hot and cold before freezing/melting. -Optics capable of utilising vision modes such as night/thermal/electroscopic vision. -Model made to defend itself, along with an expansive memory bank of fighting styles made for heavier users. -Reinforced with insulated wiring to prevent EMP damage, in most cases. -The body is incredibly resistant to force, due to its outer casings composition, and because it’s meant to survive heavy things falling on it. -Android strengths   Weaknesses: -Powersource is expensive, and hard to come by, unless assisted by a large funder. (Larger chance of being compromised in this aspect) -If the weight limit is exceeded, the body locks up, to prevent any accidents, this would force assistance being required, normally an engineer or another such person with the skills necessary. -Slower movement when unprepared, due to weight. -Espionage is sub-par (Loud footsteps, sound constantly emitting when powered on) -Larger thermal signature -Increased weight (Cannot be supported on thin walkways) -Can be easily shut down momentarily by EMP’s -If no source of power can be obtained, it will shutdown until one is given. -Swapping vision modes takes a full RP turn, -Android weaknesses   Attainability: Semi-Closed Even as stated Below, this is uncommon. You have the ability to IC obtain this if you are a member of the TSC or any other allied militaristic affiliation and end up dying during service. AND you deserve it. OOC just ask me. I'm pretty cool y’know.   What does this add to RP?: This adds a unique spin on the various industrialized powerhouses that are androids, and I believe that a unique and customised option such as this should be available, out of the mainstream, as there are no defined limitations on the models provided in the document relating to androids.   Tags: Industrial.
  20. Gaen Randios

    Name of Tech/Augment: Nano-Molecular Separation/Reformation Device Description: Doesn't have a set look, though when triggered it causes Gaen to transform his body into a gaseous state that looks near identical to that of smoke or mist History of Augment: Originally theorized by Artemis Biotech lead researched Evelyn Prior as a form of "renaissance" to fusion and fission power, as well as the possibility of trans-mutating one material into another, it was headed by a Apex scientist by the name of Sevger Pozniek who instead went for the capabilities on organic beings, if fused with their systems. This lead to Evelyn opening up another sect, named Project Spectre, after its "ability" to disappear has been known through human history. Starting with remote controlled lab rats, they successfully turned it into gas and back, though with complications including the rats lower leg where its brain should be, the project moved on. After sorting out the kinks they moved onto larger and larger animals, until deciding to test upon humans. With Evelyn finally realizing the potential of this, put more funding into the program and after 3 months, creating a stabilized group for human prototyping, removing the remote control functionality. They picked up a man named Gaen Randios due to his homelessness and as such, if there was a casualty there would be no public fuss about it. The project was successful but Gaen escaped upon realizing the potential for wealth within Intended Use: Originally planned to be used to give rescue forces aid in helping people out of touch situations, it is now used for crime How Does it Work: Gaens body is fused at the molecular level with nanotechnology that allows him to change his molecules into that of a gaseous state, usually that of smoke or mist, while the nanotechnology retaining his consciousness and control over the gas is held together by a form of energy emitted at a specific frequency that keeps his control over it. In this form he's able to squeeze through cracks, in the case of unarmored people with a little bit of strength he is able to press himself into someones throat, though he can easily be forced out, as well as being generally intangible while in this form, so he cant attack you, you cant attack him. He is able to turn into a gaseous form night instantly, but reforming can take a few seconds depending on the general shape he's in, but is unable to wear any form of armor due to this, as it'd just drop out of his grasp, though theoretically with months and months of practice it could be achieved. (Meaning I'll come back for a new grade in a few months ). Due to the process his brain is able to produce the gas as a human would produce hormones, enabling him to gain mass temporarily until he returns to human form, which can be achieved through him willingly doing it, electricity or magnets hitting him, or wind pushing him which triggers a unconscious response to return to a physical form. His clothes and aegisalt gauntlets were also fused with this technology at the same time, enabling him to punch with very little kinetic impact in the end, but still fairly weak, and being the only clothes he can wear that wont drop off of him when he becomes gas. He's able to regenerate using the gas by enabling it to fill his wound, then returning to a physical form, though regeneration times are differentiating depending on the wound. Strengths : Can turn into smoke - Intangible in this form, this includes bullets, plasma, lasers, basically anything not explicitly mentioned in the weaknesses - Able to turn into gas near instantenously - Fast in this form - Able to add mass - Able to squeeze through cracks or holes, generally somewhere that isnt airtight - Can potentially incapacitate people with weak hearts/lungs or generally unprotected mouthyholes - Aegisalt gloves means he can punch at full speed - Due to the Gas, he's able to regenerate much faster than a normal person, a decent sized bullet hole'll heal in around a minute , but shots to any vital organ or blunt force trauma will still regen at the normal rate, if it doesn't kill him. - Able to "Fly" at speeds of up to 200 mph, requires acceleration time. - If "Running" at someone in gas form and turning back into a human form to hit them at high speed with a punch, can knock people out Weaknesses: - Electricity, Wind and Magnetic Fields cause him to return to his physical form - Returning to his physical form can take from instantly to around 5 seconds, depending on his form at the time - Unable to wear armor or carry weapons outside of what he was wearing at the time - Wind will push him around and return him to physical form with a high enough speed, Magnets and electricity also return him to a physical form - Cant hurt you while in gas form - Armored individuals'll take less damage from him - He can only increase his mass to around 8m cubed - Blunt Force trauma or hitting the vital organs will disrupt his healing factor - More than 3-4 bullets will still kill him after you shoot him in places that'll end up you know, killing him. - Regeneration is majorly hindered by bigger bullets, taking up to 10 minutes to heal from shots to organs and large bullet calibers. - If a bullet is lodged in a wound, its unable to be healed until dislodged, and after that he'll heal at a reduced rate in that area, around 3 minutes - As he transforms more, he grows more and more psychotic due to the gas literally going to his head and scrambling his psyche. Tags: Genetic, Industrial Attainability: Closed How will this benefit roleplay? A almost comic-esq "Villain" that has a unique feel and character to him, As well as a different kind of fighting needed to defeat him. As well as hoping to get people to bring back some bounty hunting characters.
  21. Alak'hai Biometals

    Name of Tech/Augment: Chlorinium, Chlorinium A,B&C, Stronum, Bio-powerlines Description: A - A Red Chitinous substance, covered in lots of thorny looking outcroppings, like a crabs shell B - A Very thick and dark red chitinous substance, less thorns then A C - Incredibly thick, near black substance with incredibly long thorns poking out of it Stronum - A pinkish paste, very smooth and transparent Stem cell powerlines - Large, thin strings of flesh and neurons History of Augment/Tech: Discoverd by the Alak'hai early during their development, the materials used for Alak'hai biotechnology are engineered from their immediate enviroment and were incorporated into their culture, eventually being as advanced as to be able to create powerlines How does it work?: Chlorinium is a material composed of the exoskeleton of a local Alak'hai crab and metals introduced to provide structural stability and defensive measures. It is unique in that when hit with heat weaponry, it does not melt but instead becomes incredibly brittle and weak to impact damage. Chlorinium A has a high concentration of Aegisalt, Durasteel woven into a lattice shape with the armor to prevent kinetic impact and bullet puncturing, being something like a bulletproof vest, without the kick or shattering, and much lighter, though it is extremely vulnerable to heat due to conducting properties of the chitin, due to its light weight, it is often used for sniper rifles and other heavy but slow wrong ranged weapons, but can be used for Alak'hai "needlers" or other such things if people think of it. Chlorinium B is virtually useless in a combat situation, only being used for building foundations by placing large amounts of impervium and ferozium into it. Chlorinium C is the most well known version, as it is fitted onto Alak'hai drones and ships, and is incredibly resistant to kinetic impact, corrosive weaponry, electrical weaponry and is crippled by most forms of heat related weapons, it is too heavy to be used suitably as armor for mechs, power-armor or anything short of something manufactured by the Alak'hai itself, though it can be fitted to ships. Stronum is a pasty material that is incredibly sticky and is like non-newtonian fluid, hardening under stress, and is used to hold together Alak'hai armor and buildings, but is yet again, incredibly crippled by heat. It is required for any form of technology to be made using Alak'hai technology. Stem Cell powerlines are created from whatever creature the user can imagine, but is used to transfer energy through-out Alak'hai versions of "power-armor", ships and buildings and is required for weapons and ships. They are incredibly weak to heat, as with the rest of the materials. What is its intended use?: For the creation of armor, ships, weapons and other such tools for those with the access to it. Strengths?: Chlorinium A - Heavily resistant to kinetic impact and bullets - Very light - Can be used for melee weaponry, due to sharp spines Chlorinium B  - Is near immune to kinetic impact Chlorinium C  - Resistance to Kinetic Impact, corrosive weaponry, electrical weaponry Stronum  - Sticky - Hardens when hit Stem Cells  - Easier alternative to powerlines Weaknesses?: Chlorinium A - When heated, becomes brittle and loses impact resistance - basically everything else everyone else is weak to Chlorinium B - Heat Chlorinium C - Heat weaponry, Plasma, Radiation Stronum - Heat Stem Cells  - Heat - Requires some kind of biological generator. Attainability: Open Tags: Racial, Military, Civillian  
  22. Amity T4 Assistance Suit MK-FM-01

    Name of Aug/Tech:  Amity T4 Assistance Suit MK-FM-01   Description: //Engaging Amity T4 Protocols… Welcome, Creator.//   A lightweight, field ready variant of Amity Industries’ partial to full body synthetic replacement which has a medical focus. Appears similar to a natural human body part (can be customized to appear aesthetically similar to other races, but stock as human-inspired) aside from the fact that it is stark white, and has nano-hex patterned skin. Red medical crosses are visible on the shoulders and back of the synthetics.   History of Aug/Tech: Created by Amity Industries as a limb/bodily replacement  synthetic. Produced in Amity Headquarters factory (on a ship).   How does it work?: The medical variant of Amity’s synthetic body parts varies heavily from its other models, being centered entirely around medical capability. The pneumatic skeleton is an extremely lightweight but durable aluminum. Surrounding the aluminum layer is a veritable amount of electronics which connect and power the synthetic parts’ multiple medical tools. The electronics are radiation hardened through EMC (Emitter-coupled logic), and are completely resistant to any currently known levels of electromagnetic radiation (resistant up to 10 000 krad). The outer surface of the robot is a 10mm layer of silicon carbide ceramics. A port implanted into the back of the subject’s body includes a solarium powered core, used to supply the synthetics with power.   The synthetics replacements of the AS-MK-FM-01 come in three different parts. The right arm is used for administering needles and wrapping parts in either casts or bandages,  as well as implanting brace plates for fractured bones. The left arm is used for creating incisions by blade, precision laser, and medical shears. Both arms are capable of administering electric shock to be used as a defibrillator, a current to repair nova shells, or a self-defense stun gun. The individual built in tools of the arm will replace the hands while in use, and only one may be in use at a time. Finally, the subject’s skull and face can be partially reconstructed, replacing the front half of the skull and upper face. The facial reconstruction allows for enhanced optics, up to 3x superior in detail to the human eye, with additional night vision and zooming capabilities.   Intended use: Created to provide a replacement body part for those who wish to have enhanced medical effectiveness and efficiency.   Strengths: - Extremely lightweight, the arms only weighing 5 lbs each. - Multiple medical capabilities built in to the arms of the synthetic parts - Ceramic casing is capable of resisting most non-AP small arms fire, with the exception of high stopping power rifles. - Enhanced vision (3x the detail of the unaltered eye, with night vision capabilities.) - Electric current emitters in arms are capable of being used as a non-lethal stun gun for self defense - Syringe injector can be used to administer tranquilizers in self defense - Revolving syringe compartment capable of loading 8x4ml syringes at a time. - Entirely resistant to electromagnetic radiation - Due to relatively low expected activity and light weight, the solarium core can power the full prosthetics for 5 days before needing a recharge or replacement.   Weaknesses: - Very poor combat capabilities - Not optimized for strength, weaker than any post-pubescent organic species. - Weakness of arms leads to extreme inaccuracy with firearms due to incapability to control recoil.   How do you believe this will assist in benefiting roleplay?: Adding more variety of synthetics to GC, namely not just having a “Do all” Synthetic as most people are making. I intend to have a line of synthetics ranging from mobility to strength based, as well as industrial and medical grade synthetics.   Attainability: Semi Closed - Anybody closely tied with Amity will be able to undergo the medical procedures to have their body parts replaced ICly, but it will have to be arranged to take place in GC and can only be administered by Amity staff of T4 clearance. Tags: [Industrial]
  23. The Razerback MKI

    Name of Aug/Tech: Razerback MKI Description: The frame of an industrial synth But Modified to have an armoured backplate, this backplate is shaped like an Armadillo shell, which allows the bot to fold into a ball (morthball Tech) History of Aug/Tech: A Joint project of Dr Petal Peculious and Luna Matthews How does it work?: The metal shell was designed to function like an armadillo shell, so the plates can fold into a ball, The armour is just because of the material of the plates, This ranges from steel to durasteel although they rise in expense. Intended use: Made for the easier deployments of bots into either battle or to transport them around a construction site or lab. Strengths: Allows faster movement, Bullet resistance while in the shell and to shots in the back while not in the ball. Allows access to smaller spaces. Weaknesses: Movement outside the ball is slowed, Can not be used with non bot/ glitch (not sure how glitch would deal with this) Without heavy modification.front side is unprotected while standing. Can't use weapons while in ball mode. How do you believe this will assist in benefiting roleplay?: Will allow for more diverse transport and will also offer an extra way of escape for non-combative robots Attainability: Semi-closed, Can be purched from C.O.R.Es Nexus page (will be up if Passed) After a brief questioning of the intended use. Tags- [Industrial]
  24. Name of technology or augmentation: Vulcan + Quasar Fireswords Description:A different body plan to the first type, still able to split the arm but with turnable joints on the hands, feet, torso and head, able to turn them in a 360 Degree angle,  A series of Nanites that allow it to control any Non-sentient technology such as Turrets, Cranes, Vending machines or a Robotic Dog.. thought that one is probably too cool.  Swords that will rapidly vibrate, increasing its  cutting potential before eventually igniting upon command, capable of being spun at incredibly high speeds upon the joints to the point that they can cleave through metal with little to no effort due to a combination of heat, vibrations and sharp blades. How does it work: Swords - The Swords work by rapidly igniting Oxyatacelene in the air around the blade as well as the blade itself, achieving temperatures roughly that of 3600 Degrees Farenheit Tech powahs - Using a series of complex, virus like Nanites that will infiltrate and slowly corrupt the opposing technology that will allow control of it upon touch from the containment unit, only being limited to non-sentient technology due to the processing power required to take over a sentient What is it’s intended use: The Intended use is a improved model upon the old one, capable of espionage and quick killings in crowded areas, even capable as masquerading as a human   Strengths:  - All of the Strengths of  The original model - Can Control non sentient technology if  touch is achieved - Swords allow cleaving of metals after a certain time period of around half a minute of being spun up, and can majorly damage metals given enough time without spinning   Weaknesses: - Weaknesses of The original model  - Unit isnt immune to its own Swords, can harm itself - Nanites are in limited supply and expensive to replace - Nanites require time to corrupt Technology - If the Swords are damaged sufficiently, Will cause major damage to Vulcan and the surroundings. Attainability: Closed Tags: Military, Industrial  What benefit does this bring to roleplay: A more crafty and skilled villain to face off against
  25. Name of technology or augmentation: Vulcan   Description: New Body - Vulcan series Robotic AI Containment Units are a new model of AI Platform, designed to be hosted by an AI. The body is a slightly hunched, almost  draconic in stature having digitigrade legs and a mechanical tail that is somewhat prehensile with a pair of arms that have less plating then the rest that can horizontally split by removing some mechanical servos and turning them into two pairs of arms with 3 fingered hands, the chest having a similar mechanism to allow the armour to move out of the way for access to the crystal core when charging . The full robot at full standing position is roughly 290CM Tall and weighs around 200Kg-250Kg. His Armor is made of  Carbon Fibre with modified materials to make it slightly bulletproof, mostly to small arms fire, as well as protecting against melee stabbing weapons.   How does it work: Power - A Violium Crystal. Reverse engineered Avian crystal that holds 50%-100%  more energy per cm3,   that requires periodic charging, and is susceptible to blunt force impacts. Strength/Durability - Naturally, being a Robot, it is is more durable and stronger than an organic being, able to lift 200kg with some effort, able to pick up two fully grown humans without effort. Most pistol fire will leave the platform completely undamaged, unless it is one of the higher calibers. The Carbon Fibre plating makes him easier to push back despite his durasteel frame, with Cerulium plating blocking out EMP's from harming his core or central computer. Speed -  Due to the light-weight build for a robot + small amounts of synthetic muscles placed around the leg’s main support strut  that replace servos, he is much faster than your run of the mill robot, capable of sustaining speeds of 20Mph. Memory- A small computer placed nearby to the Core contains large amounts of data storage due to the ability to automatically micro-compress data and erasing useless data Splitting - The set of arms on the Platforms body each have 6 fingers, and split directly down the middle with a simple mechanism that allows these four arms to move freely and able to punch quickly and multiple times in hand to hand fights   What is it’s intended use: To be in place of soldiers during inhospitable situations in combat. AI is given orders and must follow them using problem solving when nessecary.   Strengths: - Can Horizontally split his arms for use in combat or fast typing - Able to use the tail as a combat upgrade and for balance - Able to lift 200kg at Max - Able to process things much faster than a normal human being and can store more space than a normal Robot/Ai/Glitch due to micro-compressed memory - Agile and fast, able to sustain speeds of 20 MPH - Capable of integrating the held AI into a Ship or Base Mainframe - Core is protected by small amounts of impervium plating and large amounts of Starlite   Weaknesses:   - Joints in its legs can be jammed easily by outside debris, causing slow walking and hindrances in movement until removed - EMP's if hit nearby to the core, can will disruption of most motor functions, but requires peeling down the armor first, the same also applies to hitting it in the eyes, mouth, receptors and the wiring in the hands - Splitting the arms divides the strength of each arm in half, as well as the stability of the arm itself, allowing for it to be snapped off with melee weapons or strong shotgun shells - If someone of significant strength is able to pull open the mechanism exposing his core, such as a glitch, floran or apex, it can be destroyed or deactivated easily - Cannot float or swim - Will short circuit in water - Susceptible to hacking - Plasma will burn straight through him ( Reminder, Only people available to have this are D3VRON and anyone chilling over with him, that or he gives one/the plans to you ) Attainability: Closed Tags: Military, Industrial How will this benefit roleplay?: A crafty villain to face off against.