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  1. Name of Aug/Tech:  U.M.M (universal malleable material)    Description: U.M.M is a smooth, black, elastic rubber-like synthetic material capable of independently flexing, bending and stretching anywhere across the surface of the material.  How does it work:  A woven series of tiny synthetic muscle and nerve like material. Connected to it a series of tiny scales capable of cloaking the material and also independently changing the colour of each separate scale. The cloaking functionality works the same as the HERMES MK XII Cloaking Suit "Meshed into the suit is a system of smart nanotech sensors, these sensors pick up the surroundings and once activated begin to mimic their surroundings with a smart moving display." The tiny synthetic nerves and muscles connect throughout the entire material. This means that as long one of the nerves of an almost detached piece of U.M.M is still connected to the main mass it will continue to function. For the material to function it must be commanded by a directly connected computer with the matching programming or an advanced AI.  What is it’s intended use:  The material is designed with the purpose of practical civilian, industrial and military use. U.M.M can be used for the manufacturing of suits, droids/drones, tools, vehicles and more.     Strengths:  It's agile and tactical functionalities are extremely useful for military applications.  The flexible and lightweight material allows for stealthy movements.  Can be applied to nearly any vehicle, droid, weapon and more.    Weaknesses:  The material is fairly weak and is capable of being torn in half by hand  The material will not longer function and break at temperatures above 60 degrees Celsius or below -25 degrees Celsius  Not resistant to emp  Like the HERMES MK XII Cloaking Suit, the cloak has a slight delay in updating to sudden change, causing a slight shimmer to appear, the same happens upon initial cloaking, which appears like a slight wave of scales "flipping" that spreads across the body.    Attainability:  Open    Tags:  Industrial
  2. 'Civilian'

    [[ This will serve as an IC public/arrest record for this character. It's chronically WIP and is subject to being updated as more is discovered. ]] General Information First name: Unknown Middle name(s): Unknown Surname: Unknown        Alias(es):  Civilian, Broker Age: 26 Date of birth: XX/XX/3257 Race: Human Gender: Female Sexuality: Heterosexual Current residence: Unlisted Relationship status: Unknown Social status: Unpopular, perhaps even disliked Occupation: Drug Dealer, Cam-Girl, other odd jobs Traits of Voice Accent (if any): Valley Girl/Californian Language spoken: Galactic Common Other languages known: Unknown Style of speaking: Excessive swearing and slurring. Jumps from subject to subject, says whatever comes to mind. No filter. Volume of voice: Loud. Too loud. Physical Appearance Height: 5'6" Weight: 145 lbs. Eye colour: Hazel Skin colour: Tanned, natural Shape of face: Heart-shaped Distinguishing features: Scarring across chest, under collarbone, reads: LONER'S. Track marks. Scars on back of calf, appears to be skin grafts. Hair colour: Unknown, constantly dyed Hair style: Unknown, constantly changes Complexion: No visible flaws, likely due to makeup. Posture: Either horribly slouched or standing straight with chest pushed out - no in between Tattoos: Paw print tattoos across back, wrapping around hip and presumably down towards nethers - extremely trashy. Piercings: Several on both ears Typical clothing: Club wear, or tank tops and jeans Personality Likes: Drugs, sex, rock and roll, etc. Dislikes: Snitches, narcs, cowards Education: Some higher education, but lacks a degree Fears: Total memory loss, "fucking snakes", commitment Personal goals: Unknown General attitude: Aloof, optimistic, free-spirited. Conversely, violent and abusive. Likely mentally ill. Religious values: Pagan, alternative religious beliefs. General intelligence: Average General sociability: Sociable, enjoys like-minded company Health Illnesses (if any): Addictions (multiple drugs) Allergies (if any): Unknown Sleeping habits: Unknown Energy level: High Eating habits: Mostly junk food; pizza, nachos, noodles, chips, chocolate, etc. Memory: Hindered, extent unknown Any unhealthy habits: Drugs. A lot of drugs. And alcohol binges. Relationships Parents: Unknown Siblings: None Any enemies (and why): Cops, rival drug dealers Children: None Friends: Payton, 'Bystander', 'Smokey', 'Tiger', 'Loner' Combat Peaceful or violent: Extremely violent Weapon (if applicable): AA12, anything she can get her hands on Style of fighting: Spray and pray, improvised
  3. // User Gone-For-Broke uploads an old video file titled "#1" // The video starts with a young woman trying to get the camera angle just right and the noise is almost deafening as she adjusts. After about a minute, she sits down in a chair. The room she's in is dingy and bare, save for whatever she's using to record. She clears her throat, but doesn't talk just yet. Silence plays for two minutes all while she twirls her thumbs around one another. She looks disheveled; long blonde hair that's matted in places, clothes that were holey and unwashed, and bruises and track marks are visible on her exposed arms. She starts. "I'm losing it. My memory, I mean. Still holding firm to that sanity for now. But..." There's a pause. "But if I forget enough, that'll eventually go away too, huh? Memories make people. If you don't have memories, then what?" She leans back in her chair to the point where she's balancing it on two legs, then falls forward. A loud 'clang' echoes in the room as her seat falls back to its upright position. The woman squeezes her hands together, clicking her tongue against the roof of her mouth as she thinks. It's obvious this wasn't really a planned video. Either that or it's just a difficult topic. "Future-Me, I'm sorry. Past-You fucked up something awful." She looks up to the camera and manages to force a sad smile. "So, I'm gonna try to make it up to you. Us. Me. Whatever. I'm gonna make videos talking about things, so even if we - I, us, goddamn it this is confusing... Even if I forget, I'll have this. Maybe it'll jog my memory or something. Maybe I can remember." The video changes, having been cut and edited. She's still sitting in the chair, but the back of it is now facing the audience and her chin rests on her folded forearms. Again, she's doing that tongue click thing coupled with drumming her fingers on the metal frame of her seat. "My name is --" The sound cuts out. Maybe it was on purpose? "I graduated from school in the year 3275. My best subject was chemistry. I was raised by my mother in a poor neighborhood. It wasn't bad - just... just poor. I know this sounds like, like, bullshit or something. But I promise it's relevant." Her face scrunches up in distaste, as though she had just swallowed some very bitter medicine. She's quiet. Thinking. "I... left home as soon as I was able. A poor kid in a shit neighborhood with no money. Sounds just like every Cinderella story of success. But I guess this one doesn't end with some jerk giving me my hooker heels back." She laughs. It sounds a little haughty, which may be weird given her current appearance. "I met a dealer. A drug dealer. Not, like, a shitty car salesman. He lost his cook recently and I had the know-how. He set me up with a place to live as long as I met quotas for chem production. I won't lie, I tested it. Quality assurance. Gotta make sure clients get what they pay for. You can guess how that turned out." She hangs her head. "You know how when people get addicted they build up immunity to it? Tolerance, I think? And then they have to take more and more and more to get that high? Yeah, that. But, like, there's a better way. A cheaper way to chase that trip. You just gotta make something stronger. That's how you've got all these kinds of drugs in the first place. Different kinds for different highs. Different intensities. And, I know it's easier said than done - for your average space thug, anyway. But I was a kid with a love for science and withdrawals up the wazoo. I was gonna make my own goddamn fix." The video continues for several more minutes, but there's no sound. It's not clear if the woman is even talking anymore. Eventually she stands, smooths out her shirt, and goes to turn off the camera. The last thing the viewer sees before the video cuts to black is just how tired she looks - the face of someone who hasn't slept in two days.   // Comments are disabled //
  4. Corruskin Array

    Name: Corruskin Array Description: A corru film of varying thickness that covers the body and hair to act as a second skin. The film takes on varying colors, lusters, textures, and-- in the case of hair or faces-- shapes, to give the impression that the wearer is something or someone that they are not. Abilities: Alters the appearance of the wearer's body (skin, hair, etc) by way of a pigment and texture-shifting corru film. For example, making an obsecrian's skin and hair appear human-like. Conditional Abilities: Some corruskin arrays apply slightly heavier films over the face to simulate a different facial structure. It tends not to be noticeable except under close scrutiny or physical contact. Limitations: Sufficient physical impacts (an average punch with intent to harm, for example) cause the color to distort in an obvious way. The color returns after an average of ten seconds, depending on the force of the strike. Scratches cause a similar effect, but on a smaller scale. It does not coat sensitive locations like the eyes, or go inside the user's body in any way. This can leave obvious indicators untouched, like the black eyes of a floran or the blue-green color of an obsecrian's gums. Limited by corrusphere mass, so shape changes are limited to small things, like facial structure. Arrays can't be used to make someone look larger than they really are. Conditional Limitations: Areas of thicker application tend to feel like cold metal, giving away that there's something strange at play. It takes at least ten minutes to 'put on'. It also requires that the wearer be nude for this duration and feels pretty gross before it settles. Most corruskin arrays do not account for the user being taller than 6'4''. How does it work: Corruskin array corruspheres tend to be around the size of a basketball when inactive. When activated, the would-be wearer holds the corrusphere at arms length, either standing up or sitting down. After a few seconds, the device liquefies and envelop the wearer's arms in a thick coating, from which it then envelops the rest of the body while avoiding sensitive locations. Upon completion, contact with a corru-interface (such as an obsecrian's horn) is required to direct the pigmentation and shaping of the corru film. Referenced Technologies: Corruspheric Technology Attainability: Semi-closed. Like with most corruspheric tech, it's not impossible to come by through chance, but it sure is impossible to use without the right tools. Tags: [Civilian] [Racial] Category: Wearable
  5. Name: The Animated Lifeform Preservation Containment Unit, or ALPCU Description: A jar, usually of glass and a base about half a foot tall, containing the head of an organic sapient being. A lid keeps the fluid within from spilling, while the jar itself hums quietly while containing machinery. The glass is usually treated to be bulletproof, while the base usually contains a mixture of false organs and stasis technology to keep the head alive. Abilities: A moderately protective casing prohibits weak damage against the head. A head can prolong life to about 500 years if placed within, at which point the generator either fails or the head experiences massive organ and/or respiratory failure. Limitations: Movement is extraordinarily limited. Without another being to carry or move the head, it will not move. You’re a head. Synthetics cannot be placed within, due to complications of the fluid keeping the head alive. The jar does not support augmentations such as arms or legs. The head, once placed within, cannot be removed. Cloning is the only way to return to the full body. How does it work: The fluid within the jar is a mixture of vital nutrients and drugs, to both  nullify any pain of the fact you’re a head in a jar and to sustain the head. The stasis field helps maintain the appearance of the being from when it was alive, leading to cloned presidential heads appearing as they did before/at death. Within the base is a set of synthetic organs to provide a working biological system for homeostasis and use of the nutrients within, which are replaced on a daily basis in the form of easily dissolved flakes. The power source varies, but the most a better will do is keep you alive a few more years above the base amount of five hundred before expiration. As for the head itself, usually the being is either a clone of the original, the actual personnel transferred to the jar's system, or a whole new being. Flavor text: First developed in basements, media, and certain military complexes , the earliest models simply held cloned or dying personnel, or specimens long expired. Now, with the development of technology furthuring by the year, the governments have deemed it worthy to allow richer civilians outside their beloved celebrity hoards to become one of the many, if only for a few centuries, to live as a head past their expiration. Referenced Technologies (Optional): N/a Attainability: [Semi-Open]. Please contract one from the nearest Nen-Vask Corporation Nexus kiosk, to be opened if the application proceeds. Tags: [Civilian] Category: Medical
  6. Fujita Corp Hylotl Synthetics

    Name: Fujita Corperation Model A Synthetic Description: On the surface, these synthetics appear to look exactly like Hylotls. A Fujita corperation logo is present on both shoulders with a serial code present under the left logo. An easy to reach power and reset button is located on the upper-right side of the chest towards the shoulder, this area also contains a hidden configuration pad hidden under the skin.   Abilities: -Can be used for a lot of social situations as employees in different businesses through the inter-changable AI personality system. -Personalites can be randomised for "sentience" or created mainly for work and business situations. -The chemical battery in the chest can last for a year or two. -Can become "drunk" with a right personality type. -The Model A's are very modular in the way of an easily-changable AI system. Allowing engineers to change the "personality" or "avatar" of the AI itself. -Is able to simulate pain and touch through it's artifical nervous system. Conditional Abilities (Optional): -Can become "drunk" with a right personality type. Limitations: -Model A's are not made for combat, which means a bullet or two can easilly rip through the synthetic skin and damaging internal structure and systems. ((^ Some can be outfitted to take more damage if they are used as security personnel.)) -Aside from bullets, Model A's are known for their suseptibility to electricity attacks. -The chemical batteries used can catch alight very easily once punctured. -Dangerous chemicals can be very corrosive on the synthetic skin and other parts. -Constant heavy lifting is usually avoided as it can create a bad strain on the muscular system, stretching it out and in turn making it weaker.  Conditional Limitations (Optional): -Over a heavy period, they may need some work done on patching up skin or any other system in the body. This is due to the cheap parts being constantly used in the construction. How does it work: Internally, these synths are supported by a strong artifical muscle structure which supports a skeletal system. The joints and internal systems are lubricated with an internal substance  which is dyeable to mimic a blood system in organics. In the Model A's head are it's three hylotl camera eyes and a computer hub, dealing with it's memories and the such. For digesting of food, they contain an artifical stomach which can break down food and pass it, but this is so the synth could blend in more with "the crowd" and such, it recieves no nutrience from the food it consumes. Lastly, they contain a nervous system for feeling touch and pain. Socially, these robots were created to blend in as realistically as possible. Their voices are created with simulated accents and tones, giving more to the voice. They can relate to others emotionally and form friendships. The logical and math skills of each unit is determined by it's installed personality. Cosmetically, these Model A's are very customisable in development, allowing many skin tones and colours with the aritifcal skin.  Artifical fins are created to give the Model A's more of an appeal and such many common styles can be re-created out of materials for them. Flavor text: The Model A was Fujita's first attempt at creating synthetics after a long time of research and with the help of another company. Referenced Technologies (Optional): I really enjoy the idea of synthetics and wanted to try a shot at making some. I basically referenced other androids/synthetics out there. Attainability: Open Tags: [Civilian] 
  7. Name: Mark II Figurehead Body (abbreviated as Mark II's for organizational purposes) Description: Visually, Mark II Figureheads appear to simply be regular human beings with a flat, metal "monitor" like device that protrudes from the back of their lower-necks. These monitors have a rectangular, slightly convex screen, a basic phone-like keypad, and two more small buttons - one being for power, and the other as a sort of restart button. Effectively, this leaves them as a mix of skin, synth and machine - a cyborg. Notably, Mark II's, unlike their previous make, cannot be built to resemble any other living form than a human. However, the supposedly in-development Mark III's will support multiple life-forms. Thus, Humans are the only life-form available for Mark II Figureheads as of now, as stated. Abilities: -Far cheaper to create than Synthetic or even Real Bodies of the same level of realism. Conditional Abilities: -Being able to assign Mark II's unusual permanent hair colors can be thought of as a cosmetic plus, as they usually achieve a level of visual elegance hair dyes alone cannot. -Can have their mental being transfered between any form of computer, not just other Mark II bodies, giving them a very long life as long as their mental files remain undamaged. -While Mark II's can be made as tall as any real human can potentially be, the fact that they're often short has its own advantages. -Will mature at the same rate in the same way, regardless of the Mark II's biological age when it is created. -Due to the simplistic nature of Mark II's bodies, they're genetically 'programmed' to grow older in one specific way that can't really be changed; this translates to them being able to gain or lose very little extra muscle or fat on their bodies aside from what's already put there in their genetic conception, meaning that (if built that way to begin with) they stay in physical shape without any effort required. -Mark II's can be remotely overridden and controlled to guide them out of danger, should they be unable to do so on their own. -Have a slightly warmer-than-usual body temperature, meaning they not only have slightly higher resilience to the cold, but more importantly, give great hugs. -The monitors of Mark II's are in fact waterproof, meaning they can enjoy a swim without risk of a death by electrocution or short-circuit. Limitations: -The synthetic materials of Mark II's are physically weaker than the actual flesh and bone they're used in combination with, resulting in them being very unfit for combat or any other heavy-lifting role. -In addition to the above, Mark II's synthetic materials, both inside and outside their body, can outright dissolve if it comes in contact with an otherwise unpleasant chemical substance, indicated by barely visible/audible fizzing. Most illegal substances and forms of alcohol usually cause this dangerous reaction, resulting in their flesh and other tissues to visually appear to unravel in ribbons as the synthetic material melts but the biological remains, a process than can be stopped if the substance is quickly washed off. Additionally, the degree of melting is dependent on the strength of said chemical - weaker ones often only scald before burining out, while stronger ones tend to eat all the way through Mark II's synthetics. Thus, doing something such as substance abuse or guzzling booze is ill-advised for all but the suicidal and masochistic. -Due to the cheap manufacturing processes, Mark II's often come out with some form of defect, far more commonly than normal humans are born with. These usually are problems such as Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy and Astigmatism, though the list continues beyond those. Conditional Limitations: -Despite the ability to visually stay thin, Mark II's can still eventually starve to death if they don't eat regularly. -The passage of time still applies to Mark II's, leading their physical bodies to eventually grow old and die unless they are transfered from said body. -Should their Monitors be broken, Mark II's are rendered instantly into a vegetative state, where they will remain until their monitor is replaced and their mental being re-uploaded. -On the flip-side of the above, should the brain of a Mark II be damaged or destroyed, they remain conscious, but their organs slowly shut down, leaving the Mark II, still seeing and thinking, to quickly die of any number of causes unless they're rescued and implanted a new brain. -The monitors of a Mark II, despite being mechanical, aren't much more durable than their already-brittle bodies, leaving them as a distinctive weak point. -While Mark II's can be controlled for good, they lose all consciousness and control of what they're doing, meaning that those with malicious intent can easily guide them into danger or turn them on their allies. -Turning Mark II's off and on via their monitors regularly, say, no more than once per six days, is perfectly fine, but repeatedly doing so may cause damage to their memories, requiring replacement. -Mark II's are incapable of altering their physical appearance due to their genetically predestined growth, should they be unhappy with how they are. -If the monitor of a Mark II is overloaded or severely jostled , it may cause the Mark II to enter a somewhat impaired state where they exhibit very little physical and facial moment, stop speaking, and ominously follow the nearest object or person with their eyes. This lasts until they are restarted. How does it work:  Like the Mark I Figureheads, the ones before, Mark II's are designed as "budget bodies;" ones that are inexpensive and cheap to make that still still survive the test of time. Unlike the Mark I's however, which were also built with being physically durable as well in mind, Mark II's are instead meant to look as real and convincing as possible to actual living beings, rather than being as physically durable. Mark II's physical makeup, despite looking perfectly human, has noticeable differences in technicality. Visible irregularities often usually include unnatural hair or eye pigmentation and consistently short height compared to other fringe-goers. Internally however, the main physical change is that Mark II's are made up of a mix of real biological material, sourced in some way, and synthetic material; put under a microscope, one would see that the tissues composing everything from Mark II's epidermises to organs is made of diagonal, alternating "stripes" of either material, effectively cutting the required biological material in half, while still looking, feeling, and [any other sense a person would dare to use to identify a Mark II, fuck, you could go up and lick one if they'd let you] exactly like actual living beings (excluding the obvious metal monitors protruding from the backs of their necks). Additionally, Mark II's have smaller-than-usual brains compared to regular beings. This is where their monitor comes in; while the normal, non-thinking functions of Mark IIs still use their actual brains, anything involving their psychological, emotional and mental existence as a person is stored in their monitor, which is cheaper and possess more utility (and weaknesses, unfortunately) than a full brain. Flavor text: These were created by the same, currently-faceless figure who created the Mark I Figureheads and the Acrodonta-Model Androids. Referenced Technologies: Perhaps generic androids and synths, as Mark II's are essentially a special type of them. Attainability: [Semi-Closed] (Ask me if you can have Mark II, and depending on your character and reason I'll decide.) Tags: Primarily [Civilian], secondarily [Genetic]
  8. The H.D.E (Holographic DJ Enhancer)

    Name: Holographic DJ Enhancer (H.D.E) (Credit to Loo for this picture. Full animation coming later!) Description: The H.D.E is a wristband worn on both hands for a Musician/DJ, which can project holographic discs in-front of him in order to create music.  Basically like a DJ set, except way easier to access, and encourages mobility. Abilities: Able to project one holodisc per hand (as dictated by the wristband that is worn) Gives high mobility and high quality music! 5 - 6 hours of battery life Can remotely access an on-stage computer (such as a laptop, datapad, etc) and pull music from that to remix it on the fly Conditional Abilities: User can also control the on-stage lights if they are connected through the computer, making ease of access for crowd hype and syncing his/her beats to the lights.  Limitations: Unable to create new music, requires an existing system to connect to it to access existing music. High-intensity songs can overheat the wristbands, causing minor burns. Conditional Limitations: EMPs can short out the wristbands just like any other small electronic This can also cause a high chance for the currently playing track to randomize itself on all audio levels, which can cause many issues. Hearing loss Seizures, if the lights are connected Speaker damage How does it work: The wristbands connect via an already existing connection on the system (datapad, laptop, etc) and play through an entertainment area's speakers. They project two holo-discs of the user's color and choosing in front of them, which act exactly like two discs on a DJ stand. These discs can maintain position while the user moves their hands around, as it's constant tracking of the discs position keeps them steady, say if a DJ wants to move their hands up and hype up the crowd, they can do that with relative ease. Flavor text: Lange, wanting to have an easier way to move around the stage and still access his songs, brainstormed the thought of Holographic Discs. This allows not only him, but any DJ/Musician to easily move and wander about the stage, interacting with the crowd to give them an experience that can never be forgotten. Referenced Technologies: See Below:   Attainability: [Open] Tags: [Civilian]
  9. Name: Commonly referred to as Micro Cyber Regeneration but Technical name being Nano Droid Self repair bio-system. Abilities: Allows regeneration of wounds  depending  on quality  of purchase, at the standard issue it can repair minor wounds and serous wounds 10x faster. At the army standard issue it can repair the same wounds as the first 20x faster. The rarest and barely found is the super soldier issue, that can repair all the injuries that are fatal or below 35x faster. List of heal able wounds, Minor: Cuts, Bruises, Minor burns Healed in a hour. Serous: Low caliber Gun Wounds, Broken Bones, And major burns healed in 5 hours. Near fatal: Plasma burns, high caliber gun wounds, explosion/shrapnel damage healed in a day. Fatal: Radiation and high yield explosives healed in a day and a half. Conditional Strengths: This technology was made for bullet and burn wounds (which includes plasma, bullet, burn and heat damage) so is about 40% more effective on damages of that type. Limitations: Cannot regenerate memory's, For they are collections of data. Does not cure diseases or parasites and is used for physical wounds. Not able to fix mental states. Is only able at the present moment to be used by flesh and blood humanoids. You also need to consume more nutrients and vitamins to up your metabolism when wounds are healing. Conditional Limitations: When wound is not of Bullet or Burn nature, regeneration is 50% less effective. Also the nanobots take two days after injection to activate. How does it work: You are injected by a needle filled with water and cellular level size droids. These droids take 2 days to start-up after injection. And from there after they procede to help your cells to regenerate. They are all fueled by your nutrients and vitamins, But not enough to deprive you of your daily needs. Flavor Text: This invention was invented by the emerging MicroTech.Inc TM. In an attempt to create a stronger society, Helping the military and scarce law-enforcement to do their jobs and not have to go off duty when injured. MicroTech CEO states "This invention will turn us from helpless to strong, We have finally conquered evolution!" -Teuihua.S. MicroTech will continue to try in invent life saving technology. Attainability: Semi-Closed, You will need to purchase this from MicroTech. Or be provided it to you by military or law-enforcement if you chose your career in those jobs. Tags:    [Civilian]    
  10. Roscommon Foundry

    ROSCOMMON FOUNDRY Spoiler About Roscommon Foundry Roscommon Foundry is a custom industrial engineering, manufacturing, machining, and fabrication company based entirely in The Fringe. It was started by a small group of former and still-employed Cross Conglomerate employees, in particular CEO Murphy O'Ruanaidh and Operations Director Addison Vedder. It has since expanded to include a variety of manufactured products specifically tailored to large and small consumers alike, with an emphasis on custom orders rather than a select product line. Roscommon Foundry is based in the refuge city of New Margury, with its primary office and manufacturing space located in the former place of the GDI headquarters. It primarily employees refugee and immigrant labor for floor work, bringing new jobs to the unemployed within New Margury. The day-to-day operations are supervised by the New Margury council, including Mayor Ro'di Sykes. Spoiler Roscommon Foundry's Products Roscommon's product line is somewhat transient and vague the majority of the time - there are continual rotations of surplus manufactured goods, equipment, and machinery continuously available for sale. They can be ordered and delivered, or picked up directly from the Roscommon workshop on New Margury. Roscommon's main product comes from its extensive array of computer-controlled and robotic fabrication machinery at its disposal. Our most common business is recieving an order and designing and constructing a fresh piece of equipment - whether it be firearms, armor, clothes, tools, machines, vehicles, aircraft, computer systems, anything - which is then delivered to the consumer on a contractual or one-time basis. Individuals can often commission custom items for themselves. [[ There's a Nexus Market page. ]] Administrative and Supervisory Murphy O'Ruanaidh, CEO and head of Mechanical Drafting and Machining Dept ( [[ @polytechnique ]] Ro'di Sykes, Government Supervisor [[ @Randy ]] Colonel, Government Supervisor  Engineering Division Alice Levinsky, Mechanical ( [[ @Destroyer713 ]] Alice Alexandria Varan, Mechanical (intern) ( [[ @409 ]] Barracuda, Mechanical  ( [[ @Bulphrog the Dragon ]] Bishop, Mechanical ( [[ @Bishop ]] Blake Evetion, Jet Propulsion & Control Systems ( [[ @Hit by a Parked Car ]] Caitlin O'Conhaire, Mechanical, Jet Propulsion ( [[ @polytechnique ]] Corneille Rainier, Mechanical, Jet Propulsion ( [[ @Data Caskett ]] Jole, Mechanical ( [[ @Sgtjole ]] Kristina Rasova, Cybernetics ( [[ @Alias ]] Lassandra Godus, Mechanical  ( [[ @Mega ]] Mairenn O'Ruanaidh, Software ( [[ @polytechnique ]] Mariah Johnson, Software ( [[ @Specter ]] Min, Software ( [[ @Pinkbat5 ]] Posi, Software ( [[ @Pinkbat5 ]] Renee Kirchhoff, Electrical ( [[ @polytechnique ]] Sandra Bella Dumont, Software, Electrical ( [[ @Necronlord ]] Tory Ensley, Software ( [[ @JeeJee ]] Wrench, Mechanical ( [[ @Admiral Alpaca ]] Xexanoth, Mechanical ( [[ @Ryanatorx ]] Yacke, Cybernetics ( [[ @Alxetora ]] Business Division Elsie Hawkins, Transactions and Transportation ( [[ @Elsie ]] James Newton, Dr. , Medical Advisor ( Tina Tinass Tinova, Internal Management ( [[ Lime the Catguy ]] Subsidiary/Sister Companies Grace, Gracious Garments President ( [[ @Apple ]] Ella, Gracious Garments ( [[ @Eggtooth ]] Xena Lerrickton, Gracious Garments ( [[ @Daft Lad ]]  Spoiler [[ PM me on the forums or get in touch with any one of my characters, or members of the company. ]] Spoiler [[ Contact me through a PM and ask to have an interview scheduled. ]]   [[ Other information: Roscommon's hub doesn't exist, but is physically on the planet of New Margury in the place of the old GDI headquarters. ]] 
  11. Name of Aug/Tech: Doc's Hologram Projector Drone 2.0 Description: A 20 cm radius flying machine that looks like a steel spinning top, with lights and speaker holes. History of Aug/Tech: Emily Ritchie created this device with the help of Michael, by using the body of Murdoc Darwin (Also known as "Doc"). Doc's body is located in a pod surrounded by lots of machinery, in a small space ship that was built by Emily's team to assure the organic structure and machinery will remain safe. The AI is connected to Doc's brain, connecting him to the device, and acting as if he were inside of it. The drone can fly with great agility and speed, the max being 70 KPH. He has speakers so everybody can hear his voice, along with audio receivers that allow Doc to hear everything around him. With the help of the audio receivers, the drone can also record audio, video or both by using a small camera that is located near the bottom of the device that also allows him to see everything nearby. The drone also has spy mode, in which he can deactivate the lights of the drone and enable night vision. On the outside of the drone there are LED lights in which he can adjust the brightness, radius, and colour depending on his mood, default being light blue. Red means he is angry, dark olive green means he is disgusted, purple means he is scared, yellow means he is enthusiastic, pink means he is in love, blue means he is sad, and lime green means he is lying. Regardless of his mood, the drone can detect lies. Two wires are located in the drone with needles built to penetrate. These "machine connectors" attach to a nearby machine and, with Doc's hacking skills, he can read the code. Activating, Deactivating, Controlling, or Destroying the system are some of Doc's options, taking about 1 minute or more time to succeed.Doc can also activate a small hard light shield in a shape of a sphere, which has a 30 cm radius around the drone. It can be bought down by an EMP, strong explosions, plasma, and has a time duration of 1 minute. The shield takes a total of 10 minutes to recharge. As the drone is a hologram projector, in the bottom parts of the drone he can enable a hologram which displays a hyper realistic model of Doc, showing his appearance. The hologram can move his arms, head, and express himself, but he cannot move his legs, and the drone cannot move while this hologram is online. The drone uses a battery that lasts a maximum of two days, it's able to be recharged in the machines from the employer's ship. Intended Use: Being an instructor of scientific engineering under Emily Ritchie, he can stalk anyone for safety and collection of identity or information. Alongside defending important people and sabotaging machinery. Strengths:  - Can move really fast, being able to dodge with ease - The shield protects from most projectiles and has 1 minute of duration - Resistant to bullets, fire and some explosions Weaknesses - Strong explosions and plasma shots might cut the duration of the shield, or sometimes penetrate it and force deactivation to the shield. - Most physical hits by deadly projectiles like bullets or explosions might damage the audio receptors, speakers, or camera. This makes Doc unable to hear, talk, or see until someone repairs him. - Attempting to hack any kind of robot or A.I is impossible, as the attachment from the connectors instantly alerts them, unless they are allowing him to do it. - Like all machines, even with his shield, he is vulnerable to EMP, and when he reactivates, he gets confused and doesn't remember what was happening at the given time. - After use of shield, he must wait about 10 minutes to recharge How do you believe this will assist in benefiting roleplay?: This will bring more action in a fun in a fair and balanced way. Most of the time without winning, but rather surviving. Attainability: Open. Ask Emily Ritchie to make one for you, she works on the wiring herself; then, she builds the machine in the employer's ship, including the pod to keep their unconscious body inside. The pod connects their brains to the machinery and activates the hologram projector drone. For the hologram, Emily needs to scan the body for her computers, so she can work on the model and the AI coding to activate the hologram to act depending on their mind command. Tags: [Civilian]
  12. Cybernetic arm microcomputer and holocraphic eye

    Name of Aug/Tech: Cybernetic arm Microcomputer and Holographic emitter eye Description: Right arm looks armored though is weak, its just a durasteel shell for the arm which isn't thick, it can be damaged if continuously shot at. His left eye is neon blue, HHHH <----- that color and once activated, he can not see through it until the hologram is shut off. History of Aug/Tech: Long story short, before leaving his home he was put into a test program to link an arm with a micro computer to a holographic emitter inside a cybernetic eye implant,  his arm was ripped off after an encounter with an MG emplacement. Though he never lost his left eye it had to be amputated for the project. After leaving he improved it to emit small 3D models of planets after his ship scans them ( When first entering a planet il do the action but wont be able to use the 3D model for 12 hours IRL since the ship is orbiting the world scanning the outside, it can not scan underground. Think of it as google maps. How does it work?: His arm contains the microcomputer which is coneccted to his eye, The arm is well, just an arm with a computer BUT the computer could be improved like for say, someone can give him a program to hack or scan people. His eye will emit a screen that can be resized to a limit. It can be used offencivly like having an image pop up to distract someone in combat. It main capabilities are to be able to use the Nexus or, view and his shit is connected to this aswell, it circles the globe or the area of where he is to gave a small 3D layout of the planet to where he can mark spots on it, Similar to Google maps. Though movable, it cant be used as a shield but as a way to block sight or like i added earlier a form of distraction. Intended use: Character lore purposes Strengths: Its more of a Cosmetic augmentation then a combat oriented one so, i don't really know its ups. Weaknesses: EMP will turn of his eye and his arm will go limp, Arm is very very weak towards bullets, so a shot to the arm would damage it easily, low calibers like 9mm with have issues at medium ranges. How do you believe this will assist in benefiting roleplay?: This was mostly for my characters backstory, it could be upgraded later on like hacking programs or more advanced features. Attainability: Closed Tags: [Civilian] Not sure if thats right. correct me if its not the right tag needed. PS. very late so this might be horrible. il fix any issues in the morning/afternoon PST
  13. / / Construction Co / /

    / / It's a simple webpage with a few options, buttons, etc. The overally layout is a black background with the occasional red stripe. / / ~ ~ ~ Who am I? What services do I offer? ~ ~ ~ Spoiler   My name is Alyx - My full name and last name are for wraps, ssh~! In any case, I'm looking to start up work again now that I've finally established a teleporter system with my old system's facilities. With this in mind, I'll start right off the bat by saying my specialty lies in timber-based or stonework structures, and I lack the capabilities to effectively manufacture metal-primary structures. The buttons below will let you choose some of the services I offer! Orders run as follow: 55 per small room, 75 per medium room and 90 per large room. Smalls rooms run anywhere from 20 x 8 to 25 x 8 Medium rooms are anywhere from 26  x 8  to 35 x 9 Large Rooms are 36 x 9 or larger, capping at 45 x 15. Attics / Basements are seperate and run 45 odisians each and will be counted as small rooms.   (( OOC: These sizes are likely to change if I feel they're too small / large for their category, but if you already place the order I won't charge you more. I'll refund you the money if I do change it and it goes down a size. ))     ~ ~ ~ Placing Orders ~ ~ ~ Spoiler   Style: [Oriential, Cabin, Castle, etc] Total # of Rooms: [ 5 ] Room Distribution: [ 3 small, 1 medium, 1 large] Planetary Preference: [ Ocean, Primary / Volcanic, Secondary] Time Scale: [Urgent, Take your time, etc.]   Optional Description: [I'd like the large room to be on the base, with the three smaller rooms in the middle and a medium room on the top to be an observatory or greenhouse. The three middle rooms would be kitchen, dining and storage with the large being a living room. Basement nestled under the left side of the house.]     ~ ~ ~ Remodelling Services ~ ~ ~ Spoiler   Remodelling takes a lot less time and stress then actually building, not to mention resources! Small Room: 25 odisians Medium Room: 35 odisians Large Room: 50 odisians         ~ ~ ~ Copyright ~ ~ ~ Please let it be known that structures primarily made of metal will take longer for me to complete and will likely suffer in aesthetic value. Commercial structures will take presidence over residential. Full refunds are not given, partial refund subject to room size interpretation. Location of structure is final once construction and excavation begins.  
  14. "Sling 2.0" - Energy Storage Sling

    Name of Aug/Tech: Energy Storage Sling or "Sling 2.0" Description: What would appear to be an average sling and satchel from afar, the "Sling 2.0 " looks similar to the sling and satchel worn by most Wild-Western characters: A leather strap going diagonally from the shoulder to the opposite-sided hip, reaching a small to decently-sized leather pouch which lies very close to the hip or on its side. Another pouch is present near one of the breasts on the front. Unlike the original, another strap reaches from where the first strap ends and extends to the other side of the hip for additional security. Also unlike the originally-inspired design, the piece is metallic in texture and extremely subtle plating is evident along the straps, and is not made from leather. The default color is a dark, sleek gray, but the actual material itself can be redone with differently-colored parts for vanity purposes. History/Maker: In his absence from the hustle, bustle and overall chaos of the Fringe, Quinn had many months to think about his decisions and improve his overall survivability for when he returned, not to mention make some good Pixels in the process to compensate for his rapidly decreasing funds. After many weeks of simulatory trial and error and design flaws, he received some assistance from his good friend Adam "Huffy" Tracinya. After spending countless hours, spare parts, and pixels from their collective pool of funds, doing menial jobs in the Fringe such as janitorial work and.... otherwise, a prototype was successfully implemented, and soon after created in its final form (insert dank meme). In the rush of great potential for money, they produced about a hundred or so of these creations using the Refinery at TIDALMF. Soon after, TIDALMF was closed down by them, much to their dismay, and they scrapped the pieces of the less-necessary parts of the factory to sell later. These were either sold to scrap collectors or used as valuable spare parts for TIDAL and Quinn alike. Some were used early-on as parts to create about 50 more Sling 2.0's, now in their complete image. Well... now Quinn has a bunch of these lying around. With one for himself and only several donated to the other members of TIDAL's small faction, he wonders what he could do to get back some of the small funds. Function/Science: I'll put these into a more organized fashion. Simply say if this is too complicated, and I will change it back to its original formatting: - Straps: The straps contain a chain of graphene sheets in the center, turning the straps into not only support to hold the pouch, but batteries that, thanks to graphene's properties, need no chemicals or triggering reactions to store and distribute the energy. Since the battery is only able to hold so much, the batteries can only hold one to several charges at a time before energy is depleted or at a minimum, depending on the task at hand. On the back and lower-front of the chest straps lie simple, elastic, stringlike folds that wrap around the item to keep it in place. An extendable cord that comes from the strap can then be connected to the tool or weapon at its charging point. A simple and effective holster lies at the alternating hip to the point where the two straps connect, which also has an albeit considerably smaller charging station for energy-based sidearms and most civilian small-scale electronics. The graphene base is insulated by a thin layer of Fish Paper, followed by an extremely thin layer of Buna-N. It is then covered by small, collective Aegisalt and Durasteel "scales", providing it increased toughness against the elements. The combination of materials mean that the Sling 2.0 is about 75% to 106% more durable than a conventional leather sling. - Pouch: The pouch itself can have a multitude of different functions. The default is used half for storage and half for the creation of energy, through chemical batteries or layers of charged graphene sheets which can be replaced with charged strips or reused. The other half is used as a mild storage compartment for simple items such as small parts, bandages, water, food (rocket launchers hehe)... what you'd expect. However, the battery can come in several different variations. A kinetic battery can be set inside instead, sacrificing most or all of the storage space for some rechargability. Solar panels could be set on the pack itself, but touching the backpack's panels could cause burns due to their average heat, not to mention the limitations of solar power in some more extreme planetary environments. The satchel can be moved to the middle of the chest strap on the back, where it can stow a larger or more efficient battery or more items if need be, giving the chance for two charging holsters on the hips instead of one. Intended Use: This item is made generally for people who wish to defend themselves in other ways than conventional bullets. It would also be a favorite among nomads or survivalists who wish to add an extra utility to their satchel for something besides storage. (An example. Say that an armored edgelord walks up to you and wishes to fight you for whatever reason. Luckily, your plasma or laser based sidearm is at your side, and fully charged. You understand the rest. Another example is someone who wants to inspect or scan an item using their modified Fringe-Fone or something, luckily, they had it charged in their holster. Maybe someone was charging the laser drill on their back, to use in a mining operation without the need to recharge it at a station.) It would work as a one-time to multi-use charging station for some lighter energy-based weapons, tools and gear and a way to power something that is electronic quickly and efficiently. Strengths: - While holstered, energy-based items can be recharged to an extent. - The Sling 2.0 is rechargeable in the pouch area. - The battery is in the sling itself, instead of being in the pouch, so the sling has a one-time use if the pouch is compromised. - Benefits of having a normal sling and pouch. - It's more durable than normal leather variations. - Can come in different colors for smexy fashion. - If the "plug" matches any sort of outlet, power can be transmitted into those systems as well. - Due to aegisalt's properties, the sling can be... kind of fuzzy with radar. Holding some sort of tracker or civilian device in the pouch makes random or spotty signals for radar or the Nexus to detect it. - Due to the materials used, the Sling 2.0 is effectively waterproof. Weaknesses: - A bit heavier than leather variations. - Can also be somewhat clunky, especially if you're carrying a lot, hindering mobility. - Cannot be washed in the washing machine. - If interfering energy fields are in the area, such as EMPs, it may not work. - Battery only has one to a few charges, depending on whatever you're charging. - Will not benefit firearms or tools that don't run on energy other than having a place to carry them (no mom a sniper rifle can't be reloaded when you plug it in). - Rechargability is not a default option, but doing so takes a long time and takes a lot of potential storage space. - Bad news if it rips. - The aegisalt scales have a somewhat high conductivity and can be weaker when shocked, though graphene is quite strong and durasteel still acts as secondary scales to reinforce it. - Anything generating a signal from inside the pouch will have a spotty connection or ping. (If you're stranded and WANT to be found, for example, putting the item to detect you with or ping a signal to somebody else might be bad.) How does this assist in roleplay?: The device mentioned will not only add a bit of convenience and extra utility to straps and pouches people may have, but will bring an aspect of extra convenience to players that would rather go without armor and use light, energy-based-or-reliant weapons for personal defense. I perfectly understand if this idea may seem a bit overpowered or simply illogical to have, but it may certainly add another easy variable to galactic citizens and their styles of play. TL;DR - Not much, but a little detail to the GC server as a whole. Attainability: Semi-closed; Quinn will be returning to the Fringe and firing up an online buying system for purchase of these devices once this application is accepted (I don't want to just sell items that effectively failed the grading process). Tags: [Civilian] PS: I am sorry that this application is so long, and I understand if the application failed for that reason or because I gave too much little information. I apologize if I used information that was contradictory, redundant, or overthought before posting this. You've skimmed past this by now. Memes.
  15. Schrodinger's Collar

    Name of Aug/Tech: Schrodinger's inferior subspecies control collar. Description:Looks like Except the big bulky bit is less obstructive. History of Aug/Tech: A scientist that goes by the name of Er Winn is crazed with cats. He decides to create a collar small enough yet just powerful enough to allow a common housecat to be controlled via an AI within a collar. How does it work?: Two nodes on the collar go into the neck of the cat, and send signals to the brain, conducted by said AI. Intended use: Just an experiment, seeing if such a thing was possible. To control a cat. Strengths: Allows you to control a cat VIA an AI Weaknesses: The collar can be cut off but not removed conventionally. If EMP'd the collar would shut down for approximately 5 minutes, and the cat would revert to its normal docile cat state. The collar can be damaged and malfunction if so. The AI in the controller has the behavior of the cat as it is using the cat as a medium to interact with the physical world, such as chasing a laser, going crazy over cat toys, knocking shit off shelves, and chasing mice. How do you believe this will assist in benefiting roleplay?: It would add a fun cat character to the server. It wouldn't be great in combat and would be good at conversational RP. Attainability: Semi-Closed, if someone asked me to have a cat char, I'd be okay with it. Maybe even willing to supply drawables for such. Tags: Civilian
  16. Alak'hai Biometals

    Name of Tech/Augment: Chlorinium, Chlorinium A,B&C, Stronum, Bio-powerlines Description: A - A Red Chitinous substance, covered in lots of thorny looking outcroppings, like a crabs shell B - A Very thick and dark red chitinous substance, less thorns then A C - Incredibly thick, near black substance with incredibly long thorns poking out of it Stronum - A pinkish paste, very smooth and transparent Stem cell powerlines - Large, thin strings of flesh and neurons History of Augment/Tech: Discoverd by the Alak'hai early during their development, the materials used for Alak'hai biotechnology are engineered from their immediate enviroment and were incorporated into their culture, eventually being as advanced as to be able to create powerlines How does it work?: Chlorinium is a material composed of the exoskeleton of a local Alak'hai crab and metals introduced to provide structural stability and defensive measures. It is unique in that when hit with heat weaponry, it does not melt but instead becomes incredibly brittle and weak to impact damage. Chlorinium A has a high concentration of Aegisalt, Durasteel woven into a lattice shape with the armor to prevent kinetic impact and bullet puncturing, being something like a bulletproof vest, without the kick or shattering, and much lighter, though it is extremely vulnerable to heat due to conducting properties of the chitin, due to its light weight, it is often used for sniper rifles and other heavy but slow wrong ranged weapons, but can be used for Alak'hai "needlers" or other such things if people think of it. Chlorinium B is virtually useless in a combat situation, only being used for building foundations by placing large amounts of impervium and ferozium into it. Chlorinium C is the most well known version, as it is fitted onto Alak'hai drones and ships, and is incredibly resistant to kinetic impact, corrosive weaponry, electrical weaponry and is crippled by most forms of heat related weapons, it is too heavy to be used suitably as armor for mechs, power-armor or anything short of something manufactured by the Alak'hai itself, though it can be fitted to ships. Stronum is a pasty material that is incredibly sticky and is like non-newtonian fluid, hardening under stress, and is used to hold together Alak'hai armor and buildings, but is yet again, incredibly crippled by heat. It is required for any form of technology to be made using Alak'hai technology. Stem Cell powerlines are created from whatever creature the user can imagine, but is used to transfer energy through-out Alak'hai versions of "power-armor", ships and buildings and is required for weapons and ships. They are incredibly weak to heat, as with the rest of the materials. What is its intended use?: For the creation of armor, ships, weapons and other such tools for those with the access to it. Strengths?: Chlorinium A - Heavily resistant to kinetic impact and bullets - Very light - Can be used for melee weaponry, due to sharp spines Chlorinium B  - Is near immune to kinetic impact Chlorinium C  - Resistance to Kinetic Impact, corrosive weaponry, electrical weaponry Stronum  - Sticky - Hardens when hit Stem Cells  - Easier alternative to powerlines Weaknesses?: Chlorinium A - When heated, becomes brittle and loses impact resistance - basically everything else everyone else is weak to Chlorinium B - Heat Chlorinium C - Heat weaponry, Plasma, Radiation Stronum - Heat Stem Cells  - Heat - Requires some kind of biological generator. Attainability: Open Tags: Racial, Military, Civillian  
  17. Slimey

    Name of Being: Slimey Description: A sentient blob of slime that can take on any form or shape. History of Being: One day, a scientist was studying certain materials and mixing them together from random alien planets. He had used a few specific materials that people would rather not speak of, which is what gave him the slimy appearance. The scientist used a mix of alien brains, mainly from herbivorous animals. The passive ones, of course. With all of these bits of alien brains in him, all passive, he has exactly no mental capacity to be mean. All he can do is be nice, even if he is attacked and whatnot. He is also not that quite smart of a creature, as the alien creatures the scientist had used to make him were rather stupid. He had escaped from the scientist's lab and stolen his ship, covering the interior with gross slime and making furniture-like growths in it. He then began travelling the stars, looking for people to hug. After a few crashes on planets, of course- as he is rather dumb. How does he work?: He can solidify parts of his body when he wants to make interaction. If something fast hits him, it goes through him. If something slow hits him, it gets stuck in him until he pops it out. Intended use: To bring joy to many people in the Fringe, and to have hopefully been a scientific monstrosity that would eat planets. (Although that's never going to happen in a million years). Strengths: Cuddly, Absolutely adorable Weaknesses: Not being able to hurt another being, Can be killed by splitting his body into a million pieces to keep him from reforming. How do you believe he will assist in roleplay?: It will allow me to play as an adorable slimey wimey blob of cuteness. And people will get to hug him. Attainability: Closed Tags: Civilian