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  1. Ruse Qualye

      Information First name: Ruse Middle name(s): ----- Surname: Qualye Age: 27 Race: Avian Gender: Male Current residence: His ship, 'The big pidgeon' Relationship status: Single Traits of Voice Language spoken: Galactic standard Other languages known: Avian Style of speaking: Fast Volume of voice: Average Physical Appearance Height: 6'3'' (193 cm) Weight: 191lbs Eye colour: Brown Body feather colour: Black Distinguishing features: Two white feather lines, one under each eye, a small circular scar (1'' or 2.5cm in radius) in on top of his left knee.  Build of body: Average Plumage colour: Black Plumage style: Two back pointing spikes Complexion: Large Posture: Proud Tattoos: None Piercings: None Typical clothing: Pilot googles, a brown leather jacket, black and red pants, black fingerless gloves Personality Likes: Good food, exploration, music Dislikes: The flightless (aka Kluex followers) Education: High school Fears: Loss of a loved one Personal goals: None (Carpe Diem) General attitude: Cheerful, Sarcastic Religious values: None General intelligence: Average General sociability: Average Health Illnesses (if any): None Allergies (if any): None Sleeping habits: 7 hours a day, (1:00 am- 8:00 am) Memory: Slightly below average Any unhealthy habits: none History Birth planet: Avos Birthday: 7/18/3257 Bio: 0-10 years old: It was a normal avian childhood, having both of his parents parents being devout followers of Kluex he became one too. 11-20 years old: When he was 12 years old his father was sacrificed in the name of Kluex, making him start questioning the world of the avian god. At age 14 he tried boxing, seeing he was quite good at it he continued with his training. At age 17 he abandoned Kluex, he was exiled from Avos; without any money and only a small ship (in wich he escaped Avos) he wandered the stars looking for a way to make a living. At age 18 he was hired at a small cargo transport company, in wich he made his first friend, a human called Almsteinn. 21-today: At age 23, after 5 years of saving up money he bought the ship he has today, in wich he lives with Almsteinn. Past places of residence: A small village in Avos (Age 0 to 17) - an apartament in a minor colony between Avos and the Sol system (Age 18 to 23). Relationships Parents: Mother (Cali Qualye) Father (Tepel Qualye, deceased) Siblings: None Enemies: None Children: None Friends: Almsteinn (Human, 28 yo) Best friend(s): Almsteinn Love interest (if there is one): None (yet) Combat Peaceful or violent: Peaceful (violent if absolutely necessary) Weapon (if applicable): Two claw goves (one in each hand) Style of fighting: Boxing Others Occupation: Pilot Current home: His ship Favourite food: Pizza Favourite types of drink: Light alcoholic drinks Hobbies/past times: Watching planets from orbit Guilty pleasures: None Pet peeves: People that think they are the center of attention Pets: None Talents: Agile Favourite colours: Green and black Favourite type of music: Fast paced (not particular genre)      
  2. Itlazal

    Original by Orchid General Information First name: Itlazal (Eet-laaz-al) Middle name(s): NA Surname: NA Age: The Equivalent to 20 in Human Years Date of birth: 3264 Race: Avian Gender: Female Sexuality: Heterosexual Current residence: Nomadic Relationship status: Single Social status: Fresh Face Traits of Voice Accent (if any): NA Language spoken: Galactic Common Other languages known: Ancient Avian Style of speaking: A bit quiet and reserved, as well as trying to maintain a polite presence. Volume of voice: Low to Medium Physical Appearance Height: 5'4" Weight: 116 lbs. Eye colour: Pale Blue Skin colour: Purple Feathers with White Markings. Shape of face: Gentle and Feminine. Distinguishing features: White markings present on her hands as well as her face. Build of body: Average Typical clothing: Long Traditional Blue Robes that cover most of the body with the addition of a read skirt underneath that goes over her feet. She wears a traditional circlet upon her head. Personality Likes: Music, Kluex, Kind People. Dislikes: Violence, Loud and Direct People. Education: Home Schooled Fears: Being caught in a violent situation, receiving hate for the music she plays. Personal goals: To become a renowned musician. Religious values: She is a worshiper of Kluex. She may not preach his name to everyone around her, but she performs a lot of traditional Avian music as well as keep a lot of traditional customs in her daily routine. General intelligence: She is a rather bright girl, but carries a rather child like naivety about the new planets she finds herself upon. Health Sleeping habits: Rather average sleeping habits. Energy level: Average, if not a bit reserved. Eating habits: Vegetarian, refuses to eat any kind of meat. Any unhealthy habits: History Hometown: NA Childhood: (I shall add more to her story at a more reasonable hour, do note It's around 2 AM where I live as I type this.) Teen years: Adult years: Past places of residence: History of family: Briefly (or not) explain life story: Relationships Parents: Unnamed Avian Parents Siblings: None Any enemies (and why): NA Children: NA Friends: Remains to be seen Best friend(s): NA Love interest (if there is one): NA Combat Peaceful or violent: Very Peaceful, she couldn't bring herself to hurt a fly. Weapon (if applicable): No weapons. Style of fighting: Not capable of self defense. Others Occupation: Musician Current home: Nomadic Favourite types of food: Fruits Favourite types of drink: Teas Hobbies/past times: Playing Music and learning new instruments. Pet peeves: Teasing, it doesn't matter if it is being done to her or someone else. Pets: None Talents: Musical Prowess Favourite colours: Purple and Blue Favourite type of music: Dislikes no form of music
  3. Dr. Lillian Veratus

    General Information First name: Lillian Middle name: Jane Surname: Verratus Age: 23 Date of birth: May 5th 3261 Race: Avian Gender: Female Sexuality: Heterosexual Current residence: Her spaceship (for now) Relationship status: Dating Social status: Minor Traits of Voice Accent (if any): American Language spoken: Galactic Commom Other languages known: Avian Style of speaking: American english with some slang and occasionally British slang. Volume of voice: Medium Physical Appearance Height: 5" 7' Weight: 60 lbs (hollow bones) Eye color: yellow Feather color: Dull brown Shape of face: Round Distinguishing features: white fluff patches on her face Build of body: Medium build Hair color: Same as body Hair style: a small feather tuft sticking out from the back of her head Complexion: young Posture: strait and confident Tattoos: none Piercings: none Typical clothing: Casual human wear Is seen by others as: Trustworthy and capable Personality Likes: Animals, hunting, playing instruments, exploring, prehistoric life, studying a new species, drinking, and talking with friends Dislikes: Killing off a whole species, extreme heat or cold, being attacked, loosing a friend or family member, and that alcohol made for novakids (Never buying that again) Education: Doctorate in Biology Fears: The unknown, unusually large bugs, being hunted, the infinite vacuum of space, and loosing a job Personal goals: To discover a new species. General attitude: Optimistic Religious values: Follows Earth's Christian faith since Kluex is a jerk and she likes it better. General intelligence: Knows enough to allow her to get a variety of jobs General sociability: Friendly Health Sleeping habits: Usually sleeps in on the weekends and hates waking up early Energy level: Average Eating habits: 3 meals with occasional snacks Memory: Decent Any unhealthy habits: none History Birth country: Insignificant remote jungle planet Childhood: Insignificant Avian village Teen years: Spent in a boarding school after her parents wanted her to have a better life than them. Adult years: Spent in college studying biology Past places of residence: Her home birth village, boarding school, and her college dorm History of family:  Briefly (or not) explain life story: Her parents had a decent life, but they wanted more for their little Lillian. So once she was a teenager they sent her off to a boarding school were she spent her middle school through her school years. After that she decided to earn her doctorate in biology studying wildlife on a grassland planet where she discovered a new species of fluffalo designed for long distance sprinting (will put in app if denied then I'll change it later) Relationships Parents: Falcus Verratus (dad) Amy Verratus (mom) Siblings: None Any enemies (and why): None for now Children: None Friends: Blight, Ironbeak, Haylea Best friend(s): None for now Important friends/relatives (explain): None Love interest (if there is one): Yero Sunspear Combat Peaceful or violent: Usually peaceful, but can get violent if needed Weapon (if applicable): small arms like pistols and daggers. Style of fighting: Martial arts Others Occupation: Animal Biologist Current home: Ship Favourite types of food: Meat Favourite types of drink: Soda/alcohol Hobbies/past times: Playing instruments, video games, and hunting Guilty pleasures: Watching terrible monster movies Pet peeves: Being ignored in a conversation, people who play on their mobile devices at movie theaters, people who are ignorant about anything biology related, and being in an awkward situation. Pets: None Talents: skilled in combat (surprisingly) and playing musical instruments Favourite colors:  red Favourite type of music: Dubstep  
  4. Eyewing, Dragonsayer

    General Information First name: Eyewing Middle name(s): Sky Surname: Starkicker Age: 24 Date of birth: 06-8-3259 Race: Avian (Cyborg) Gender: Female. Sexuality: Either Bi or Straight, I haven't OOCly decided yet. Current residence: Her ship, the SS Echidna. Relationship status: Single. Social status: Popular, in some circles. Unknown in others. Traits of Voice Accent (if any): Avian Language spoken: Avosian Other languages known: Galactic Standard Style of speaking: Smooth and confident. Volume of voice: Normal. Physical Appearance Height: 5'9 Weight: I dunno. Eye colour: Black sclera, glowing blue iris. Skin colour: N/A Shape of face: Raptorlike. Distinguishing features: Cyborg wings, eyes and right foot. Black feathers. Sassy attitude. Build of body: Somewhat muscular, for an avian. Feather colour: Raven black/grey. Light, light blue on her cheeks, and a deep teal on her belly. Feather style: Fashioned into a ponytail. Complexion: N/A Posture: Tall and proper. Tattoos: None. Piercings: None, unless cyborg limbs count. Typical clothing: Teal t-shirt with a dark teal jacket. Black pants, bluish belt. Teal boots. A bandana, the same colour as her jacket. Robot wings, also teal. A silver ring, with Pontiff's engraving on it, and another ring with a Ying-Yang symbol containing Lapis Lazuli and Crimson Sapphire on a golden signet. Also has a golden necklace, decorated with a golden locket. Is seen by others as: A bright, sassy cyborg adventurer. Personality Likes: Teal, adventuring, good food, good books. Dislikes: Twins, monsters. Education: Good. Eyewing was educated in Avosian technology from a young age. Fears: Eyewing fears nothing more than overly violent tendencies in her friends. She has a past involving a lot of betrayal and violence. Personal goals: Adventure! General attitude: Cheerful. Optimistic. Brave. Hard to put down. Religious values: Atheist. Eyewing is an avid Grounded. General intelligence: High General sociability: High Health Illnesses (if any): None. Allergies (if any): None. Sleeping habits: Eye's sleeping schedule is very flexible. Energy level: High, most of the time. Eating habits: Eye's diet is very balanced. Memory: Decent. Eye can be forgetful, if she wasn't paying very much attention to something. Any unhealthy habits: Eye will sometimes rush into a battle too quickly, or make a brash decision. Additionally, she likes chocolate, so she eats a little too much of that. History Birth country: Northern Avos Hometown: Capital City of Northern Avos Childhood: Eye's family has been secretly Grounded for a few generations. Eye was no exception, having to deal with the prayers and sacrifices to Kluex through most of her childhood (and teen years). Eye holds an interest in building things, especially flying machines, from an early age. Teen years: Eye retains her interest in flight and chooses it as a career path. Adult years: She works as an avian engineer for a few years, before escaping "that miserable, Kluex-infested hellhole of a planet" (Avos) through stealing a ship and flying to the Fringe. The rest is history. Past places of residence: Avos, Temp, The SS Wyvern, Temp City, the various caverns of the Undercrypt History of family: As perviously stated, Eyewing comes from a long line of secret Grounded. Briefly (or not) explain life story: Eyewing has a VERY long life story. Find it out IC.. Relationships Parents: Windshaper (mother) and Quillian (Father) Siblings: None. Any enemies (and why): Puppeteer (killed her friends and fucked with her a lot, etc etc), PosiMin (she just dislikes them) Children: None. Friends: Abraxas Kane (RIP), Bug, Rix Maadi, Alexandra Vasiliev, Lord Red-Bolt, Locket Croft, Blake Evetion, Selene Evetion, Gronkey Vokwell, Josuké Vokwell, Pontaxis Vane (RIP), Pontiff Vult (RIP), Korba Valis'Maeor, Captain Shep Best friend(s): Esas, Loo Tran, Cipher Important friends/relatives (explain): Malva Starkicker and Jade are 'related' to her, in a way. Love interest (if there is one): None. Combat Peaceful or violent: She can be either. Not a fan of senseless violence, though. Weapon (if applicable): Eye possesses laser optics and occasionally carries plasma pistols, but her primary weapon is Blightwing, the legendary blightsword. Pulled straight from a Bone Dragon's optic! Style of fighting: Slashes with the blightsword, or powerful blasts of energy from her pistols or laser optics. Others Occupation: Adventurer and engineer. Current home: SS Echidna. Favourite types of food: Chocolate, ice cream. Favourite types of drink: Wartwine. Hobbies/past times: Reading, browsing nexus, lifting weights. Guilty pleasures: Eyewing is guilty of nothing!! NOTHING!! Pet peeves: PosiMin, Stargazers. Pets: An unnamed juvenile Manticore. A robotic sparrow, named Hymdall. Talents: Fighting, reading, studying, socializing. Favourite colours: Teal, blue. Favourite type of music: Eyewing likes Human stuff.
  5. Aaron.

    The bird that totally doesn't sell nor produce drugs.
  6. The Crew

    "Sticks and stones may break my bones but whips and chains excite me~" - The Man named Something A shitty doodle of some of the characters in the nightly fuckups shenanigans 


    © Pinkbat5

  8. Pirate Birb

    Drew one of my good friends Avians on Starbound.
  9. Hate the ones who hate you. Crush the ones who love you. Lead the ones who follow you. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ —Message board— Public enemies. ·         Sapphire is the main enemy of the Kommission. He is currently wanted dead. ·         Ramen is wanted on charges of treason and assassination attempt. Information. ·         New application period is open. The ones willing to join only need to have a talk with the Kommissar. ·         We are looking for the former Conglomeration members. ·         The EXPT (Exploration Team) needs more members. The application period is always open. ·         Branches are now prohibited in order to avoid getting our branches shot. Current Alliances. ·         Homeless Brotherhood. ·         CHRS. ·         Perseus. (Looking for new allies and trade agreements).  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Expected actuation behaviour and rules 0. This is not real. Discrimination and fascism in real life is monstruous. Don't forget at any time we are roleplaying and the characters aren't us. If you understand this, then you can follow easily all the roleplay rules. Be sensible. ________ 1. All orders directly sent by the Kommissar must be done. Be loyal. 1.1. The ministers can give orders as well in case the Kommissar is not there to lead the operations. 2. Pinaple pizza is absolutely forbidden in every single point in the universe. We understand that pinapple pizza is evil. So is the avian race, because of this the avians must be eradicated. 3. The locations of our established (operating or not operating) bases must remain in secret. Be aware. 4. All kinds of betrayal mean the expulsion of the Kommission.  4.1. Espionage is paid with expulsion and death. 4.2. Griefing (if possible) is paid with expulsion. 4.3. Assassination and murder is paid with expulsion and death. 4.4. Undercovered operations are considered espionage. 5. We want a big army we can move and operate fastly. Be active. 6. Respect each other. The Kommission is an organisation free of discrimination between members. Be respectful. 7. The uniform must be worn in all the Kommission's facilities and in all the operations. The Kommissar or any minister can provide you one. Be FASHIONABLE. 8. The exploration of new planets in name of the Kommission is allowed, but make sure you follow the four-step exploring plan (SPAO). 9. Be sure you have fun with us and with all the community. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Allianzpetitionen — Join us! To whom it may concern:           As you well know, the Kommission is a big and a well-organized faction. We like to keep everything under control if it is in our hands, but in these days unity is quite important no matter your size. We are currently allied with the CHRS, with the USCM Perseus and with the Homeless Brotherhood; but our objectives and ambitions go further. We are open to any alliances, regardless if you are big or small.           On the other hand, if your organization fits our interests, you will be sent a request by the Oberkommando. And, do not forget: this is your time to be glorious. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Kommissions Abgeordneten Liste  As a prove of institutional transparency, the Oberkommando has decided to present an official and complete list of the members. 1. Oberkommando ·         Prime Minister and Kommissar: the Kommissar 1.1. First Level Ministers: ·         Minister of External Affairs: Lynn Papavercae ·         Minister of War: Käse Drakul ·         Minister of R&D: Zorphel Wavedash 1.2. Second Level Ministers: ·         Minister of Sorcery: Käse Drakul ·         Minister of Admission: Zorphel Wavedash ·         Minister of the Interior: Lerion Rot ·         Minister of Intelligence: Schaun von Bredow ·         Minister of Justice: Robert Misterio ·         Minister of Economy: Robert Misterio ·         Minister of Order: Nuria Xipias ·         Minister of Health: Nuria Xiphias ·         Minister of Expansion: Rabbid ·         Minister of Public Works: Rabbid ·         Minister of Education: Lynn Papavercae ·         Minister of Culture: Lynn Papavercae 2. Departments and Specialist Teams Department of Expansion — EXPT (Exploration Team) ·         Secretary of Expansion: Maki. ·         Grandpa. ·         Candy Ember-Dragon. ·         Nicko Black. Department of R&D — Scientific Team ·         Secretary of R&D: Minera Trapper. ·         Tawun Ivydrop. ·         Summer Flame. ·         Tomoyo Zwein. ·         Acetyl B. Freonide. ·         Mordekai Reznov. Department of Intelligence — Kommissions Geheime Staatspolizei (KGS) (Names of the deputies hidden for obvious reason) Department of War — Kommissions Wehrmacht ·         Secretary of War: Captain Hans Gunsche. ·         Death Viper. ·         Flor Folium. ·         Raccoon Henz. ·         Cat Warrior. ·         Sir Xanthous III. ·         Rice Lord. ·         Mistress EXE. ·         Suuhlom Yvle.


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  11. Kapibarran

    Snapshot: Spartanesque digging birds from the desert   Etymology:  The term 'Kapibarran' comes from the subspecies' own language, consisting of 'Kapi' (mask) and 'barra' (dig). This will make more sense further down the page.   Biology: Kapi tend to mirror traditional Avians in design, except for the digits on their hands, which tend to be wider and flatter than most, to be more suited for burrowing. (See Falco Lombardi from Star Fox for a better idea of their hands.) The digits are tipped with small talons, which are usually dulled due to their use as a digging apparatus. Kapi's feet are highly sensitive, and as such, they feel uncomfortable wearing shoes. This quirk does, however, allow them to detect vibrations in the ground, with a limit of roughly 8 feet in range through stone or metal. Most Kapi have fluff that covers the majority of their faces, hence the first part of their name. Some, however, either choose to trim their 'masks' or simply cannot grow them due to genetic disorders.   Feather colour varies with diet, a starving Kapi's feathers will eventually turn a very light pink shade, their original colour. Herbivorous Kapi tend to feed off succulent plants and gain a cyan/blue/teal feather colouring. Carnivorous Kapi tend to gain a yellow feather colouring, Insectivorous Kapi tend to gain a green feather colouring. The three colours can be mixed based on diet, more omnivorous Kapi will turn a mixture of whatever shades they'd normally be. Kapi start to show change in their feather pigment roughly three weeks after a change in diet.   Kapi tend to have greater upper-body strength than other avians, but their lower body lacks the same muscle. Overall, their strengths roughly mirror that of a human, with a top speed of 19 mph (Usain Bolt can hit 23 mph) and an unassisted bench press of 670 lbs (Slightly below the current world record) observed in the strongest athletes of the species. (Note: Strongest. Kapi are not this powerful by default, I'm listing their upper limits.) Kapi metabolisms are higher than that of the average avian, requiring somewhere between 4000-5000 calories a day. Due to this, however, it's easier for them to gain muscle mass or heal from an injury.   Culture: Paradux: Paradux consists of a trisolar system containing five planets and three main suns.   Planets: Jila- A desert planet believed to be the origin of the Kapi. The three suns keep it in constant orbit of each other, causing it to lock in place. There are no seasons here, but there is a specific time cycle measured in a 100-unit day. One day is exactly equivalent to 48 Earth hours here. Portau- An ocean planet with two main islands and two main cities. Portau acts as a bustling trade hub for the Kapi. Jettan- The original climate of this planet is unknown, as it's almost entirely covered in cities and factories. The planet's thin crust means geothermal energy plants thrive on its surface. Coranth- The surface of this planet is covered in sprawling grasslands and forests. Kapi royals reside here. Veras- A tropical rainforest that is used to supply most of the wood, crops, and herbs Kapi use in everyday life.   Suns: Solaris- A yellow sun viewed as the spirit of life and the center of the universe. Portau and Jettan orbit this sun. Lunaris- A blue sun viewed as the spirit of knowledge and peace. Coranth and Veras orbit this sun. Aijura- A red dwarf sun viewed as the spirit of death and the afterlife. It's surrounded by uninhabitable asteroids.   Average life: Kapi live either in wooden cabins or expansive burrows, the latter of which will house anywhere from three to three hundred Kapi. Kapi are typically allowed to live a 'normal' life for the first seven Earth years, at which point they are enrolled in various academies and trained as warriors for the next five years. Afterwards, Kapi spend the next six Earth years serving in their version of a military, although there are no rival factions within their home system. Kapi warriors instead battle hostile wildlife that strays near villages, acting as a sort of pest control. Roughly 70% of the Kapi live through their service, and then move on to pursue other careers, usually relating to the planet their family came from.   Law and justice: Kapi have few laws, but if any are broken, the consequences are severe. 'Light' punishment involves branding the Kapi's forearm with a specialized mark, other forms involve execution and death by beast in a coliseum. Speaking of ceremonial death, Kapi are also slaughtered at roughly eighty Earth years, unless they are of a particularly high-ranking status, in which case they are spared. The average Kapi can live for somewhere between 120-140 years before dying of natural causes.   Gender equality: Kapi are a highly feminist society, in which males are typically paid less, unable to participate in government (it's a monarchy anyways, though), and generally viewed as inferior.   History: Kapi history is not well-documented, and few things have changed overall with their culture since its formation. Essentially, past Kapi are the same as present Kapi without fancy tools.     Technology: Weapons: Most Kapi carry Durasteel digging claws which can be used as a weapon if need be. They tend to favour crescent staves for combat, due to the balance of offensive striking power and defensive weapon snags. Other weapons include knives, bows, and spears. Most Kapi are easily frightened by the loud noises of a firearm and tend to avoid using them, though not all will do so. Transport: Kapi only discovered FTL engines less than a year ago, though planet hoppers are an antiquated concept to them and both personal and mass transport versions of these ships exist. Aside from this, Kapi will also use the local wildlife as steeds, for traversing planets. On Jila, this is especially the case. Medicine: Kapi have reached the point of basic antibiotics, although many still use home remedies and shun modern cures, relying on their immune systems to protect them. Crystals / Electronics: Unlike other avians, Kapi have no knowledge of the crystal technology their cousins have become known for. Typical electric devices involving wiring and generators are used, and robotics are almost unheard of.   Additional Notes: Actually, I've been playing this subrace for a long time, and nobody has ever come out and asked "you got an app for that?". I'm submitting this app because I want to make this subrace more widely played. The race will be SEMI-CLOSED to start, contact me (if/once it's approved) if you wish to play one. The two existing Kapi can be found at
  12. Eyewing

    General Information First name: Eyewing Middle name(s): Sky Surname: Starkicker Age: 24 (Earth Years) Date of birth: 06-21-3259 Species: Avian (Raptor race) Gender: Female Sexuality: Bisexual Current residence: Her ship Relationship status: Single~ Social status: Still popular in some social circles. Traits of Voice Accent (if any): Avian Language spoken: Galactic Standard/Common Other languages known: Avian Style of speaking: Generally pretty smooth and relaxed, though with the occasional stutter if something is going wrong. Volume of voice: Normal or loud Physical Appearance Height: 6'3" Weight: NOT A LOT Eye colour: Bright blue, artifical optics Feather colour: Dark Grey Shape of face: Average Distinguishing features: Her wings Build of body: Strong. Feather style: Never seen outside of a messy ponytail or braid. Posture: Bad. Her wings don't help. Tattoos: None Piercings: She has wing implants, if that counts. Typical clothing: Eyewing has a lot of different outfits. However, her most distinctive outfit is a dark teal bandana, a lighter teal shirt, a black jacket with dark teal fluff, dark grey pants with stylish teal boots and a dark blue trim. Is seen by others as: Cool bird. Personality Likes: Her favourite colours, having a complete wardrobe, The Fringe, Scrapheaps and their wonderful supply of spare parts. Dislikes: Malva, Posimin, racists, the Synth War, the Economic Crash. Education: Avosian Degree in Engineering Fears: Vine-stabber Personal goals: Live exciting, adventurous life. Slay monsters! Discover new places! Get treasure, get rich! Keep an eye on Monstro, make sure he's mentally stable. Meet new people. General attitude: Cheerful and optimistic Religious values: Strict Atheist/Grounded. Hates avian religion, but is respectful of other religious beliefs. General intelligence: High General sociability: Medium Health Illnesses (if any): None. Allergies (if any): Not that she knows of. Sleeping habits: Stay up late, sleep in forever. Energy level: High/Medium. Eating habits: Nothing unusual, aside from a slight sweet "tooth" Memory: Okay Any unhealthy habits: Eye's a huge fan of chocolate and other unhealthy sweet foods. History Birth country: Northern Avos Hometown: ??? Childhood: Eye's family has been secretly Grounded for a few generations. Eye was no exception, having to deal with the prayers and sacrifices to Kluex through most of her childhood (and teen years). Eye holds an interest in building things, especially flying machines, from an early age. Teen years: Eye retains her interest in flight and chooses it as a career path. Adult years: She works as an avian engineer for a few years, before escaping "that miserable, Kluex-infested hellhole of a planet" (Avos) through stealing a ship and flying to the Fringe. Past places of residence: Avos, Planet Temp History of family: Y'know, I bet Posimin met one of Eyewing's ancestors once. Briefly (or not) explain life story: It's so goddamn long.. Just ask me in a PM or some shit idc Relationships Parents: Windshaper (Mom) and Quillin (Dad) Starkicker Siblings: No Any enemies (and why): Puppeteer (fucked with her and her friends, crimes include killing Monstro and then kidnapping him later on), the Miniknong (also fucked with her and her friends), the Stargazers (obvious reasons), and Posimin (kind of..? Eyewing just doesn't really like them.) Children: None. Friends: Ciba, Zenyth, Pitaya, Lost, Monstro Best friend(s): Cipher Important friends/relatives (explain): None. Love interest (if there is one): None. Combat Peaceful or violent: Peaceful Weapon (if applicable): Plasma pistol Style of fighting: Really just shoot it and then run away if that doesn't work. Others Occupation: Engineer and adventurer. Current home: The SS Echidna Favourite types of food: Sushi, meat in general, sweet things (especially chocolate) Favourite types of drink: Mint tea (with extra sugar), anything sweet (like slushies, lemonade or pop) Hobbies/past times: Building small knick knacks of any sort, messing around on the nexus, verbally harassing Crom on Guilty pleasures: Chocolate Pet peeves: Crom Pets: None Talents: Adventuring, engineering. Favourite colours: Teal, blue, yellow, shades (black/grey/white) Favourite type of music: Anything with a really good beat, or techno.    
  13. General Information First name: Quetaco Middle name: CoaxochSurname: Zinoc Age: 32 Date of birth: 3250 Race: Avian Gender: Male Sexuality: Straight Current residence: His ship Relationship status: Single Social status: Sometimes talks with people like a mysterious person, but most times, talks with female avians seductively.\ Traits of Voice Accent (if any): American Mexican Language spoken: English and spanish. Other languages known: Spanish. Style of speaking: As a normal American-Mexican, but most times changes "J" to "R" from english words and sometimes uses spanish words in phases, and speaks spanish when talking with someone that also speaks or when he is too nervous. Volume of voice: Average. Physical Appearance Height: 5'8 Weight: 154 Eye colour: Dark brown Skin colour: Marigold Orange Shape of face: Round Distinguishing features: His plumage from the head top, shortened and flatened by his sombrero. Build of body: Mesomorph, built for a person that runs, jumps, etc. Hair colour: ... Marigold orange? Hair style: "Short and flat." Posture: Most times, with his hands on his hips, trying to "show off." Tattoos: None Piercings: None Typical clothing: He is always seen with black clothes, brown leather boots, red cape, brown and red leather poncho and his sombrero hiding his eyes. Is seen by others as: As he is known as a mexican/sombrero/mysterious avian, people find him a unsociable person, but he likes to talk, despite that he never starts a conversation, unless if very important. Personality Likes: Chili, spicy foods, adventures, meeting nice people, being known as a hero or an handsome one, parties, impressing the people. Dislikes: People messing with his sombrero, racists, being rejected, annoying people. Education: Knows anything about Mexico, fluent spanish, intermediate english. Fears: Unknown. Personal goals: Being the most known, and good looking, hero from The Fringe. General attitude: Seems like a mysterious unsociable person but he is actually a nice person with a good sense of humor and sometimes seems to be a "gallant" with the female avians. Religious values: Believes in Kluex. General intelligence: Average. General sociability: Most times only talks when someone starts a conversation with him, he never did anything bad with who talks with him nicely. Health Illnesses (if any): None Allergies (if any): None Sleeping habits: Unknown. He never sleeps with someone Energy level: High. Eating habits: Most things that he eats, he never forget the pepper sauce. Memory: Depending of how much he is interested, he may remember. He never forget about things that messed him up a lot. Any unhealthy habits: Mostimes, he drinks agave liquors. History Birth country: Unknown Hometown: Unknown Childhood: He was a nice and studious little avian, that got interested in a book from a serie called "Everything about the Earth planet" that he was reading, about Mexico, then, some dictionaries. Teen years: He had a dream about meeting mexican people and also about being a hero, then, he started following his second dream. Adult years: He explores several planets, in search for avian villages and sometimes other villages in dangers to save them and bring peace for them, while barely showing his face. Past places of residence: Unknown History of family: His parents has used to work on a library from a avian village that them and Quetaco lived in, his little brother had interest in learning anything about Italy and used to read books about them. Briefly (or not) explain life story: Quetaco had a average life in his past, him and his little brother weren't good friends, they always discusses about what country from the Earth planet that they are reading is the best one, his parents loves him so much and never did anything bad with him or his brother. One day, Quetaco had to leave his homeworld to follow his dreams, and their parents let him do it while he said that everything will be okay and that will make them proud. (More coming soon, I guess) Relationships Parents: Good Siblings: Bad Any enemies (and why): He hates anyone that is from the Godus, because they were the army that killed his friends, specially Truff Abruptus, his best friend. Children: None Friends: Anyone from the Mysterious Adventurers Team. Best friend(s): Rashi Saboten, Gamis. Important friends/relatives (explain): Rashi brought him on Emily's ship, where the Mysterious Adventuers headquarters stays, they both became best friends after several days of adventures and chatting. And Gamis, most times, likes to hang out with Quetaco for some drinks. Love interest (if there is one): Unknown. Combat Peaceful or violent: Peaceful, but when there is enemies or people attacking, he is violent. Weapon: A 9mm pistol and a bowie knife. Style of fighting: He most times, likes to attack from range using his revolver that hides in his poncho, but when enemies are near him, he also uses his knife that hides in it. Others Occupation: Watcher. Current home: His ship. Favourite types of food: Spicy and salty food. Favourite types of drink: Agava liquor. Hobbies/past times: Watching people, hanging out, exploring volcanic planets for more chili peppers, saving people. Guilty pleasures: In his spare time, he drinks alcoholic drinks until get drunk. Pet peeves: People that talks with him a lot without stopping. Pets: None. Talents: Play good songs with his acoustic guitar, cook mexican food. Favourite colours: Red. Favourite type of music: All mexican or spanish ones.
  14. General Information First name: Chali Surname: Volaille Age: 46 Date of birth: 3236 Race: Avian Gender: Female Sexuality: Asexual Current residence: Her ship Relationship status: Single Social status: Most times talks with almost any people gently, with her french tone. Traits of Voice Accent (if any): French American Language spoken: English and french. Other languages known: French. Style of speaking: Calm and gently like a common french-american person. Volume of voice: Most times, a little below average. Physical Appearance Height: 5'8 Weight: 141 Eye colour: Dark blue Skin colour: Blue Shape of face: ... Round? Distinguishing features: Her plumage. Build of body: Built with very thin hips. Hair colour: ... Brown? Hair style: "Fluffy" Posture: Normal, but sometimes with folded arms. Tattoos: None Piercings: None Typical clothing: Most times with her fancy light blue dress, with her sunglasses when on sunny days. Is seen by others as: French/fancy avian. Personality Likes: Wealth, pixels, jewels, bright stuff, gold, silence. Dislikes: Hyperactive people, too much noise, living with people, her enemies. Education: Fluent french. Fears: Bugs. Personal goals: Be known by everyone as the most fancy loved avian ever. General attitude: Seems to be calm and "nice," but sometimes she is arrogant and mean. Religious values: She is atheist. General intelligence: A little above to average. General sociability: Talks with people, depending on her mood, nicely or not, while inside, she keeps like "Please, make it quick and get out." Health Illnesses (if any): None Allergies (if any): None Sleeping habits: Normal? Energy level: High. Eating habits: Only eats mild food, as... Fruits. Never eats stuff like, food with calories. Memory: Good. Any unhealthy habits: Sometimes, she drinks wine that contains alcohol. History Birth country: Unknown Hometown: Unknown Childhood: Unknown Teen years: Unknown Adult years: She works as a hitwoman, killing people, choosen by her boss, for money. During years, she earned so much money killing stealthily that she even made her ship to be like a space mansion. Past places of residence: Unknown History of family: Unknown Briefly (or not) explain life story: Chali never tells anyone about her past story, but people says that she murdered her own family to take a new life, that is so much better than living with a family that treated her like trash, where anything only depends on herself. After years in her work, she earned too much money, becoming a rich person. Relationships Parents: None Siblings: None Any enemies (and why): A palladin called Samara, because she plans to finish with her killing job and maybe her. Children: None Friends: None, for her, everyone from the Mysterious Adventurers team is just people that she respects but doesn't considers as "friends." Best friend(s): None Important friends/relatives (explain): After losing some members of her team, Emily recruited her, as she is a professional hitwoman; She accepted, even that she doesn't expects anything interessing to happen while in the team. Love interest (if there is one): None. Combat Peaceful or violent: Always peaceful, but when nobody is seeing her, she is quietly violent with the enemies that is out of sight from others. Weapon: Five red crystal daggers to throw and absorb blood to hide it from the victims, a metal dagger for near combats and a silencied pistol. Style of fighting: While using a dark blue outfit, that is very hard to see in the darkness, she kills her enemies in her silenced and stealthy way, using her weapons; if seen, she does anything to take the witnesses down. Others Occupation: Spy. Current home: Her ship. Favourite types of food: Mild food and french food. Favourite types of drink: Water or wine. Hobbies/past times: Read books, be isolated, find for her enemies and plan for killing them... Guilty pleasures: Kills people, even the innocent soldiers, choosen by her boss. Pet peeves: People not acting like gentlemans/ladies. Pets: None. Talents: Play good songs with her violin. Favourite colours: Blue. Favourite type of music: Classical and calm ones. Any similarity? Yeah, I know. It's because I made this char, inspired on the TF2 Spy. :3