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  1. Currency Exchange Table - OOC

    GALACTIC MONETA FRANCA Pixel - P 1:0.50USD [.50 Cents] NIL ---------- FRINGE CURRENCIES Osidan/Osidian - Osi 1:1.50USD [1.50$] NIL  --- Caliph Riyal - ﷼‎/‎ر.س/ICFR 1:3USD [3$] NIL --- Purgatorian Dollar - PD 4:1USD [0.25$] NIL --- Chime - CHI 1:1.5USD [1.50$] NIL ---------- CIVSPACE CURRENCIES Ocimarx - Œ 1:0.50 [50 Cents] NIL --- Avosid - Å 1:0.75USD [75 Cents] NIL --- Floran Wampum - ₩ 1:1.25USD [1.25$] NIL --- Terran Credit - Ø 1:2.70USD [2.70$] NIL --- Hylotl Shī - 원 1:4.50USD [4.50$] NIL ---------- OTHER CURRENCIES Black Empire Thaler - ♢ 1:6USD [6$] NIL --- GromTech Credit - Cred 1:1USD [1$] NIL --- AkCorp Credits -  1:0.25USD [0.25$] NIL
  2. Times are a changin' ((OOC))

    Times are indeed a changin'. After several weeks of discussion and votes between members of staff, a release has been decided upon a previously banned form of roleplay. Slavery Roleplay is once again allowed on Galaxy Citizen, though with certain tenets to its reinstatement: Each character is currently limited to 2 (two) slave characters, one played by another person and one controlled by the slaver.  Public Slave Roleplay should be done on hubs or areas that are specifically meant to cater to Slave Roleplay Erotic Slave RP is EXPLICITLY banned unless done in a totally private setting, let none of it leak into the public eye under any circumstances. This update to the rules is followed by a categorical update to consent rules regarding certain forms of questionable Roleplay: Controversial or questionable RP, unless already pointed out by a specific and pre-existing rule, is to be decided by rule of consent. The RP may commence as long as written consent is given between all parties for the full duration of all associated roleplay stories. If you have questions regarding what forms of roleplay remained banned under this consent update, please contact a member of staff, and we will be happy to illuminate the details to you.   Thank you for your continued roleplay and usage of the Galaxy Citizen Starbound Roleplay Community, your patronage is always appreciated.