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  1. // Nextube: My Prize //

    //'SmileyTrashbag' comments.// fucking menacing, my dude. here let me fix it //A picture is added, With a screenshot of Joey's face, But with the Menacing effects from MoMo's Ridiculous Journey.//
  2. THE RISE OF EVIL!!! Chapter 2

    //'SmileyTrashbag'. Oh boy.// i needed a laugh today. thanks man. good shit as usual, :ok_hand:
  3. // Needed: Cybernetics Specialist //

    //user 'SmileyTrashbag' replies.// i know alot of stuff on cybernetics, but not much on medicine. so i can do the mechanical repairs/mods, but no medicine.
  4. THE RISE OF EVIL!!! Chapter 1

    //'SmileyTrashbag' has come to bring shitposts.// good shit (how the fuck did i get here i was looking at bad humor)
  5. Heya!

    Welcome to the Dark Carnival
  6. //'SmileyTrashbag', Oh boy.// who needs to win when you can cause pandemonium among the racers lmao
  7. Technician Application

    +1 Nice dude, Knows what he's doing
  8. // Prisilite Prix: Quintux Quarel Results! //

    //It's the traitorous memeboy, 'SmileyTrashbag'// because i ruined everything twice so far, lmao

    //User 'SmileyTrashbag' comments. oh no.// rest in piss forever miss
  10. The Road to Recovery

    Get well soon man
  11. // Prisilite Prix: Purgatory Pride Results! //

    //User 'SmileyTrashbag' Posts.// 10/10 would fail miserably again
  12. Atlas 50 member 'thank you' thread.

    congrats b, you did it
  13. // DEADBEAT TRIAL //

    //User 'SmileyTrashbag' posted.\\ fucking brutal, holy shit
  14. gary x rusto is my otp and noone can convince me to believe otherwise

    1. Kappa

      kys thats gay

    2. Khaos

      brb gunna kms

  15. Wassup, pal!

    welcome to the dark carnival, brother