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  1. //how is prangent formed//

    (( If you're a god then why is the world so shitty? ))
  2. //how is prangent formed//

    (( Go have mental sex with a cactus for using that mans greatness for digital forum post likes, BAD DAY TO YOU SIR!)
  3. Network exception error's

    Sadly i do not, 
  4. Network exception error's

    Title's self explanatory, i haven't been on the actual server in about a year and a few months and now every time i try to join, i just get an error. So far iv tried ticking and unticking settings that some people have said to try, I just checked my firewall and uninstalled and reinstalled the game entirely. Honestly i'm at my limit after spending now a total time of 3 hours and 20ish minutes just to join the damn server.  Thanks in advance   P.S. my last topic apparently 403'd and i didn't notice so, sorry about that.
  5. Server seems to having an issue with me

    For about two and a half hours, and even with the help of @ThatCabbage iv been unable to enter the server, iv removed any mods, launched through the .exe (win64 and win32) have asset mismatch ticked and tried with and without connect via IP, yet to no avail. Screenshot of the error message which most likely helps little to none but worth a shot if needed Thanks in advance since im heading to bed, like i said earlier, iv spent almost 3 hours on this.
  6. The Swiggity Swooty Tactic

    Holy fuck, after so long hes back!
  7. Where's all the people?

    Oh ya i forgot about that, been too busy finishing up Ghost recon WL and EU4 campaign, though i'm making a backstory for a new character so i can start fresh when returning.  
  8. The Swiggity Swooty Tactic

    Reminds me of An0nymooose.
  9. Anyone notice Havens flag has the symbol of Germanic Paganism?

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    2. Wibble me jim jams.

      Huh, so it is... Well thanks for showing me that, didn't know it was, ill get back to trying to think of a character to make and use tonight to get back into RP whilst being a disappointment to my families name.

  10. So, the plug.dj is back

    Huh, odd, iv not been on the server but i stay caught up forum wise yet i never saw anything about the plug.dj being up. Might have been when i had no internet for a month due to bakersfield having the most shittiest provider around.    Honestly doesnt suprise me that i was late to know this, i tend to do this stuff when people find something out and i find out months later then everyone gives me the look of if im mentally damaged (Which i am) or live under a rock (that too).
  11. So, the plug.dj is back

    way back they shut down due to low donations, no one told me it came back.
  12. So, the plug.dj is back

    I was looking for the backup website we used for music after they "Pulled the plug" but accidentally clicked the old link from 2 years ago... at least anyone who has an account has everything from when the website went down though i guess it was only temp until they could scrounge up more money to bring it back up for round 2.
  13. So, the plug.dj is back

    Title explains it all, Proof for those who think its an alternative fact. Don't know if anyone else does but was a surprise to see.
  14. ILB GC

    Well, now i cant watch the start of the old X files the same now thanks to you.
  15. Praise Haydee

    Why in the living hell is everyone praising... THIS... THIS PRETENDER! I SERVE ONLY ONE GOD