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  1. // You'd come across a video on the nextube, entitled ''Crazy Australian Daredevil!'' , posted by user ''DDAaron''// //The video starts on the ground , in a mountainous landscape , the camera looking at a giant mountain not too far away , the landscape , full of lush plantlife was clearly empty of any civilizations . The video would then cut to a man hiking up the mountain , the camera mounted onto his shoulder. He'd start to speak , he'd sound like a young adult with an Australian accent// ''Right now , i'm climbing this huge fuckin' mountain. Then i'm gonna glide off it with my wing suit. Whoever said Man can't fly was a fuckin' moron.'' //Then the video would cut again , this time he'd made a lot of progress , already at the top of the mountain . He'd look over the cliff , down below all that could be seen is mist , it'd then cut to him in a wingsuit , the man having a man bun and a trimmed beard , he'd put a helmet on with a camera attached to it while saying// ''Let's hope this shit works.'' //The camera would then switch to the camera on his helmet , he'd then walk to the edge of the mountain , the pressure would start to get higher as the man would start to breathe heavily as he looked down at the long drop , after a few seconds and attempts full of hesitation , he'd jump off the cliff . Now flying through the air, going faster and faster , it'd take a bit of time before he could take control and start to glide , then the man would scream in content as he'd glide down . He'd be going around 300 mp/h , flying past trees and rocks , eventually he'd find himself above a huge beautiful lake. Soon after he'd have to parachute , where he'd slowly float down before landing in some trees , he'd be forced to cut from the parachute , he'd go tumbling down the tree , landing with a large thump.         The man would shortly remain silent before letting out a small groan and slowly standing up. He'd then take his helmet off , the video switching to a camera that is attached to his wrist where you could see his face clearly. The man with a few new cuts on his face , would smile before saying// ''Thanks for watching! Hope to see you next time." //The video end , below was an area to post a comment. The video could also be shared , liked or disliked. The user could be subscribed to or donated to// (( Picture of the landscape.  Spoiler Its my first digital painting. Feel free to rate. :^) ))
  2. A nerds return. Hi there!

    Hi :^)
  3. Ari Breeding and Flight School-Apply now!

    //Application// Name: Jet Clay Age: 22 Race: Human Weight: [Insert normal human weight] Any Medical Conditions we should know of?: No Adopting an Ari?: Yes.
  4. Hi

    Ey. ;^)
  5. Hello

    Welcome fam.
  6. Need some advice/Opinions.

    Are you trying to say that Jet manipulated certain people into getting him a Pineapple smoothie?
  7. Need some advice/Opinions.

    And what if you're character is supposed to be a sociopath but I've rp'd him too kind / not insane enough.  
  8. Alright so I've got a question. What do you all do. When you figure out a new character , and you start to play him , and like a few days in , you realize you're not playing him how he is meant to be played. As in you're playing his personality wrong. His attitude wrong , whatever you want to call it. What do you do? Create a new character? Void all previous stuff done with them? Or just change how you play him without changing built interactions? I'm wanting to know because i'm having this problem atm. Thanks in advance. 
  9. Lots of unusual Lag.

    Didn't help. Still lagging like shite
  10. Jet Clay

    General Information First name: Jet  Middle name(s): Smiley Surname: Clay  Age: 21 Date of birth: 15/12/ 3262 Race: Human Gender: Male Sexuality: Straight  Current residence: His Ship Relationship status: Single :^) Social status: Idk. Traits of Voice Accent (if any): Small english accent. Language spoken: Galactic Common. Other languages known: French , a bit of german and English. Style of speaking: Condifently. Volume of voice: Not too loud not too quiet. Physical Appearance Height: 6ft 4 Weight: ??? Eye colour: Blue Skin colour: Caucasian  Shape of face: Square Distinguishing features: A Scar of a smiley on his right cheek. Build of body: Muscular Hair colour: Dark blue. Hair style: Undercut , flowing backwards.  Complexion: Young?  Posture: Good posture. Tattoos: A Large snake tattoo on his right sholder. Piercings: None. Typical clothing: --  Is seen by others as: A Sociopath? Personality Likes: Snakes.  Dislikes: Nothing but tomatoes.  Education: PhD in animal behavior  Fears: Himself. Personal goals: Find someone like him. General attitude: Outgoing. Religious values: None. General intelligence: Above average intelligence. General sociability: Unstable. Health Illnesses (if any): Antisocial personality disorder.  Allergies (if any): None.  Sleeping habits: Heavy sleeper. Energy level: High.  Eating habits: Always finish's his plate like a good boy. Memory: Slightly above average.  Any unhealthy habits: Not that i can think of. History Birth country: Unknown Hometown: Lostriyon  Childhood: Orphan. Teen years: Was in a small prison for 3 years.  Adult years: Nothing important.  Past places of residence: An orphanage and a Mansion. History of family: Didn't know his parents. Doesn't know of his sisters. Briefly (or not) explain life story: Grew up most of his life in an orphanage until he was 11 and beat up a friend to near death after a fight. He was sentenced to 3 years in a juvenile prison. After that he got adopted by a rich family despite his already bad reputation. He was highly supervised and had to attend school under high supervision. Driven by his love and passion of snakes , he was able to control himself most of school without getting into as many fights as thought. He ended up getting a PhD in Animal behavior. Relationships Parents: Unknown.  Siblings: Two sisters that he also doesn't know. Any enemies (and why): None yet. Children: None yet. Friends: Yuri Glazkov , Turnwall.  Best friend(s):Sam. Important friends/relatives (explain): Sam. Love interest (if there is one): Nanami Combat Peaceful or violent: Violent. Weapon (if applicable): Fist's or Rope. Style of fighting: Aggressive.  Others Occupation: Criminal person. Current home: His Ship.  Favourite types of food: Curry's. Favourite types of drink: Water. Hobbies/past times: Snake observing / Handling.  Guilty pleasures: Cooking.  Pet peeves: Insect killers.  Pets: A Snake.  Talents: Cooking to an extent. Favourite colours: Purple.  Favourite type of music: Techno or something. 
  11. Lots of unusual Lag.

    Alright so i've returned to SB and the lag is really bad for me. Like internet Lag. The chat lag is like 30 seconds to more than a minute. Its a big pain and my internet is fine on CS:GO , Youtube , and any other tab. Thanks for any help. Chaos. <3
  12. Am' Back.

    I don't know who you are but Hi.   (Thanks everybody')