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  1. The Goemi

    You get a Co-sign!
  2. //USCM Recruitment post//

    //User Yuri Glazkov submits an application// Name: Yuri Glazkov. Age: 25. Sex: Male. Species: Human. Blood type: A+. Skills & Occupation: Security guard, combat experience, engineer, trench warfare, urban warfare. Past Diseases: None. Marital Status: Not married. Children: None. Medical Conditions: None. Experience in non-USCM Employment: Ex soldier in homeworld military. United Systems Certified Ballistic Firearms Training?: No, but willing to get the training. Preferred Branch:Infantry. Provide a picture of yourself:
  3. //Bathshire Police - Hiring!//

    Name: Yuri Glazkov  Desired position: Police Officer Age: 25 Sex: Male Strong points: five years military service and skilled engineer
  4. //An Emergency Broadcast//

    Name: Yuri Glazkov Will you defend your home?: till my last breath comrade 
  5. #Novanips.PNG

    nova nips in grape flavor  
  6. Cervidani, Space Deer

    Co-Sign my dood
  7. Kapkan Imanov (more detailed version)

    welcome to the family...sorta
  8. T4NK

  9. The Rise of the Maids

    *huddles in the corner crying*
  10. The Rise of the Maids

    god help us all
  11. The Rise of the Maids

    im scared of what ill come next
  12. Photoshop is fun

    When I thought I could not be anymore dead inside
  13. //Dizma - Cypress Flats Resort Page//

    ((glazkov security team))
  14. //Dizma - Cypress Flats Resort Page//

    Name: Yuri Glazkov Age: 25 Gender: male Species: human Desired Position: security Skills: former soldier and engineer
  15. I can't connect

    There is a few people on maybe something is being updated?