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  1. ahhh_idk.png

    Doublepost grrrr
  2. Hey guys

    It's going. We're having issues here and there since we recently updated to the latest version of Starbound.
  3. How Cloning Should Be Treated

    And to this we can add one of the aspects proposed in Star Trek, where the clone isn't even considered to be the same person.
  4. Starbound server updated to 1.3!

  5. How Cloning Should Be Treated

    I support this. In most sci-fi works that's how it's handled: it's the easiest option to avoid or ignore the physical consequences of events, but it comes at a massive psychological and emotional cost.
  6. The Races' Languages

    The board is empty and set to moderated content because it's not ready yet. I'm still working on the thread detailing how to go about posting lore suggestions. I'll move this to the suggestions forum itself in the meantime.
  7. Random harassment and insults by two players

    It honestly just looks to me like really shitty role-play on behalf of Denny and Jean. I mean, I'd like to believe we have some sort of standards. That said, Enforcement will look into this.
  8. Hello, new to the server:

    Welcome! Don't hesitate to give us staff a poke or two if you need help with anything.
  9. Weekly Update #28 [22/5/2017]

    For the record, the ship and fleet systems are on hold. We'll resume work sometime before or after the 10th.
  10. Hello, World

    Welcome to Galaxy Citizen! Feel free to poke staff if you have any questions or need help.
  11. A warm greeting to you all!

    Welcome back, Regnar!
  12. Joining Metalfawn

    Also, for those of you who may be concerned about Metalfawn's lore: Shae has approached me about the feasibility of it regarding Human lore and I've provided them with the information necessary to make this properly canon, so don't worry about it. It's got my approval.
  13. Joining Metalfawn

    A medieval-ish GoT inspired sorta faction colony thing, if I recall correctly.
  14. ERP~ .. I wanna die.

    The following is the rule that was enforced on you: 8. Erotic Roleplay (ERP): Galaxy Citizen is a PG-13 server, therefore ERP should never happen on the server unless in absolute privacy, as we at GC staff certainly are aware that we cannot stop ERP from occurring - however, we can read logs. ERP requires consent from both parties, and ERP with an underage character is grounds for instant permaban. In addition, your character should never be made for the explicit purpose of ERP - don’t be that guy that fetishizes his characters to fulfill his own fantasies. You will be unbanned later today but make sure you click on the Guidelines tab in the menu above (next to the Galaxy Citizen logo, in the black bar) and give them a good read so you're well aware of all of our rules and guidelines and this kind of situation may be avoided in the future. You'll be given a verbal warning this once.