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      Welcome to Galaxy Citizen, new player! Feel free to introduce yourself, and read our guides on RP if you need to, check out our lore and get a feel for it, and remember to contact any of our staff if you need anything. GC is a serious roleplay server which means we cater to users who enjoy immersive roleplay both on the server and even off of it. Remember to read our rules for both OOC and IC matters and to be courteous to others. Other than that, to get started, just go to the Outpost and check out the Two-Stop teleporter for our list of player-made hubs - you can also spawn your own hub teleporter by going into singleplayer, and after typing /admin, doing '/spawnitem 2stoptele' and placing it.  If you like it here a lot, remember to vote and help us keep up! also, remember good grammar

        ~  @PrivateNomad, friendly neighborhood CM
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      For various reasons, we've moved to a new Discord. Follow this link to gain access. Just a note, the Dark Citizen rank is no more, as Discord has new rules about NSFW chats. It'll now ask you to confirm you are 18+. https://discord.gg/qqaN8pG


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  1. Hello, new to the server:

    Welcome! Don't hesitate to give us staff a poke or two if you need help with anything.
  2. Weekly Update #28 [22/5/2017]

    For the record, the ship and fleet systems are on hold. We'll resume work sometime before or after the 10th.
  3. Hello, World

    Welcome to Galaxy Citizen! Feel free to poke staff if you have any questions or need help.
  4. A warm greeting to you all!

    Welcome back, Regnar!
  5. Joining Metalfawn

    Also, for those of you who may be concerned about Metalfawn's lore: Shae has approached me about the feasibility of it regarding Human lore and I've provided them with the information necessary to make this properly canon, so don't worry about it. It's got my approval.
  6. Joining Metalfawn

    A medieval-ish GoT inspired sorta faction colony thing, if I recall correctly.
  7. The Apple Situation

    The thing I did to Apple was with the intention of getting people to side with Apple or support them so they would stop being assholes to them. It had a bigger cost that I deemed reasonable (but that wasn't my call to make). In the end, it worked as intended in that regard, though it was still one of the most (if not THE most) questionable things I've done.
  9. What happened to the Discord?

    The Discord was deleted after a series of events in which our former technician (who owned the discord) was involved. It got nuked but we had a backup that we've now set up properly to be used. You may access the new Discord via this link: https://discord.gg/5vpM3cV. The tab on the forums (above) will be updated shortly.
  10. Why can't I visit my profile?

  11. An update to Lore?

    What I think you're asking for is for us to work on or publish more Folklore: The lore that is tangible in the setting and that people develop as a result of their day-to-day interactions - as opposed to Lore, which covers everything (seen and unseen) in the universe or setting the story is taking place in. For example: The United Systems are the largest Human faction in Galaxy Citizen according to Lore. According to Folklore, however, they're not all that present (if at all) in the Fringe. The United Systems are relevant to Humans in lore, but not to so much to people in the Fringe. When people say "We've come to accept X or Y as lore", they're talking about Folklore or "Common Knowledge" (which is a more common though vague term for it). The current lore pages in the Codex are summaries we released to keep people entertained while we focused on a couple other things. We should be releasing more and more lore throughout this summer season, though, including Folklore bits for all species. One or two of the species lore may or may not receive a bit of an overhaul just to fix a couple discrepancies.
  12. Roleplay Guidelines

    And if you can't really think of anything that might need to be added right now, we'll keep a more or less flexible stance with the guidelines so future tweaks and additions can be made as deemed necessary by the community and staff team.
  13. I'm orbiting haven's planet now what.

    You are meant to access it via the teleporter on your ship, or any teleporter for that matter.
  14. Florans and what they can do.

    Yeah. No idea who downvoted ya but they need to get their thumbs out of their butts.
  15. // HAVEN TIMES △ VOL 4. △ 4/1/84 - Grief //

    [[ For the record: Assume April Fools' Day is not a thing Humans celebrate - except those who are really into ancient obscure holidays. Even then, remember the Fringe isn't populated by just Humans and other species can still be largely ignorant of each others' history beyond the past couple centuries. Because of this, it's safer to assume there isn't a holiday tied to April 1st in the canon that is known by those living in the GC universe. ]]