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      Welcome to Galaxy Citizen, new player! Feel free to introduce yourself, and read our guides on RP if you need to, check out our lore and get a feel for it, and remember to contact any of our staff if you need anything. GC is a serious roleplay server which means we cater to users who enjoy immersive roleplay both on the server and even off of it. Remember to read our rules for both OOC and IC matters and to be courteous to others. Other than that, to get started, just go to the Outpost and check out the Two-Stop teleporter for our list of player-made hubs - you can also spawn your own hub teleporter by going into singleplayer, and after typing /admin, doing '/spawnitem 2stoptele' and placing it.  If you like it here a lot, remember to vote and help us keep up! also, remember good grammar

        ~  @PrivateNomad, friendly neighborhood CM
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      For various reasons, we've moved to a new Discord. Follow this link to gain access. Just a note, the Dark Citizen rank is no more, as Discord has new rules about NSFW chats. It'll now ask you to confirm you are 18+. https://discord.gg/qqaN8pG


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  1. I'm not sure, but we're likely all going to die someday.

    1. G V

      simply epic

    2. TickingTopHat

      Technically we all are slowly dying, its called aging. 

  2. What is going on with Haven these days?!

    // Anonymous response. // The cycle is in motion and will not stop. Soon Haven too will join the mountain of dead empires and nations continually destroyed by the Fringe's own stupidity, its own lust for power, and its own failure to realize that it can be anything other than what it is now, but it just chooses to be this way. I'm beginning to hope Blackhelm or some other force far beyond the power of these masses of lunatics and failures wipes this place and everyone in it off the face of the galaxy, simply because we are that destructive.
  3. I'm so out of the loop I'm somewhere underground. What is even happening?!

  4. //New Element Discovered!//

    //Anonymous comment if said page has a comments section// But how strong is this light? I've seen some pretty bright lights in my time.
  5. The Edgelord is no more

    and now he looks like literally every other character ever
  6. Payvar

    Payvar is cute! Cute!  
  7. // Anonymous response. // He is most likely someone who benefits from the Caliph's continued existence, and therefore will defend their actions until the day they die. Ignore them.
  8. What's happening?

    There are times when the server just doesn't let people join. It's just a thing it does sometimes. Usually this doesn't last long, but if it does ask a staff member and they'll see what they can do.
  9. Praise Haydee

  10. ILB GC

    Meanwhile in the Bizarro universe...
  11. (insert grumpy face here for seemingly no reason)

  12. did everyone turn into broken records again?

  13. If i pour maple syrup on you do you become delicious

  14. Sup

    You don't need an application to roleplay here. You DO need an application to use your own custom races, technology, weapons, and so on. Also, run while you still can  Have fun!
  15. This is an absolutely revolutionary tool for hub builders to use.