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  1. And with that, the dust has settled.

  2. M'lady. <3

  3. Deep Problems.

    Remove what, again? I didn't delete anything. I'd be glad to send you a private message, just gotta finish gathering up an army to respond to your comments, one second.   
  4. Deep Problems.

    I was referring more to the people who were on the forums ranting and raving for days more along the lines of "PassiveRP is so boring, make us constant events", etc. etc. up until stuff like Undercrypt became more organized.  
  5. Deep Problems.

    Well, I never did say that I wasn't shitty. And hey, standing up for yourself is a new concept to people who push others around, I get it. Don't worry, you'll get used to it.
  6. Deep Problems.

    >has a negative opinion, bashes someone in private >"you should come to me about the issues you have with me that I didn't tell you" yeah okay pal >"Flirted with me once" I expressed an interest in everyone in our group of friends because I thought you all were a great group of people. Maybe if you weren't trying to influence your friend, and didn't care so much about your rep to the point that you refuse to let someone post until they 'fix their reputation', maybe then I wouldn't have any gripes with you. You weren't the only issue. Yes, my issues are a little more personal, but that's understandable. This rant isn't targeted entirely towards one person - It's towards the entire side of the community that thinks complaining about things and halting progress is the way to go, hoping that some messiah will come along and save everyone.   The image is on my computer, you allowed me to use it of my own free will. You drew it for me, I use it as I wish. You didn't do it for any sort of commission or payment, so I'm going to keep using it - Just know that I'm not going to be a pushover with this.
  7. Any opinions that I post are mine and mine alone. You have a problem with what I say, feel free to bring it to me.

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    2. Medic565

      (this comment has been removed by the all-glorious monitor)

    3. Shay

      ah yes, because the best way to fix your problem of people not interacting with you, is to not interact with anyone purposefully

      of course

      how didnt i realize this before

      (also about 95% of the complaints in that rant were fixed long ago lol)

    4. Sergeant Screech

      wow look at this tough as fuck nigga here

      he'll tip his fedora to your death for his superior opinion

  8. Deep Problems.

    Throwing my opinion into the hat o'many opinions. My issues do happen to be somewhat relevant considering that some of the staff are the reason I have to avoid the server to keep my brain cells intact.
  9. Deep Problems.

    Right, so. I probably will get banned for this post.   I know I don't post here often, and with good reason. Only about a handful of people around here have really talked to me, or seen me on the server. Look, I'm gonna be honest - During Horsebutt days, I used to like playing here. Was pretty fun to explore. @SilverGallium and a few others have kept me in the loop with things, I quit a while back but didn't announce it because really making a post just to say you're leaving is a little..well, ridiculous. And my issue isn't with staff, nor is it with specific people. My issue has always been loopholes in RP, and a few exploits. People would sit around and complain that they're tired of nothing going on and they hate PassiveRP. They sure as hell weren't actively trying to start any RP, so it was a little tiring to hear everyone bitch and moan without doing something to make a change. Another issue was that a lot of characters were self-proclaimed billionaires and/or walking tanks in power armor meant to be basically just a giant combat RP character, only to see others get ridiculed for the EXACT SAME THING OTHERS DID JUST FINE. New players were treated at a lower status, avoided by most members of the community or just flat-out not included even when trying their best to get involved. I originally used to play a character named Sylvia (Which those of you who know silver may know by now that I let him play as her now). After reading about things going on, and just kinda looking in the background, I kinda realized that things would stay the same. People who are higher-up or well-known get to get along, enjoy interactions with people, and have fun together all while shunning the ones who have caused issues or aren't high on the totem pole. But after finding out a few things that are kinda ridiculous (Speaking out against me in private and not attempting to resolve things by simply talking to me and seeing what I could change [you know who you are], seeing one of my good friends try his best to be careless only by being rewarded with his face basically being spat in and hearing suddenly that a lot of people have grievances with him and won't give him the same respect as to try and solve things), It's a little hilarious how everyone is just now starting to notice that something is wrong. Every time I was in shoutbox, people were just ragging on one another.   And some of the people that go unpunished or lightly punished for things that otherwise were flat-out just insane (IE the situation with Aqu where he almost was ACTIVELY trying to get banned  a while back), it's come to simply the fact that everything and everyone here is just for the most part a group of ridiculous over-zealous children who insult others in their own little clique while then proceeding to bitch and moan about anything someone says about them instead of trying to resolve differences or getting to quite simply know other people.   So y'know, yeah none of you know me, probably don't care, or are just going to prove my point by lashing out against me in a reply. But that's okay, because all you guys are doing is finally starting to realize that the issue here isn't the people you put in charge. It's the lack of care and community effort put together to try and resolve things as a whole. Instead of going on staff strikes, complaining and essentially make things worse before they get better, why not make things formal? Push a complaint to higher-ups. Voice your opinions, speak your mind, and resolve things rationally. Don't spew out against one another and fight over things you don't agree with, because then you just end up digging yourself a grave that will get nothing but deeper and deeper.   Oh, and seriously, Fuck the lot of you. The majority of you are nothing more then immature confrontational dickwads who stay in your safe space of friends without wanting to do anything for the better, but want to complain in the hopes that someone else will come along and solve all your issues for you. Hippy out. (Oh, and to the person who decided you don't want to try fixing your issues with me yet try to put on a show and be all goodie-goodie)
  10. Ugh, lets get this over with...

      (I'm so sorry)   (I'm not sorry) I had no idea who you were, but uh...welcome back.
  11. I was watching a girl stream to try and make money so that she could have help with her struggles to find a home (She is being kicked out the day after today) and 4chan had to come along and start calling her fake, a guy, asking her to expose herself, etc. and even going so far as to donate and then chargeback the donations so she wouldn't get money. Sometimes I wonder why I even have faith in netizens...

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    2. Hallows

      >4chan had to come along

      Generalizing a plethora of boards as simply "4chan" when the perpetrators were most likely from /b/ alone is something that annoys me a little.

    3. Medic565

      It's about midnight my time, i do apologize if that were to upset you. I do aknowledge that /vg/ and a few other places are still somewhat decent. At the time though, I was more in a feeling of sympathy for the woman whom was being harassed then I was about specifics.

  12. // The Phantom Wing: Blake-WANTED//

    // User ReCarp Replies to the post, if traced it would lead back to Rebecca Carpenter. \\ "If you dare even try to come after her, I will slit your throat and wear your insides as a neck bracelet."   // End Post.\\
  13. Gaze into the Iris

    +1   Is the best of the best at being the best. They RP fairly well and know how to maintain a very asthetically pleasing hub.
  14. //An Invitation//

    ==========================================================IC=======================================================================   Hellooooo, Everyone!~   Rebecca Carpenter here, and I would like to formally invite you to a MOVIE NIGHT I, as well as a few of my friends, will be hosting an event for about thirty or so other people to all hang out together. Instead of fighting, we're going to spend the night and relax with movies, TV Shows, and good company. If you're interested, leave a reply to the post! Also, don't forget to check out the poll at the bottom of the post for a chance to pick one of our 'Historical Media' choices!~   [Attached to the bottom of the post is the invite to a Discord server, some form of communication software. Also attached is the link to a poll.] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------OOC-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- // So anyways, yeah! I'm working on hosting a movie night with a few of my GC friends. If anyone wants to come, you can! We'll be using the service Rabbit for our streaming, and Discord as our main means of voice/text chat should you decide to join in. Links for the Rabbit room, Discord Server, and the Poll for our first piece of media are all below this wall of text. Slots are first come, first serve, so make sure to get yourselves in before the room fills up!~   (I know that the other on the poll says in skype, buuuut I decided to make it a GC event instead of just a group event.)   Links: Remember to post other suggestions as a reply~!   Schedule: Movie night starts at THREE PM PACIFIC TIME, AND WILL GO ON AS LONG AS WE CAN STAY AWAKE 3 PM Pacific 4 PM Mountain 5 PM Central 6 PM Eastern   (Dunno about EU/Other regional times, sorry ;w; )     ====================================================================================================================================