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  1. Taking a break

    Some of you probably saw this one coming, considering my previous topic, but I'm going to be taking an indefinite break from Galaxy Citizen. It's just not as fun and engaging as it used to be, and I can't really justify sticking around to roleplay in a setting I'm now genuinely struggling to enjoy. So, I'm going to step away and unwind. I'd like to say, again, that I don't hate GC or anyone in it. I had a great time while it lasted. GC got me back into roleplaying with enthusiasm at a time when I was depressed and all I'd ever known was the trashheap known as Starcraft II's Cortex Roleplay community. I'd be more than happy to come back someday, but for now I'm just too disillusioned with the way things currently are. I can't enjoy myself, and in a state like that a person just becomes dead weight for the community. So... uh... that's it. I guess I'll see you guys around. Bye.
  2. GC's setting feels too hopeless

    Dizma was honestly a pretty gross example of the server's grimdarkness. The owner of the hub left the community, and the hub they made needed to be closed down. Perfectly fine and reasonable. But instead of just giving the hub a peaceful reason to close (bad business, lack of funding, etc.), it was instead decided that the most painfully generic dark-lord-type character out there had to attack the resort, slaughter thousands of unmourned NPCs, and actually kill the planet itself with virus bombs and orbital bombardments, to make it completely uninhabitable for all life. This character and the faction he led hasn't been seen or heard from since, and I'm honestly still not sure what the hell their motivations even were at the time. Some cliche guff about "purging the unclean" or whatever. They received no karmic punishment for their deeds that I am aware of, and as far as I can tell they just skipped merrily into the nuclear sunset after their casual act of planetary eradication.
  3. GC's setting feels too hopeless

    The entire reason I had Sydney act the way she used to was specifically because at the time, no one else seemed to want to oppose the local villainy or believe in a better Fringe, and the sheer lopsidedness irritated me when I saw a crowd on Roji silently watching street brutality orchestrated by the bad guys. So I had Sydney try to fill that role; she stepped forward without any weapon, and in front of all the guards told Syed al-Quresh that he was a monster. That became the pattern for a long time: The furious idealist who never employed violence or would kill to get her point across. The thing is, however, that all the idealistic sermons and rants have basically lead to nothing. Almost two years later, there are actually more powerful antagonistic factions out there now than there were when Sydney first started her hopeful preaching, and the ones she stepped forward to oppose in the first place are still around none-the-worse for wear. She ran for the senate because she was convinced that there was so much good that could be done, and quickly became a depressed, angry-at-everyone emotional wreck when she started to realize that she'd merely traded impotence on the street level for impotence on the governmental level. Simply being "the change you wish to see" isn't actually enough, and in fact that's rather patronizing advice to give to somebody who spent the better part of two years playing a character with that exact gimmick. I don't appreciate being being dismissed with what basically amounts to "You just didn't want it badly enough."
  4. GC's setting feels too hopeless

    I'd like to preface this by saying that this isn't some angry jackass complaining about how much he hates the server, or the people in it. I love Galaxy Citizen, and I enjoy being here. However, that doesn't mean I don't have issues. What follows is entirely my own opinion: Galaxy Citizen's universe suffers from an overbearing level of darkness. There are so many antagonists and forecasted apocalypse scenarios that it makes the head spin trying to keep track of all of them at once. The few spots of unironic hope and idealism are generally used as punching bags, such as the Haven Federation being wracked with corruption and seemingly discovering two new nefarious conspiracies every month. Some antagonists are cultivated by the staff themselves for the purpose of adding "drama" to a setting already full to bursting with it. There's so much grimdarkness right now that it honestly becomes hard to muster enthusiasm for any single example of it, and its only compounded by the universal apathy the majority of characters already have to their surroundings. The Islamic Caliphate in the Fringe and the shin'kali are frequently cited as an example of this, due to being a massively influential villainous faction that's so entrenched in the community that virtually no-one can seriously challenge or even inconvenience them to any degree. I used to like them as antagonists, because they always have a genuine presence and they can be intimately interacted with by anyone who cares to try, but the problem is that the faction and its members have such an overwhelming advantage - Two sets of superpowers (with repeated hints that they will only get more powerful over time) and a huge player following means that any serious opposition will just be stomped flat effortlessly. A villain goes from love-to-hate to just plain hate when there's no hope of ever seeing them suffer genuine, well-deserved comeuppance. Blackhelm and the Black Feather Empire are an example that is honestly just demeaning - He is a staff creation that is constantly alluded to, and yet he has absolutely no tangible presence in the setting beyond whatever the occasional nexus post tells us. Blackhelm himself has never been seen, and there are no players running characters that are affiliated with him. Endless fanfare is made over how he's right next door to Haven, how he could invade any time he liked, how he's got so much bad guy street cred under his belt... and yet in practice, he's done virtually nothing to anyone, anywhere. How is anyone expected to take Blackhelm seriously as a villain, when he just sits there collecting dust until the staff decides to parade him around? The Haven Federation, as far as I understood it, was partially designed to be an injection of much-needed idealism. A great idea, but only a few months later we have a government that's barely functional and riddled with corruption, with some painfully generic armageddon conspiracy constantly alluded to and barely kept track of. The Federation is several magnitudes weaker than every other Fringe-based galactic power, and is actually weaker than some non-galactic powers, which means that the villains that run factions can often commit dastardly deeds within Haven's borders with nigh-impunity. Fresh new problems are endlessly piling onto its custodians, and frankly the only reason the Federation won't just crash and burn is because the staff members who worked so hard on getting it off the ground would never allow it to die in such an anticlimatic fashion. But, honestly, what really broke my ability to keep interest in the setting's future was the revelation of the most lesser evil on the board right now - The Visitants. The Echoes are a quirky new race, they've proven incredibly popular, and tons of cute first-contact shenanigans have been enjoyed by players across the community, including myself... But then all the darker hints were dropped, and that guff with the kidnapping and the memory-stealing "museum" happened, which has basically announced to the entire server that, no, these seemingly-benign new aliens were actually just yet another group of antagonists that're just pretending to be good so they can pull nefarious schemes behind closed doors, secretly subvert the local cultures of realspace and lay the groundwork for what will presumably be a cliche alien invasion scenario. Their very nature as super-advanced aliens from another dimension means that almost no-one can really hope to figure them or their technology out, even with the copious amounts of hinting and foreshadowing contractually given. That was the straw that broke the camel's back for me. Just one more potential doomsday, when I can already list two or three off the top of my head. I looked at the Echo museum event, read about how it was actually a fiendish plot to probe the minds of unsuspecting people, and I realized that I couldn't actually muster any legitimate interest in it. It's just white noise. There's so little hope in the universe of Galaxy Citizen that I've seriously lost the ability to give a damn about what the villains are doing anymore. I can't even be bothered to play Sydney as her usual bleeding-heart idealist self anymore, because I can't actually suspend my disbelief enough to think it would ever mean anything, and so I let the character logically spiral into a deep depression and drop out of the public eye. The staff's attempt at subverting this kind of apathy - creating a player run nation that anyone can play a genuine role in - has only led to more and more redundant "threats" being created for the sake of generating interest. They say that making things better is as easy as just having your character go out and work to fix it... The problem is that no-one honestly knows where the hell to start, and the infighting and confusion that crippling indecisiveness creates just empowers the villains even further. It just feels so hopeless and futile that its easy to simply not want to try to change things at all. This overbearing darkness in GC's setting is the ultimate source of the much-reviled apathy everyone loves to complain about and try to rectify with yet more "let's all band together" threats. When it becomes a universally-accepted fact that evil will always win and that things will never actually improve, people lose interest in even trying to make that change happen.
  5. And so ends the tale of SydSenator. Probably wouldn't have ended any other way.

    1. iamnotanumber2000

      Wait what happened?

    2. stonebasilisk

      She got fed up with the stress and quit the senate.

    3. Stupid Internet Guy

      I really don't know that much about the Senate, but that really sucks, man

  6. // Occasism School Founded //

    // SydSin replies \\ Uncountable billions dead, and you think none of them were muslim? Do you think the Ruin even made any distinction between the individual ants it crushed? There were almost certainly muslims who died on Earth, praying for god to save them from the nightmare that was tearing down skyscrapers like bundles of sticks. They died with everyone else, unremembered and clearly unmourned by the rest of their people. I am a second-generation survivor of Earthfall. My parents nearly died that day, and so many people did die. For the tiniest quirk of fate, I would not be here to tell you how quietly evil you are for enjoying the obliteration of every living thing on our shared homeworld, as if you were applauding a book reading.
  7. // Occasism School Founded //

    // SydSin posts \\ The Ruin killed your ancestral homeworld and the birthplace of your religion in the space of a day; in the process slaughtering god-knows-how-many millions of faithful muslims alongside the "atheists and kuffar". The Ruin is the reason no muslim will ever be able to perform a pilgrimage to the original holy places of their faith and live to tell the tale. And your response to this evil is to start worshipping the thing as an avatar of Allah's divine will. Seems legit.
  8. // nexTube; "Haven On The Eve of Election." //

    // User SydSin leaves a comment // And then he got shot in the street by a would-be assassin, and is now in the hospital - because no matter how much effort you put in to something, no matter how nice it is or how many people would benefit from it, there will always be some cretin out there who'll want to kick it down and ruin everything for everyone. Things should be better than this. Get well soon.
  9. // Sydney Jones for Senate //

      // User SydSin (Moderator) posts \\ Firstly, this is not a place for arguments or mud-slinging. Second, I'll be honest - I do have bias against the Caliphate. I've never made a secret of this in the past, and I never will. I've seen how cruel the leadership can get, and I've heard the bizarre justifications they bring to the table afterwords. However, I have no immediate plans to make policies specifically to inconvenience the Caliphate, nor will the Caliphate be my focus as a politician. That would just be petty. I might support such policies from other senators, but I will not be moving explicit anti-Caliphate policies forward myself unless the circumstances are extraordinary and no-one else is willing to address it.
  10. // Sydney Jones for Senate //

    // User SydSin(Moderator) replies to AhsanullahAS \\ You aren't wrong. Again, most of this is born from foolhardy idealism, rather than ambition. I'm running this by the seat of my pants, at best. Anyways, your criticism is highly appreciated. As such, the page has now been expanded with descriptions of my rough-and-tumble policy ideas.
  11. // Sydney Jones for Senate //

    // A new political web page is created, most likely lagging behind many of the other aspirants for Haven's senate. It's a relatively simple and plain page, though the decoration was clearly selected carefully to reflect a gentle but patriotic theme. Everything is in shades of subdued gold and white, with dark grey patches to help the eye adjust through contrast. // // Some Havenite iconography is present, but with the noticeable and prominent application of what seems to be the candidate's personal symbol: a white peace-sign, stylized to resemble a shining sun and set upon a darker square backdrop for clarity - gold, in this case, to keep with the pro-Haven theme.// // Prominent on the page is an embedded video, which seems to be a small speech from the late-arrival candidate: // Spoiler // The video begins. The scene appears to be a rather humble, in-ship living room, with plain furnishings. The lights are dimmed, to cast focus on a plain, black-haired woman reclining on an armchair. A set of red-tinted goggles gleam in the light cast by a lamp set upon a nearby end-table, as she looks up at the ceiling with a pensive, hard expression. After a full quarter-minute clearly spent steeling herself, she begins to speak, almost distantly: // "...Haven. It's a nice place, isn't it? Probably the first real bastion've peace and security we've had out here for a long, ugly time. I remember when the doors opened up, and people flooded in t' see the sights. I was there, and I remember how almost everybody I met was commenting on how beautiful the city was, and how everything somehow felt safe. It hadn't even been a day, and we hadn't even seen what the qualities of the local law enforcement or government were, and yet everybody already felt like they'd stepped into a sanctuary free from all the chaos an' horror an' instability we've come t' know over the past year or so." // The woman sighs and finally looks down, with a pair of lidded, murky-blue eyes marked by faint rings below them, Still wearing that pensive, hardened expression, she seems apprehensive about making this speech, but is clearly determined to go through with it anyways. // "...My name is Sydney Rebecca Jones. Maybe there's a few people who've heard that name, but I doubt it'd be a terribly large number. Officially, I'm nobody. Another vagrant in a portion of the galactic disk full of them. Wasn't even a citizen of Haven until a few hours 'fore this recording started. My biggest contribution to society before today was a reputation for publicly - maybe suicidally - standin' up to bullies. I jus' prefer to do right by other people, I suppose." // She pauses, closing her eyes and dragging a palm over her forehead, nerves showing. She leans forward in her seat, forearms resting upon her knees as she looks to the camera again. // "I almost didn't try this. I figured it'd not only be impossible, but foolish t' even just put myself in a spotlight. Maybe it is. But, the majority of other candidates are political non-entities jus' like my charming self. Some've them are even criminals, I understand, but Haven seems willin' to give them the benefit of the doubt. So, after all that, I'm runnin' for one of those nice red chairs at the senate. Not only a political outsider to Haven, but an' outsider t' perhaps the Fringe itself. I made a case, and they allowed me t' openly campaign for whatever good it'll do, as y'might see on their list of candidates. Who knows, maybe it'll turn out t' be worth more'n anyone would imagine?" "I won't lie..." // She pauses to rub an eye, quietly venting more nerves // "...I wouldn't know the first thing about helping t' run a nation. The idea that so my word'd have any bearing in politics is... staggering, t' say the least. What I do know, however, is how t' tell the difference between right an' wrong, and I've got jus' enough bloody-minded nerve in me to act on it. I've chewed the ears off people like Syed al-Quresh more times than I'll ever care to remember. Haven needs lots of things t' succeed in the long run, but what it needs more'n anything else is integrity. Maybe that's why I did this? Figurin' I could be some kind of moral watchdog on the Senate, or some silly shit like that... Someone who'd speak from the heart, demand t' put justice, fairness and safety for the people first, regardless've what anyone'd think or whether it'd be a social faux-pas. I'm good at runnin' my gob, as y'might've noticed." // Another, longer pause, as Sydney looks down at the floor, biting her lip. She exhales sharply, looking back camera-wise. // "...There you have it, I suppose. T' reiterate, the idealistic bint who's been rambling at you fer the last ten minutes is named Sydney Rebecca Jones. I'm a commoner tryin' put myself among a circle of kings, for no reason other'n the hope of contributing to peace in our time. Feel free t' speak up. Agree, disagree, ask me for policies an' watch me try t' improvise a respectable answer, or call me a damn fool for even thinkin' of trying this bullshit when there are more deserving and intelligent people in the running... Whatever you like. For all my willingness t' criticize others, I'd be the worst kind of hypocrite if I couldn't take it myself." // Sydney's mouth breaks from its hard, stone line to curl into a faint, self-deprecating smirk. The video ends here, closing with a still image of the humble peace-sun emblem. //   // Below would be a series of points, edited in a half-hour after the page went live: //   "Who am I?" I am Sydney Jones. Just one more political candidate. I might not have the funding for a vast, self-aggrandizing campaign, but I believe personal honesty can be a useful path to take. I was born to New Canberra, on the skirt of Civilized Space. A quiet backwater of lonely, hopeless lives. Eventually I drifted into the Fringe, like everything eventually does. I kept to myself, watching places such as Bathshire and Dizma rise and fall. I've seen the well-known bad side of the Fringe. The acts of cruelty. The monsters. The people who believe they are entitled to dominate everything they see... But I've also seen the better side of us. People who never hesitate to help others, or stand up to cruelty. I'm not a violent person, but I am a loud person, and I'd happily work to protect that better side of galactic civilization. Maybe even die for it one day, if my luck runs out. "Why am I entering the Senate?" A good question, and one I'm not even entirely sure of myself, even now. I entered the running because I saw an opportunity to do some good in the galaxy from a place of some influence, and help people in any way I possibly could imagine; maybe a few ways I can't. I have almost no political clout, even by the standards of some of the other candidates. I chose to run because I want to do something good. You will be the one to decide how much my idealism is really worth. "Peace in our time" What matters most to me, in terms of functioning as a senator, would have to be the safety and comfort of the people of Haven, as well as the fair treatment of everyone who enters Haven, citizen or otherwise. I would also not only encourage the growth of the Haven Guard to protect against crime, but also make a point of seeing corruption or incompetence within it uncovered and punished justly. Haven is an island of peace in a Fringe wracked by instability, and I'd very much like to keep it that way. Politically, I would encourage that Haven remain a firmly neutral party in pan-Fringe conflicts, perhaps even extend an open hand to be a mediator, or to provide aid and relief to those who need it most. In extraordinary circumstances, however, I'm not afraid to speak my mind and point out reprehensible acts or ideas. I might be after peace, but I don't have much need for soft-soap. I would also hope to foster the growth of the city, particularly in the business and residential sectors. Haven City is beautiful, but suffers from a lack of venues and places to go, and many citizens still live offworld or in private yacht ships rather than within the city itself. Rather than force the people of Haven to seek comforts and luxuries on other planets, we should attempt to provide these things within our own territory.   "Potential policies and issues to tackle" "In defense of Haven" The Haven Guard is growing slowly and steadily, but even given their admirable track record, some cynically fear an eventual spread of corruption or incompetence, or even that the Haven Guard may eventually become similar to the notorious police force of Bathshire. I would move for more stringent standards for recruitment if the Guard expands to a sufficiently large size, to ensure that the organization remains both highly effective and highly professional despite possible difficulties in micromanaging so many diverse individuals. For darker times, I would likely lean towards the creation of specialized equipment to be employed in certain extreme circumstances, as well as the training of operatives to use them. Electromagnetic weapons to disable belligerent users of unauthorized powered armor, for example, as well as perhaps more dangerous weapons and tools to be employed only during times of utmost crisis.   "Simple Healthcare" I would like to borrow a page from Bathshire's book (for better or worse) and establish a system of government-assured 'emergency' health care, funded by a quota taken from taxpayer osi. The goal would be to provide coverage to citizens of Haven who desperately require it, in the event of medical emergencies or injuries sustained in accidents or assaults. Too often, people in the Fringe are seriously injured and cannot get a hold of a trained medicae, and few are willing or able to travel all the way to distant hospitals for treatment. Nonvital treatments and prescriptions might remain on a paid-for basis, to keep unnecessary pressure off the tax system.   "Open trade, but preferably within reason" Haven is not an island, and interaction with other nations is not only inevitable, but necessary. I would welcome open trade with outside parties, provided they can be trusted. Factions who are known to be warlike or of dubious trustworthiness, however, can expect to see me lobby for an appropriate level of trade tariffs if they plan to seek an economic partnership with Haven. Pointed, but friendly, neutrality should be the golden rule of interaction with outsiders, but we shouldn't be too trusting of those who may potentially mean us harm in the long term.   "Encouraging business through a lowered entry fee" The lack of economic growth in central Haven has been an overlooked issue since the beginning. Perhaps people worry they wouldn't be able to make a profit, considering how expensive it can be to purchase space? Perhaps they worry that they would never be noticed amid the hustle, considering how costly an advertisement can get? I would move for a likely-temporary 25% reduction on purchasing designated store spaces for use, as well as a permanent 25% discount on purchasing advertisement space for all businesses native to Haven.   Is Sydney being a damn fool by not addressing issues you deem important? Give her a virtual smack upside the head through our forums so she'll address them!   // There is a link to an embedded forum on another page, inviting comments. //
  12. // Embarrassing //

    //User SydSin comments// I remember witnessing this. Fucking shitshow then and it still is now.
  13. Koneko (Hylotl form.)

    Incidentally, what is "hylotl form" supposed to mean?
  14. Y'all interested?

    Which faction (assuming it's a faction that actually existed before, instead of a new one with a retroactive 'history') would have the legacy to warrant such a rapid revival, anyways? A lot of the pre-1.0 factions have pretty well faded from relevance by now; either destroyed outright or quietly forgotten as important members stopped showing up.
  15. Evolution Of Your Characters

    Drawn from a brief chat on Discord, how about we get together and show off/describe how your favorite characters' appearances/outfits have subtly changed over their existence? Obviously, older characters might have the most dramatic design changes compared to how they used to look, but it's a neat way to benchmark a character's history regardless.   Sydney Jones: circa. 2015 Sydney's initial design, from the days of the Outpost Bar and frequent griefer attacks. Nothing too special, as Sydney's outfit was made entirely from human starting clothes save for the Pilot Goggles. The blue cape you can see a glimpse of was part of the typical anti-hack-item defense, when you needed to stuff your inventory and equipment slots with junk to avoid picking up harmful, save-corrupting doodads.   circa. 2016-2017 This comes after the server was restored in the aftermath of Cheerful Giraffe/1.0, which wiped everyone's characters and changed a bit of the art. Sydney's old hairstyle was gone, so I had to use the best approximation. Her wardrobe remains largely identical, but since the popular hubs at the time included Kyrie and other cold places, Sydney soon picked up a black-dyed Hiker Jacket to stay warm. She also picked up a set of Scouter's Grieves, which a friend OOCly recommended to pair with the new jacket.