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  1. Clint "Olympic" Ardzasch

    updated to be more current and less shit please buy my Game New Switch Mobile now on Bethesda .com website and like subscribe donate to gofundpatreon? oh yea forgot to say but also? celebrate a hole year of Clint!!..
  2. //Martian Evacuation Notice//

    // User 'C_Ardzasch' would leave a reply. // These truly are dark times. // POST TERMINATE //
  3. Outrun Radio feat. DJ Cherry

    // User 'CrocDude54' gives a like and a reply. // Tough bastard. Must mean his killer's somethin' special. Would love't nail 'im myself. // POST TERMINATE //
  4. why I haven't been on as of late:

    1) a trip in mid april brought a lot of shit up and i've been (and are still, even) dealing with it

    2) general disinterest to engage in what spare time i've had from job/obligations

    3) most of friends i originally came here for have moved on

    4) lost character files in bizarre steam save accident CHUCKLEFISH FIX YOUR FUCKING GAME AND PUT IN STEAM CLOUD SUPPORT FUCKS SAKE

    so yeah, i guess i'll be trying to involve myself more now that i have a reason to be around (though i'm pretty shitty at promising such vapid things so)

  5. // HEAVEN \\

    //Anonymous replies.// Incinerate the body to be sure. Otherwise, he will rebirth, but into something horrible. //POST TERMINATE//
  6. /// The Atlas Corporation. ///

    //Name: Clint Ardzasch //Race: Human //Age: 27 //Strengths: Tactile situational awareness, proficient in firearms usage, Combative Technician experience, self-taught engineering knowledge //Preferred Career Path: Asset Protection, Engineering //Affiliation with any other organizations: Former UACP Policeman, Former Kardan Konstrukt Wardan (now defunct) //Additional notes: Xexanoth consented that I use her as a voucher to my strengths.
  7. someone call the exterminators we got a bug infestation

  8. // EXPERIMENT glowing 1000 degree SCYTHE VS SUBHUMAN //

    // Anon posts // you should try cutting other stuff with your 1000 degree scythe // POST TERMINATE //
  9. big alcord stuff soon

    plot device in a galaxy littered with them

    this is sure to be sure

    would anyone even care for hub pic leaks i wonder?

    1. Scarpelius

      fuck me what happened there




    // User axiom_Croc24 posts a reply. // Red. I want in. Gimme a call or text or email or whatever the fuck. // RESPONSE TERMINATE //
  13. // Bystander to my Pain: Journal //

    // The journal is suddenly necro'd back to life, after months of inactivity. It starts off with a series of shots of a smoldering wreckage of some kind of house. Then it jumpcuts to a white hospital waiting room. Bystander is sitting in a single chair. His head is clean-shaven, with multiple surgery scars decorating all along his scalp. He sports a fully-grown beard, with bits of dried blood clumping it in places. He sighs, addressing the selfie-camera. // "...Something happened. I'm not sure what. Doc says I was wheeled in here one morning with a head full of zero-zero buckshot. Says he never saw anything quite like it. Ain't I fuckin' lucky." // He takes a moment to rub his scalp. // "They had to use some hair-dilution formula to get at my head. So I'm bald now. Then they had to drill it open to get the pieces out. Doc says there's a good chance I've got a neurological defect now. Autodoc did some other stuff too. Said I had all kinds of mutations. All over the body. Supposedly took a few chunks out, cleaned stuff. I feel... different. I think differently too. More open-headed. Everything's clearer now. My memory's good and not good at the same time. I only remember my name and a few bits and pieces. Getting access to my phone helped me out. I was part of a group... And before that, I was a soldier-slave... none of it makes much sense, but it's what I've got to live with. I don't even remember how I ended up in this city. Wanderlust, I guess." // He pauses, looking off to the side, before adopting a frustrated glance at the camera, getting up to pace about the room. // "I'm still angry. I don't know what I'm angry at, but I'm still fuckin' angry! Every bit and piece I remember I just remember with a... a haze of red! Anger and contempt for everything I look at! My life's never been clearer, but I just feel angry and confused!" // He stops, propping himself against a counter. // "Everything I had is gone. The house, my stuff, even my ship, that old fucking clanker. All they found on me was this phone, a pistol, and a crocodile mask that makes me even angrier every time I look at it. All I've had was this phone to help me piece together my old life. But I can't make sense of any of it. The logs are incomprehensible, the pictures and videos aren't much help either... But I do know a few things, and it's enough to go off of." // He gets up again, turning to the left to show the care room doorway. A body is slanted against the wall just next to it, a mush a red where his head is supposed to be. // "Violence is who I am. It's the one thing I remember doing best. And it's the one thing I'll keep doing. And getting my phone back is just what I needed to move on to the next step. Time to give Red a call." // The log ends. //
  14. // Alcord Announcement //

    // A different user named 'AlcordAdmin' replies instead of the normal automated AI. The comment is also hidden from others seeing it on the site. // I figured someone would oppose this eventually. So might as well get it out of the way. The Fringe is a dangerous place. Wild, untamed, destructive. Full to the brim of people's legacies, fallen empires, and ruins of times forgotten to the ages. And now, in this current time, we face some of the greatest threats we have ever seen. Blackhelm, sickness, blight, and genocide on a planetary scale. The only way we can weather these storms is to unite. Perhaps not in a traditional sense, but forces must be dedicated if we are to preserve our very way of life. For if we don't, we might as well all become machines. So I implore you, fellow anonymous, to reconsider your stance on my little project. For if things get any worse, it could the last chance at not only peace, but survival. // RESPONSE TERMINATE //  
  15. // Alcord Announcement //

    // AI response. // Factions entering in the Alcord Coalition [PATENT PENDING] when it is made available are not permitted to take military action inside the designated neutral zone. Benefits of joining will be made evident in the future. 'Qarin' appears to be misspelled. Did you mean 'Qu'ran'? // RESPONSE TERMINATE //