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  1. Hi everyone!

    Welcome to hell.
  2. What have I missed.

  3. Returning Player

    Welcome back to hell. Remind me who you are?
  4. Aila Fireblood

    Programming and how she ended up with two cybernetic arms. A skill and a very minor memory.
  5. Aila Fireblood

    Character name: Aila Fireblood Character death: shot in the head by Twam Number of previous clones: 0 Member vouches: whoever plays Soul, @Yongzhi2000 (he was watching oocly) and whoever plays Clancy or Ycnalc. Method of cloning: Staugan Tyzol-Electria retrieved the body from Haven city and took it to the nearest place or person that owned or offered cloning facilities. Skills: engineering and mechanics, learning programming from Julian Gaffney, able to put up a slightly challenging fight with a monkey wrench, and has had some practice with piloting a racing ship. Also very good at modification.
  6. Undercrypt Minicampaign: Guns of Djarus

    Name: Aila Fireblood https://gyazo.com/1ad1ad5409d169d84a828bd717a88444 Skills good at constructing weaponry, given the right resources. Skilled with technology, but not good at hacking Has had some practice with an old racer ship. Have you been in any previous Undercrypt events? Nope, this is my first one.
  7. Praise Haydee

  8. Back from the dead kinda? sortof reborn...

    I'm afraid I may have forgotten you. Either way, welcome back to hell.
  9. Come listen to me whine!

    Kudzzy. You have done literally nothing for this community, nor have you gotten involved in it, ever. If you actually enter the server and see what people get up to, what kind of things happen, and how we act, 'then' you can rant about us being all salty and on fire.   Until then, we ain't got time for making a new server, setting, story, hubs, species, signs, tech, ships, drawables, mechs, etc.
  10. Hey

    Welcome back to hell.
  11. Event Idea: Small World

    It's definitely an interesting idea, but i'm not sure it would be doable; maybe as a non-canon event, sure, but the technology being used would require either some serious explaining or what would essentially be tagged as 'magic'.
  12. // AkCorp.nex - Under New Management //

    (( stop necroposting ))

    // anonymous replies // Well I'm certainly not testing that theory. Maybe some really strong acid will help but fire sends a message.
  14. // Embarrassing //

    //anonymous replies// Tell that to Syed and his cronies.

    Next time, use fire and make it permanent.