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  1. // This nexus market site seems unfinished, but still has core functionality. Unlike most obsecrian-made pages, this one doesn't seem to utilize any nexus exploits. // CORRUSPHERIC EQUIPMENT SALES INITIATIVE CURRENT LOCATIONS: Haven Embassy (Go down the manhole, then turn left!) ↯ NEXUS CORRESPONDENCE: S_OM946 commence                                                                                                  Hello! This is a message from Setezitkanesche Spir Jekarri, the gatherer who heads this initiative. All orders and extraneous questions are to be directed to me with the given correspondence above! The glossary provided before the catalog should answer all relevant questions. We currently deal in osi, but other methods can be negotiated. Given the specialized nature of our products, publicly offered equipment and weaponry is currently limited, but will expand over time. If there is something you would like to work with us to have made, contact me and we will begin. The range of uses for corru is immeasurable, but I anticipate it being most desired for communications, post-death preservation, and adaptive equipment. Unfortunately, due to premade agreements with our benefactors, most of our devices sold will have anti-tampering measures in place to prevent reverse engineering. Sorry about that! From one curious mind to another, though-- trust me on that it isn't very interesting. Before purchasing, you should understand that time and excessive physical trauma will cause corruspheric devices to forget their purpose. When that happens, they may act anomalously, or not work at all. If this occurs, you may need to send your device in to one of our locations for maintenance.                                                                                                    CUSTOMER GLOSSARY Spoiler Corru: noun The basis of our technology. It is a form of metallic superorganism that holds a close symbiosis to our species. Corruspher: noun A precisely ordered metallic conglomeration consumed by corru as fuel. Corrusphere: noun A programmed corru mass. Tends to take the shape of a sphere, but not always. Corruspheric: adj Pertaining to or made of corru.     PUBLIC PRODUCT LISTING (Note from Setezitkanesche: Our product listing is currently being constructed.) Corruspheric Interfacing Spoiler Commoner Interface A portable corrusphere that, upon activation via a button-like depression, takes the shape of a panel-tablet and allows symbiosis-free interaction with a corruspheric device. The device being interfaced with must allow for commoner interfacing and be in close proximity. Pricing: 20 Osi   God's Skin // There doesn't seem to be any information on this product yet. This part must be under construction. //       Equipment Spoiler Corruskin Array A corru film of varying thickness that covers the body and hair to act as a second skin. The film takes on varying colors, lusters, textures, and-- in the case of hair or faces-- shapes, to give the impression that the wearer is something or someone that they are not. Arrays intended for users over 6'4'' must contact the initiative head to arrange for a height accommodation. Instructions for use included. Requires an interface to use in any measure. Pricing: 600 OSI   Drones Spoiler Steward Drone A helpful, cheerful corruspheric drone capable of cleaning your house, carrying your things, and telling jokes! Once activated by the interface, it responds to basic verbal commands and instructions. These drones are semi-intelligent– they can remember names, the layout of houses, cleaning schedules and more. By default, only understands galactic Common and Obsecrian. Pricing: 450 OSI ((( Download here: )))     Fueling Spoiler Corruspher Fuel for the corru contained in prism-shaped containers of varying sizes, both for consumption and repairs. Refueling and repairs are both achieved by direct contact with the prism. Fuel required is proportional to the size and function of the device, but typically isn't more than a few ounces for our current public devices. Pricing: 5 OSI/lb    
  2. Velzee's Skin

    If it protects the brain, I don't think so- not right away, at least. The 'infection' of the brain is necessary for interaction with the corru. Maybe after the brain is infected, that would work, as long as it didn't reverse anything. @WowGain
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  4. grade or die

    your choice

  5. //A confusing website//

    //User S_OM946 responds//    
  6. Velzee's Skin

    Name: Velzee's Skin Description: A baseball-sized corrusphere that, when initially activated, extends over the contour of the spine on the back of the user. After initial bonding, it becomes a permanent extension of the nervous system. When the process is complete, the user gains a mindspike, a metallic wire-like extension similar to an obsecrian's horn that can extend from the base of the back of their neck.   Abilities: After initial bonding, allows for non-obsecrians to use corruspheric technology freely, as if they were an obsecrian. That includes the becoming of an obsecrian spectre, or even basic corruspheric programming. Because corruspheres are programmed with ideas and not true direct language, the obsecrian language does not need to be learned to use most corruspheric tech. That doesn't extend to language-specific tech, such as obsecrian communications devices. The mindspike can be extended a max of about one foot outwards, can be moved freely, and is retracted into the corruspheric mass of the augment when not in use.   Limitations: Can only be used by organic humanoid species with human-like biology. The user gains a sickly and pale appearance, is more easily fatigued, and regenerates much more slowly due to the non-contagious pseudovirus that inhabits their body. The pseudovirus is not contagious. The user will die within a few days if the mindspike is severed or the augment is damaged beyond use. An obsecrian Jud can stop this from happening by repairing it. Cannot be removed without killing the user.   How does it work: The process happens in three phases: Infection: The corrusphere extends over the contour of the spine on the back of the user and hooks into the skin, ensuring that it stays attached. When the hooks are in place, specialized corru-bodies, individuals of the superorganism that makes up the augment, are deployed into the carotid artery and act similarly to a virus within the body. When in the brain, instead of replicating more corru and bursting from the cells as a virus would, the genetic instructions instead causes the brain cells it infects to harmlessly implement a sort of symbiosis between the cells and the corru, similar to what would be found in an obsecrian's brain matter. The process is generally safe in the brain, but the signature complications of Velzee's skin occur when these corru-bodies are carried to the rest of the body through the bloodstream, where they attempt to infect normal cells with generally negative effects. This process usually takes about a week, where the viral effects become apparent. Fusing: With the infection of the brain complete, the augment fuses with the user's spinal-cord through extensive subdermal wiring that extends from the augment's core. This is the most painful part of the process, and typically causes a noticeable amount of twitching in the user's extremities while the augment attaches itself and orients to the user's specific biology. This process takes 2-3 days. Completion: Upon completion of the fusing phase, the pain will suddenly stop, and the augment will immediately begin redirecting mass to make up the mindspike implement. This final phase marks the point where the user can fully interact with corruspheric technology and control the mindspike as if it were a new appendage-- which, for all intents and purposes, it is.   Referenced Technologies (Optional): Corruspheric Technology Attainability: Semi-closed. You can only get this from an obsecrian, and you should only trust a Jud to start the process. Tags: [Racial], [Genetic] Category: Genetic
  7. glasses gang, huh?

    take the glasspill

    here's a quick rundown:
    >Haven Federation bows to the gang

    >In contact with aliens

    >Possess handlaser-like abilities

    >Control Dave with an iron but fair fist

    >Direct descendants of an ancient royal blood line

    >Bankrolls Mars (Glassesgrad is the true capital)

    >Own 99% of G.L.A.S.S.E.S. editing research facilities in the galaxy

    >Most designer characters will in all likelihood be Glasses Gang applicants

    >all glasses gang members said to have 215+ IQ, such intelligence in the Fringe has only existed deep in Jin's monasteries & the Undercrypt

    >Ancient hylotl scriptures tell of bespectacled angels who will descend upon the galaxy and will bring an era of enlightenment and unprecedented technological progress with them

    >They own Glassesbot R&D labs around the galaxy

    >You likely have Glassesbots inside you right now

    >The gang are in regular communication with the spirit of the Prophet, forwarding the word of Allah to the Islamic Caliphate. Who do you think set up the meeting between Hastur & the Purgatorian government (First meeting between the two organisations in over 1000 years) and arranged the caliphate leader's first trip to the Undercrypt in history literally a few days after a trip to the Glasses bunker?

    >They learned fluent Voidspeak in under a week

    >Planet states entrust their osi reserves with the gang.

    >The gang are about 7 decades old, from the space-time reference point of the base human currently accepted by our society

    >In reality, they are timeless beings existing in all points of time and space from the big bang to the end of the universe. We don't know their ultimate plans yet. We hope they're benevolent beings.

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      the glasspill is a tough one to swallow

      but you need to understand the truth

  8. a relic from another time upgronk

    This is what you people do for fun? How pathetic.


    This is what you people do for fun? How pathetic.


    This is what you people do for fun? How pathetic.


    This is what you people do for fun? How pathetic.


    This is what you people do for fun? How pathetic.


    This is what you people do for fun? How pathetic.


    This is what you people do for fun? How pathetic.

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      quote of the week

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  11. me wanted hublist

    me got hublist

  12. 1.2 Compatible Starcheat

    because I noticed the old thread is mysteriously missing... link retrieved from