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  1. // ANGELS //

    //Spearchucker leaves a reply// And here floran thought you meatmen were incompetent pawns. -This- is how you make an example of traitors within your own ranks. Floran is impressed.
  2. My Wonderful Trip to Haven

    ((You know Juggleman? I appreciate that question, I do. No... I suppose I am not. I'm tired man. Tired of the drama and shady stuff that goes on here. Tired of the nonsensical nonsense that seems to permeate the behavior of people not only IC, but OOC as well. Especially the OOC. Tired of (-some- not all of) GC staff that for all intents and purposes look like a bunch of nepotistic children on a power high. On a rp server. Tired of the meta. Tired of problems being swept under the rug. Tired of people getting away with some really shitty stuff. Man I want to have -fun- roleplaying. I want to develop my writing skills. I don't want to beam in and see three people forming a totem pole with their character models or burying themselves underground and not rp. I am tired of some of the base lore of starbound getting dropped "because Chucklefish doesn't know how to lore" and then get overshadowed or even replaced by player generated content that is objectively worse and self-serving. I am tired of people rping characters to garner power server-wise, and not roleplay their character as if they were an actual person with realistic goals, behavior, and expectations. I am tired of plotlines getting railroaded to the interests of only certain groups of people. Most of all, I am tired of the toxicity of this community. Hjaalmar contributed nothing to this post that got derailed due to the OOC. My character makes a centuries old reference? And that is considered more problematic to what I view as some of the examples I gave above. There is no consistency to the theme of GC, and it makes it extremely frustrating to be a part of it. So why bother? That is the question I asked for months before finally hopping on again and this happens. I don't want to be that guy okay. But I feel like I have to be on the defensive constantly for really petty reasons. It doesn't surprise me that people leave here or that the technician went off the deep end and tried to take the server down with her. But thank you for the concern... I just needed to vent a little I guess.
  3. My Wonderful Trip to Haven

    Thank you for your contribution to the IC posts by the way.
  4. My Wonderful Trip to Haven

  5. My Wonderful Trip to Haven

    ((That is an interesting point. In an age of widespread internet media, does one not think that slang and memes would become firmly established as regular speech or expanded upon? Cuck is shortening of cuckold or cuckolded, making that particular statement viable. Certainly more viable than the idea of a multi colonial Islamic caliphate getting -any- sort of traction to have the power displayed on this server. Or a super parasite that doesn't actually have any weaknesses when you read the fine print and plot armor thicker than the player report board. Or a branch of the USCM led by satanic worshipping gothic loli girls. Or the fact that every female character is a sex hungry pansexual))
  6. My Wonderful Trip to Haven

    This would be posted on a simple social media site under the alias "SpearChucker". Anyone reading the posted update would quickly discern that the person was talking about New Haven. "So floran decided against his better judgement to visit 'civilization' after months of hunting in the wilds. Floran tried to think of good meat man colony to visit. Was not going to be stupid desert colony run by cuck robed parasite and the verse wide mistake that is his rotten mate, so floran go to New Haven. Lots of meat men praise as shiny beacon. Now this floran likes his shinies so he go." "Floran beam in, and had to admit was impressed. City was not dirty and filled with toxic air. Was clean, and so very, very pretty. Floran even saw tree. Was ancient tree. Could feel it's life force. Touched tree. Was a good tree. But not a couple minutes in and Floran accosted by an armored, helmeted man. He not like how floran dress he said. Floran was covered though. He had furs around his waist and over shoulders. Not good enough he said. Should cover more. How much more Floran asked. Not get straight answer. This go back and forth. Seemed silly to wear armor for Floran. Could be seen as threat. How much did Floran need to cover? Could New Haven citizens and visitors not wear shorts or go shirtless? Did more than mating parts need to be covered? Which ones? Shoulders? Neck? Face? Stomach? Floran thought he was well off enough, but vague, unlisted laws and precedent disagreed. Guard said this was 'civilized' city. Whatever -that- meant. Floran was arrested without fight. His rights not listed. Probably didn't have any." "Nice glitch female there listening to this. Was so disgusted by scene she took off her pants in protest. She get arrested with Muwaybi. We become jail buddies." "Jail had legless man who shouted mean things. He probably get arrested for not having pants too, so Muwaybi forgive him. Glitch woman was also there. She refused to wear prison pants. We did not get call. We did get to fill out report though about stupid guard though and his silly arrest. Probably not even get read, but Floran practice penmanship. Eventually important people come to visit us. Avian with big eyes; robed man with stick. And man servant with stinky smokes and booze. They ask why we here. Floran tells them, and this gets interesting." "They argue with Floran and glitch lady about the righteousness of their cause. 'You look like a gay stripper', owl man tells Muwaybi. Floran not even know what that is. 'Where I come from, people wearing short shorts were executed.' Good for you? Then owl man says he has seen people wearing loin clothes where he come from. So... Is it okay Floran wear furs then? Eventually, owl man admits they have no reason to even keep Floran there, making arrest pointless in first place. They tell glitch lady that if she put on own pants, Floran can go free. Excuse you, did not just say had no reason to even keep Floran there? Legless prisoner gets viciously beaten for yelling out 'plant ******'. Floran and glitch lady go free after she puts her pants back on." "Floran walks outside, smelling fresh air and feeling sun on skin again. Hears gunshots. Fight breaks out on New Haven. Floran beams out. Is all uncivilized savages." Edit: "Oh yes. Owl man said two reports not necessary. Will shred the other one. He is busy man he said. Has busy things to do like drink and smoke things from his man servant and beat mentally ill people without legs. Floran understand though. We can't all be bothered to do our job sometimes, so we might as well not."
  7. Raven's Bar Griefed?

    Apparently Raven's Bar was griefed. Wasn't terrible... More cheeky than anything else. Someone covered the windows and spawned in random critters. Then used a dirt block arrow pointing to a chest with dungeon tile defender.
  8. Floran Tribe

    Good. Maybe they will underestimate the non spear wielding, less savage elements of a tribe then
  9. Floran Tribe

    Don't get me wrong. The tribe will engage in hunting and raiding if necessary, but it isn't the attitude of an insane psychopath, but of a predator carefully considering its options and looking for an opportune target. The tribe expects discipline from its members. Attracting unnecessary attention is not the tribe's goal. That aside, Muwaybi takes the Shin'kali threat very seriously, so that is something else you might appreciate.
  10. Floran Tribe

    Basically the purpose of this thread is to OOCly gauge the interests of the community to determine if anyone would be interested in the concept of a seriously role-played floran tribe following traditional values tempered by pragmatic responses to recent IC happenings. The floran character in question does not have to fulfill the stereotypes of a stab happy hunter or warrior, only respect traditional floran values. The leader of the tribe would be Muwaybi, a young, but ambitious warrior who is more than a bit disgusted by the going ons in the Fringe. A private hub would be provided, and I am willing to work with staff to advance the faction's interest, especially in challenging some of the more major threats plaguing the Fringe. But before I start doing IC recruiting or even making a faction page/building the hub, I would like to know if anyone is interested. Questions are welcomed and appreciated.
  11. Goodbye

    I could get into a long spiel about what issues I perceive on GC. Truth be told though, I am tired and more weary about this place than anything else. There is a negative atmosphere that seems to pervade everything, from the community all the way to the staff. There are issues that need to be addressed, but the actions used to address them miss the mark or bring more grief.  The good I got from GC were a few of the people I got to rp with. There are some great community members here. However, the community as a whole never seemed to match that quality. There is a lot of pettiness, meta, power gaming, dark themes, and edginess constantly. There is no progression, no systems in place to oversee and prevent some of the major issues here. The forum has means to treat the symptoms (The APP page, report a player, banning) of its problems, but never has the courage to try preventing the problem (Actual mechanics, reasonable set-in-stone rules, whitelisting, etc).  I have been on another server. And mechanics aside, whatever you think of Serenity, their way of administrating things, the structure of its server, and the application system they use has allowed it to not have a griefer in almost two years. There is no power gaming. A character good at one thing has to take away the potential to be good at something else. There is an INCENTIVE to EARNING wealth, power, influence, etc... And it is not necessarily combat focused. There is a sense of accomplishment, and a community of great rpers who are passionate about their server. GC doesn't have that as a whole. It has a lot of pessimism, a lot of frustration, and a lot of arguments. The issue is, GC wants to be an open server to invite as many players as it can. It has decided that the bad that comes with the potential good is worth the cost. We are in disagreement about its current structure, and therefore it is better I simply leave.
  12. Goodbye

    After some consideration, I have decided to leave GC for good. I like some of the people on the server, but I can't state that I enjoy the other aspects of what makes up this community. Although I can stick with my circle of friends to rp with, I don't feel like the atmosphere of the server is conductive to building towards anything or having long term goals. I am simply offset by the way the community handles their creation. Perhaps they are satisfied with this, but it is not my cup of tea to say the least. I apologize to those I rped with and had plots left unfulfilled. If you want to contact me, you can do so through email or through my steam account. I hang out on Serenity for the most of my rp if you have an interest in that. My characters that will be going with me are Aries, Colt Sulfide, and Wadhina Shadowreap. I ask the staff to remove the world file for Gunslinger's Saloon as well. It will be put to use somewhere else. Thank you everyone else I had the pleasure of meeting with. I hope you continue to have fun here.
  13. D.A.V.E.

  14. On the Subject of Pain

    The core races of Starbound were intended to be somewhat similar in capabilities, with some variation of strengths and weaknesses. Floran can take punishment, but still feel pain. Glitch were intended to simulate organic life as possible. They have to eat, breath, and can feel sensation as much as any other organic, albeit crudely.  Honestly, this issue is probably due to the way combat works on this server (IE: the way combat does NOT work on this server) for why this occurs. Edit: On another note, novakid likely do not feel 'pain' like organics do, but they probably DO feel discomfort and instability damage does to their bodies in general.
  15. Gunslingers' Saloon

    rolz.org has special rooms where players can see the result of each other's dice rolls. If your character has the skills (And the character bio to back those skills up) I might work a modifier in there. probably up to +5.