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  1. Kata's still lurkin'

    yeah i remember you
  2. //User 'Robot' leaves a comment\\ what the fuck are you doing with your life
  3. Undercrypt Minicampaign: Guns of Djarus

    Character Name: Knight Glyph Character Skills:  -Strong -Can carry lots of weight -Good fighter -Knowledge of Djarus -Can help defend others Have you been in any previous Undercrypt events?: Yes, the second expedition. I reside in the undercrypt as well, and have a sword from the expedition.
  4. NEXDAQ Stock Market | Exchange, Trade, Sell |

    //User 'Green' buys 1000 stocks in Atlas for 76220 osidians\\
  5. It's time for me to go.

    Huh? What? What the hell happened. Either way, farewell my friend.
  6. Modify or Remove Cloning Rule #6

    I agree with this. If its to escape punishment, either the cloning takes much longer, or they are refused.
  7. huzzah.

    i'm confused
  8. Bumble Beefish for Sale!!!!!!

    //User 'ToothpasteSynth' buys one of each\\

    //User 'Person' upvotes the post\\ Dude most amazing thing ever.

    //RandomPerson makes a post\\ Bathshire is going to kill everyone that is a Muslim!
  11. First The Undercrypt, Then The World

    +1 Best character and been here for awhile. He's also a great GM so far in the Undercrypt.
  12. //soon//

    //User 'quartzin' replied\\ Everyone is gone. So yeah have fun.
  13. Name: Hammer Race: Floran Age: 21 Are you a previous Federation member?: No. What would you bring to Atlas?: Strong, can wield giant hammer and other weapons. Schematics to decent armor if needed. Spell ICUP: W-h-y-t-h-o-u-g-h
  14. // How to Kill a Qarin //

    //Saved and screenshots made. By many characters.\\
  15. Factory Reboot

    What apple said. No one agrees to it, no matter what its like here.