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  1. //Odd Signal Detected\\

    ((Lange has been NPC'd  Annabelli cannot participate. Polyima has been denied entry as per request of lange.))
  2. //Odd Signal Detected\\

    All slots full. Some may open up later if time constraints disallow members from attending.
  3. //Odd Signal Detected\\

      // \\ The signal stands out from the white noise that is the omnipresent radio static. Most would find it unintelligible, others think it just interference. Some however, would pick up on the notes of language of some sort being used in the shifting tones of the ominous signal. The signal has been playing for months it would seem, only now finally reaching levels able to be picked up by conventional radios. Translators would cipher the signal as Hyperian in origin, a thought to be dead language of the planet of the machines, but many words do not translate well. Regardless, words that can be ciphered from Hyperian are as follows:   “Black --- besieged ----- substantial ----- --- -- --- primes ---- catastrophic ---- -- ---- Help.”   The signal repeats endlessly, though quality fades in and out as time goes on. It can be traced back to an uncharted system on the borders of Ociapex and Fringe space. What noble adventurer or mighty bandit will answer the call?   \\ //   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~OOC Bit Starts Here~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Whats this? A forum post by Dekerrex? I know right its been a while! Anywho, who's up for a neat little Event myself and a few contributors have been putting together for a lil while now? Because that's whats going on here. Its nothing big but There'll be interesting story, lovely foreshadowing, and IC rewards for those who see it through! To enter just apply here with the format below. There will be a character limit though, just to avoid overcrowding, though if you have a team with someone else you may bring them along. First come first serve. Application form (Done for both your character and for team's character if applicable) Character Name:Discord ID: (so I can add you to the server)Purpose: (character's reason for following the signal, just so we can prep ample rewards and side-scenarios)Consent: (It is a possibility that your character may sustain injury from mere scratches to perhaps fatal blows. just let us know if you consent to death just in case so we don't have any issues if that comes up. Won't be permanent.) Character Slots Lange AvaliceNPC ATL-452 Valadrien Alastur Ndra SAM Ralai'Kahor ME-597723-β Silent Akio   Event is being held 2:00PM EST on Friday, July 7th until further notice. if one or two people cannot make it but the rest can we may drop them out and replace them with the late comers. If more people than that cannot make it we will adjust time. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  4. I return (?)

  5. Art Trade w/ Dekerrex

    DJ Lange taking your ears out to a five star restaurant
  6. When I'm through with you, Virginia, you'll have to pee sitting down like a girl! HOIHOIHOI 

    1. -DZ-

      A true saiyan always sprinkles when he tinkles.

    2. Wibble me jim jams.

      Hes right you know


      *Gasp* Neh daddy!


      Noo ****** *Slams face with elbow*



  7. The Chinauts

    Bumpers bumpers
  8. Look at me, contributing

    Now I feel bad for not even acknowledging these creations in a timely manner Much thanks
  9. It's time for me to go.

    Had fun while it lasted. good luck with your future endeavors
  10. Time to Stop Bugging You

    Now what am I gonna tell the exterminator?
  11. Fuckin weebs

    Vago Kepp Atticus Kepp [The second coming of] Inkette Septimus
  12. Lange, I am your father. 


    Search your feelings, you know it to be true

    1. Bug

      Well that explains the chopped off body part.

    2. Short-Factor



  13. The Chinauts

    Cosign me up I want in on this. (is it just restricted to insects or are we looking at the whole arthropod spectrum? cuzz we can get really freaky here) P.S. if you want some good bug people art