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  1. Here's to you.

  2. // Little Joe's closed //

    // AhsanullahAS reploes. // Crime has actually fallen in recent weeks, thanks to better guard training and the Hellwalker initiative. We also await payment for the apartment you destroyed.
  3. // Al-Dhaid Masquerade Event \\

    // User Shamoonbase replies. // do I have to bring a masquerade mask for my Floran too??
  4. Hjalmar

    Character Name: Hjalmar Cause of Death: Starvation, there was not enough food in the Vulcan complex. The old Atlas Federation never returned. Has been OOC unused as a character since June 2016. # of Previous Clones: None Member Vouch: Was killed offscreen through story decisions, nobody administered the 'killing blow'. Character Sheet: Here Cloning Method: The Atlas medical department are performing scans of the DNA left in Hjalmar's bones and attempting to recreate him. Skills: None of note.
  5. // The website would be a basic Nexus site for reviewing restaurants and other establishments. The reviewer is used 'Shamoonbase', who has about thirteen hundred followers. // Buckle up for a thrill ride on just why you shouldn't visit Club Solus. Like, yeah, the decor is nice (though the music is a bit dated) but the staff? Oh man. I honestly feel sorry for that one rabbit chick, as the rest of the staff seem really incompetent. I visit Club Solus a lot, usually with my pal Gronkey, but I figured I'd brave it alone and get an orange juice before heading back home. You know, instead of going to that grocery store down the block, I figured I'd give this place my patronage instead. Regrettable! I go in, head up top and dip into the pool. You know, because they have a pool for some reason. I figured I'd grab an OJ after doing some laps, so head downstairs to order one. I don't throw some clothes on, because I'm literally covered in water and there are no towels or whatever, so head down in my shorts. I keep a revolver with me usually, but I'm not going to keep that by the poolside because some kid or whatever could pick it up and accidentally brain a Floran (LOL). So I head downstairs. I see this cute robot girl - if you're reading this give me your number - and order an orange juice. I pay her the money, and walk up to this Hylotl chick who does magic or whatever, we talk about my awesome tattoos and rippling muscles. She seemed pretty nice. So I stand there, and wait for my drink. She gets held up by conversation and doesn't head to the bar. Twenty minutes later, I call to the barman - a Glitch in a hoodie for some reason (I don't know either), and ask where it is. He demands I put on a shirt. Yeah uh, why would I do that? I wear a 600 pixel shirt, and I'm not going to ruin that with chlorinated water because the guy pouring some orange juice made up a rule. And he's insistent, even though I've paid for my drink, that I should put on a shirt. No way, pal. He literally leaves the bar! and his boss comes over, a dog or something. I ask him about my drink and he called me an asshole for talking to his barman like that. What the fuck???? Who calls their patrons assholes for not being served the drinks they ordered? I asked him for my drink again, and he calls me an asshole and said he'd call the guard. Yeah, what the fuck about that, too?? "Sir, you're under arrest for paying for a drink and not receiving it." Yawn.  W'allah! The only saving grace about this establishment is that barmaid. She came up to me as I was putting on my shirt and begged me to not post a negative review or anything. I don't know, maybe her wages would get docked or something. So I insisted she keep the money that she and not her boss decided to refund me. She obviously needs it if she works in an establishment like that. Also, I saw a naked Floran in the swimming pool. Yeah, naked, dude. I rate 0 stars. // There is a space for 144 character replies. //
  6. al-Dhaid

    _________________ al-Dhaid Bastion of Faith _________________ A brief history.  The town of New al-Dhaid was originally settled by 150 families of the original Islamic exodus from Sol. It has a population of 265,000. The current vali of the province is Aisha Hasan al-Saqqaf. (( @Partiϟan )). She is the first female vali and is largely adored by the Dhaidi citizens as a model citizen. The town remained peaceful during the time of the Maladh Republic, and was ignored during the Caliphate revolution because of its tactical unimportance - the town is isolated within the al-Khaimah desert and so offered no advantage to either fighting force.   The township is favored by its inhabitants for its scenic views, a series of hydroponics turned the barren desert into arable land raised above the shifting sands. Smaller surrounding settlements are reached via a sand-skiff, which provide the only secure access to the town from a secure checkpoint. This checkpoint searches all visitors on entry and exit for haram substances and weaponry, as to maintain peace in the idyllic town.   Not much of historic note has taken place in the town, other than the birth of a few viziers and lawyers. Beyond usage as a quiet retreat for the Emirati, the town is mostly used as a layover point for sandskiff cruises of the Maladhi deserts.   The town was recently opened to outsiders of Maladh to increase stagnating trade and to promote peaceful relations between the ummah and the kuffar. The Caliph himself praised the decision, as he wished to display the virtues of the Caliphate to outsiders.   The Laws of the Land The laws of New al-Dhaid, as with the laws of all other vassals of the Caliphate, are Sharia. The laws of the land are adhered to strictly by the citizens, rendering the place near-utopian. The Mutaween act as the religious police, encouraging virtue and preventing vice within New al-Dhaid. The area is concealed carry only, checkpoints and strict Mutaween enforcement stop people from bringing in any larger weapons. All foreigners who beam down arrive at the checkpoint, which screens and filters those who could possibly present a danger to the city, both physically and spiritually. The city can only be reached by the checkpoint’s skiff, which can only be boarded when foreigners have been properly registered, and the women have been properly covered. Free hijabs are provided at the entry doors. Off the teleporter foreigners are not privileged to any forms of privacy or security. The Mutaween is not obliged to defend them in an attack, nor are they obliged to come to their aid if a crime has been committed against them. Until a foreigner becomes either a Muslim or a Dhimmi, they are almost entirely alienated from the law’s protection. Foreigners may apply to become Dhimmi if they are non-Muslim, which will allow them to purchase a skiff, and consume haram substances in their own privacy, or areas sanctioned for Dhimmi, such as nightclubs. They cannot run for a position of vali, only Muslims may participate in the administration. Protection of the law is guaranteed only to Muslims and Dhimmi. The Mutaween can only be comprised of Muslims, though vigilantism from Dhimmi against non-Muslims is not illegal, and is often encouraged if it aids the Mutaween. Muslims that wish to obtain government positions must contact the city’s appointed vali, or marry into nobility. Being a foreigner does not give exemption to the law.   Consuming and distribution of haram substances is punishable by death, but Dhimmi may consume such substances in special areas denoted for them. Theft is punishable by amputation of the right hand. Criticizing or denying any part of the Quran is punishable by death. Criticizing Muhammad or denying that he is a prophet is punishable by death. Criticizing or denying Allah is punishable by death. A non-Muslim who leads a Muslim away from Islam is punishable by death. A Muslim who becomes a non-Muslim is punishable by death. A woman cannot drive a car nor sand-skiff, as it leads to fitnah (rebellion). A woman cannot speak alone to a man who is not her husband or relative. Hajj is mandatory, biannually. Women must remain covered. A non-Muslim assaulting a Muslim is punishable by death. Being an adherent of a non-Dhimma faith is punishable by deportation and thirty lashes. Interfering with the Mutaween is punishable by seventy five lashes. Disrespecting the Mutaween is punishable by two days in prison, twenty lashes. Failure for a non-Muslim citizen to pay their Jizya fee will result in either a mandatory conversion or death. Harming the free market is punishable by sixty lashes. Criticizing the current ruling administration is only permitted by Muslims, and only on certain platforms. All other instances lead to one hundred lashes and possible deportation. Depicting Muhammad is punishable by death. Any questionable material bought inside of an area marked for Dhimmis cannot be brought out, the punishment for doing so is death or deportation. No member of the Jewry is permitted in the Caliphate, it is punishable by death.
  7. al-Dhaid

  8. // REVIEW: Don't visit Club Solus //

    // User Shamoonbase replies. // I still don't have my orange juice. // The review is updated to be -1 stars. //
  9. // REVIEW: Don't visit Club Solus //

    // User Shamoonbase replies. // I wouldn't need to if you give me the drink I paid for, dumbfuck.
  10. Okay. That had me laughing for a solid 10 minutes and made me want to just let it slide for the sheer stupidity that statement excludes.

    1. WowGain

      Okay. That had me laughing for a solid 10 minutes and made me want to just let it slide for the sheer stupidity that statement excludes.

    2. Stupid Internet Guy

      Okay. That had me laughing for a solid 10 minutes and made me want to just let it slide for the sheer stupidity that statement excludes.

  11. // CivNews BREAKING - Sol War Lost //

    // shamoonbase replies // "intergalactic L"
  12. // Club SOLUS Introduces VR Game: SHATTERSTONE \\

    (( I don't see how a 1v1 score could beat a 2v2 but sure :-] ))
  13. // Club SOLUS Introduces VR Game: SHATTERSTONE \\

    // Attached is an image of the scoreboard. Whoever these PEE and POO users are, they are extremely skilled at the game. //
  14. Krowski does free art for you

    i like the big floating cube a lot it has nice shading  

      // There is an automated reply from the Human Resources department. // We would like to congratulate you on a successful job application. We are always glad to have more members of our corporate family, especially former employees of 'MCRESH'.
  16. // AhsanullahAS replies. // Always had respect for Luqmaan and I can see how selling the brand could profit McResh's investors. Greatest trade deal of our generation.
  17. //Atlas Fear.\\

    Haven has around ten million citizens, many of them veterans of the first war with Blackhelm. A white and red McResh that palms off robotics instead of burgers is not going to bolster their ranks by any significant degree. // End. //
  18. // Sarracenia Subdued //

    (( inactive for five months and the guild page was archived. ))
  19. Floran Emporium

    // 7368616d6f6f6e makes a post. // Your name: fuck you im not filling that in Time and date you’ll be arriving at Maladh: i live there. hows tuesday 10pm? Base:  Middle aged male Floran with implant: 1000 riyals Bonuses:  - Fluent galactic common (+200 riyals) - Physically fit (+100 riyals) - Deformity/disease free (+200 riyals) - De-clawed, de-fanged (+50 riyals) Warranty: ill just buy anothr __________________________________________ I would like gift wrapping ☑ __________________________________________
  20. // Atlas News Returns. //

    // User Shamoonbase replies. // Nice body-tubes. That one of those kid toys you can get with the little gooey Grey inside?
  21. // Civ's Misc. Shit //

    // User Shamoonbase orders one handful of homemade putty. //
  22. // New Irish Republic \\

    (( when did Ireland unify? Did North Ireland leave the UK or did the Republic of Ireland join it? How did the lose their historic religious differences? ))
  23. // The page is clean white, with a graph showing fluctuating prices of multiple stocks. There is an option to buy or sell. The page is amended with a brief news write-up about the major stock changes of the week. // (( This is an IC way to trade stocks! The prices fluctuate depending on in-character events as well as people buying/selling them on this thread. The price changes are discussed with staff beforehand to prevent any meta-gaming. An updated sheet will be made every Sunday.)) (( But Hjalmar, how does it work? )) (( Simply comment on the thread with how "BUY (stock name) (stock amount) (price overall)" or "SELL (stock name) (stock amount) (profit/loss overall)",  for example, "BUY CRUDE ERCHIUS 10 750.16", which would cost 750 Osidians. If, by next week, the value has decreased (let's say Bathshire/ICIF/Atlas start producing fuel and so stop buying it, meaning there's more fuel everywhere now), you've lost money; but don't worry, just don't sell yet. The price might pick back up! (( This main post will be updated each week with a new chart, please do all trades in the comments below. )) (( Please try not to buy/sell too often due to thread clutter - one post per week is preferable! Editing your first post for that week is preferred! )) ((The spoilers below are the previous weeks.)) Spoiler     "Looks like the political climate and increased use of Steel in arms manufacture has caused an increase in price, with a value growth of +7.60% △. The price of Crude Erchius getting lower (-13.02%▽) is as concerning as ever - lunar overproduction by small mining companies is, as always, driving down the price. The surge in corn, oats, and coffee as of recent shows an ever-growing demand for food staples in the outer Fringe. Those with a love of metal commodities might take interest in the fluctuation of Rubium, though I doubt it'll stay on the up-and-up by this time next week." "As always, Prisilite hasn't budged." "In corporation news, the Atlas Corporation (ATLS) has had a significant boon in value this week, since the public opening of Calypso, hopefully nothing happens to curtail this rise." "Brokers are giving eye to the price of most raw metal commodity prices, with the violence on Maladh threatening to cause a loss of production." "See you next week."     Spoiler   “In corporations news, The Fringe’s had a horrible week, the only corporation being entirely unscathed is Atlas Corporation,  ( ATLS +16.74% △). Having announced various projects to capitalise on the public interest in Calypso, though nothing comes near the settle of the gas giant, the gains made this week aren’t quite as significant. Both Atlas Technological Enterprises ( ATE +3.66% △) and AKCorp ( ACP +5.61% △) had made gains in the market with keynote speeches and announcements of future developments. Sadly, the horrifying attack on the Purgatory center of AKCorp has caused the expected popularity to have a bit of a dampener, and the freezing of the assets of Atlas Technological Enterprises has resulted in a drastic loss of trade, due to it happening at as inopportune a time as ever." "Atlas Technological Enterprises ( ATE +3.66% △) cannot be traded until their assets are unfrozen by the interim Bathshire government - purchasing stock is, of course, an exchanging of an asset and therefore cannot be conducted while ATE ‘s coffers are locked."   "Corn ( CORN +9.20% △) is making gains in the food commodities market, with the demand for staple foodstuffs increasing with the amount of refugees fleeing conflicts in Maladh. The decrease in Crude Erchius (-5.23% ▼) is following the downwards trend set last week, although is beginning to plateau." "As always, Prisilite hasn't budged."   "Contrasting to the beliefs of many eagle-eyed stockbrokers, the prices of metals have surged with the demand for weaponry due to inter-Fringe conflict. Who says war isn’t profitable, huh?"   "See you next week."           Spoiler   “It looks like those trying to cash in on the keynote speech made by Atlas Technological Enterprises ( ATE 0.00% ) are failing to make any profit due to their assets still being untradable thanks to the ever-liberal Bathshire government. AKCorp (AKCP +5.63% △) has started to climb, with weapons deals and ongoing arms development in the face of the Purgatory attacks showing that they can't be hit when they're down. Atlas Corp ( ATLS +15.45% △ ) is still worth sinking some funds into, although their plateau seems to be taking stride with a significant - although not as significant as prior boons - 15.45% increase on market's close. Let's hope that those investors in Atlas Technological Enterprises can free up some funds by this time next week."   "Corn ( CORN +10.13% △) is continuing to upsurge, staples for daily life still in great demand. In the raw fuels markets, there was a further decrease in Crude Erchius (-4.36% ▼), a downward trend on market's close."   "As always, Prisilite hasn't budged."   "See you next week."     Spoiler       In corporate news, The Atlas Corporation ( ATLS +16.12% △ ) has continued to climb with announcements concerning the expansion of its robotics division. AKCorp (AKCP -3.51% ▼) has taken a solid hit following false accusations concerning its Shin'kali vaccine, shaking public faith in the company. Atlas Technological Enterprises ( ATE +4.22% △ ) has rebounded quietly following its reintroduction to the trading floor, the appearance of the new shipyard giving a significant boost to their revenue, as well as the introduction of employee-distributed stock options.   "In food commodity futures, Corn ( CORN +8.74% △) is dipping from its original spike in demand, but is still climbing upwards." "In the raw fuels markets, the per barrel price of Crude Erchius (-3.48% ▼) has dipped even further, rumour of an intergalactic oil crisis teetering on the lips of speculators everywhere - although nothing of worth has come from these rumors."   "As always, Prisilite hasn't budged."   "See you next week."         Spoiler     In corporate news, Atlas Technological Enterprises ( ATE -3.62 ▼) has taken a loss in stock value this week, with the disappearance of the CEO, Ontra Sin, causing those invested in the company to be sceptical of any interim management . The Atlas Corporation ( ATLS +8.53% △ ) is still sailing its wave established weeks prior, although without any great news this week, are beginning to plateau. AKCorp (AKCP 3.69% △ ) has regained some public favour after the Shin'kali fiasco, resulting in an upwards swing. Nanotransen (NTR 0.23% △ ) and Nen-Vesk Medical Impliments (NVMI 0.92% △ ) , Purgatorian home-brewed companies, are climbing steadily - the influence of Purgatorian officials in the changing of the economy is not known, though probable.   "In food commodity futures, Corn ( CORN 0.94% ▼) has turned tables with its previous high-demand being faced with a sudden overproduction, causing bulk corn futures to plummet significantly." "Crude Erchius (-2.11% ▼) continues to dip, although is levelling. Hopefully, more Erchius-producing states will take note of the bottoming price and level out some sort of agreement before crisis hits."   "As always, Prisilite hasn't budged."   "See you next week."     In corporate news, multiple corporations have tanked as a result of the Subhuman uprising in Purgatory. Atlas Technological Enterprises ( ATE -5.95 ▼), Nanotransen ( NTR -0.62 ▼ ) and Nen-Vesk Medical Impliments (NVMI 4.65% △ ) struggling to keep above the 0 mark as public faith in the interim management falters. The mass-buying of Nen-Vesk stock by Purgatorian officials as a reflexive action is the only thing keeping it from plummeting. The Atlas Corporation ( ATLS +7.38% △ ) is dipping from its current upsoar, as expected with no major news announced.   "In food commodity futures, Corn ( CORN 0.548% ▼) continues to dip as the oversupply continues."   "Crude Erchius ( +0.47% △ ) is climbing back up after the scare over the previous months. Looks like the companies took notice of our warnings."   "As always, Prisilite hasn't budged."   "See you next week." (( Give me a PM if you want your company to be made Public and to be on the market! This post will be edited regularly to add them.)) (( The limit for stocks has been introduced, this can be changed by application although may cause the current stocks to devalue. Smaller companies will understandably have smaller limits due to being traded less - it helps keep a uniform volatility across the board and is an OOC method to encourage trading instead of hoarding, it is not indicative of company wealth. ))  
  24. yikes