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  1. Here's to you.

  2. // Little Joe's closed //

    // AhsanullahAS reploes. // Crime has actually fallen in recent weeks, thanks to better guard training and the Hellwalker initiative. We also await payment for the apartment you destroyed.
  3. // Al-Dhaid Masquerade Event \\

    // User Shamoonbase replies. // do I have to bring a masquerade mask for my Floran too??
  4. Hjalmar

    Character Name: Hjalmar Cause of Death: Starvation, there was not enough food in the Vulcan complex. The old Atlas Federation never returned. Has been OOC unused as a character since June 2016. # of Previous Clones: None Member Vouch: Was killed offscreen through story decisions, nobody administered the 'killing blow'. Character Sheet: Here Cloning Method: The Atlas medical department are performing scans of the DNA left in Hjalmar's bones and attempting to recreate him. Skills: None of note.
  5. al-Dhaid

  6. // REVIEW: Don't visit Club Solus //

    // User Shamoonbase replies. // I still don't have my orange juice. // The review is updated to be -1 stars. //
  7. // REVIEW: Don't visit Club Solus //

    // User Shamoonbase replies. // I wouldn't need to if you give me the drink I paid for, dumbfuck.
  8. // The website would be a basic Nexus site for reviewing restaurants and other establishments. The reviewer is used 'Shamoonbase', who has about thirteen hundred followers. // Buckle up for a thrill ride on just why you shouldn't visit Club Solus. Like, yeah, the decor is nice (though the music is a bit dated) but the staff? Oh man. I honestly feel sorry for that one rabbit chick, as the rest of the staff seem really incompetent. I visit Club Solus a lot, usually with my pal Gronkey, but I figured I'd brave it alone and get an orange juice before heading back home. You know, instead of going to that grocery store down the block, I figured I'd give this place my patronage instead. Regrettable! I go in, head up top and dip into the pool. You know, because they have a pool for some reason. I figured I'd grab an OJ after doing some laps, so head downstairs to order one. I don't throw some clothes on, because I'm literally covered in water and there are no towels or whatever, so head down in my shorts. I keep a revolver with me usually, but I'm not going to keep that by the poolside because some kid or whatever could pick it up and accidentally brain a Floran (LOL). So I head downstairs. I see this cute robot girl - if you're reading this give me your number - and order an orange juice. I pay her the money, and walk up to this Hylotl chick who does magic or whatever, we talk about my awesome tattoos and rippling muscles. She seemed pretty nice. So I stand there, and wait for my drink. She gets held up by conversation and doesn't head to the bar. Twenty minutes later, I call to the barman - a Glitch in a hoodie for some reason (I don't know either), and ask where it is. He demands I put on a shirt. Yeah uh, why would I do that? I wear a 600 pixel shirt, and I'm not going to ruin that with chlorinated water because the guy pouring some orange juice made up a rule. And he's insistent, even though I've paid for my drink, that I should put on a shirt. No way, pal. He literally leaves the bar! and his boss comes over, a dog or something. I ask him about my drink and he called me an asshole for talking to his barman like that. What the fuck???? Who calls their patrons assholes for not being served the drinks they ordered? I asked him for my drink again, and he calls me an asshole and said he'd call the guard. Yeah, what the fuck about that, too?? "Sir, you're under arrest for paying for a drink and not receiving it." Yawn.  W'allah! The only saving grace about this establishment is that barmaid. She came up to me as I was putting on my shirt and begged me to not post a negative review or anything. I don't know, maybe her wages would get docked or something. So I insisted she keep the money that she and not her boss decided to refund me. She obviously needs it if she works in an establishment like that. Also, I saw a naked Floran in the swimming pool. Yeah, naked, dude. I rate 0 stars. // There is a space for 144 character replies. //
  9. Okay. That had me laughing for a solid 10 minutes and made me want to just let it slide for the sheer stupidity that statement excludes.

    1. WowGain

      Okay. That had me laughing for a solid 10 minutes and made me want to just let it slide for the sheer stupidity that statement excludes.

    2. Stupid Internet Guy

      Okay. That had me laughing for a solid 10 minutes and made me want to just let it slide for the sheer stupidity that statement excludes.

  10. // CivNews BREAKING - Sol War Lost //

    // shamoonbase replies // "intergalactic L"
  11. // Club SOLUS Introduces VR Game: SHATTERSTONE \\

    (( I don't see how a 1v1 score could beat a 2v2 but sure :-] ))
  12. // Club SOLUS Introduces VR Game: SHATTERSTONE \\

    // Attached is an image of the scoreboard. Whoever these PEE and POO users are, they are extremely skilled at the game. //
  13. Krowski does free art for you

    i like the big floating cube a lot it has nice shading  
  14. // Sarracenia Subdued //

    (( inactive for five months and the guild page was archived. ))