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  1. // AhsanullahAS replies. // Always had respect for Luqmaan and I can see how selling the brand could profit McKresh's investors. Greatest trade deal of our generation.
  2. //Costavas discount weapons//

    // An anonymous user purchases an LPO 50 flamethrower for 500 osidians. An additional 20 osidians is attached for 'express delivery' //

    // There is an additional post from the Human Resources department. // We would like to congratulate Liu Aledigger on a successful job application. We are always glad to have more members of our corporate family.  
  4. Taking a break

    going to miss u tbqh
  5. GC's setting feels too hopeless

    saqqaf didn't exist as a character 6 months ago and now he's one of the biggest boys on the block
  6. // The page would be a foreign gossip blog, assumable made by a tourist visiting Maladh due to the Caliphate's strict censorship laws. It is plastered with glitzy non-news about celebrity events, Royal engagements and other trivial things that usually fill these rags. The headline of the magazine is "Saqqaf with new wife? page two.". On reaching page two, there is an article and a few pictures of the infamous Haven senator with his mid-thirties wife. The photos display a petite, 5ft 4" Hijab-clad Arab body that the majority of the female side of the ummah would kill for. Not that they would kill, though, that's haram. Squinting at the hijab might show carefully tucked-away locks of red hair. Saqqaf's in a linen suit, airy and light for the Maladhi spring. He seems nonplussed about any political goings-on, instead tanning on a luxury leisure-skiff and relaxing by the pool. //   Mischief in Maladh! | Stories! Gossip! And More! | Saqqaf with new wife? | Issue 305   Saqqaf has really stepped into the spotlight in the past few months, thanks to politics on the other side of the Fringe. However, this hasn't stopped Maladh's most-renowned property tycoon from taking some leisure time with his new wife.   The pair have managed to keep their relationship secret for a few months now. But Saqqaf, 58, has been spending plenty of time in Maladh to be close to his newly-wedded darling, even renting out a private pool in the capital! Our reporter, Muhassan Dabiq, has some exclusive pictures.   Topping up a tan! Saqqaf is pictured with the bombshell Aisha as she tans on his private skiff. It's hard to figure out which of these creations of Allah are more beautiful, but this time it certainly isn't our rolling Isfahan hills. Stay posted for more celebrity news! Next week: Blockcraft romance? Has the Royal Prince been mining for another? This blog has been given special permission to reproduce these images. All images taken are in compliance with Caliphate law. Any pictures of women have been strictly vetted for morality regulation in accordance with Qu'ranic principle and have been deemed acceptable to be released to the public.
  7. GC's setting feels too hopeless

    I entirely agree with this. It's very easy to forget that there's this looming background character twiddling his moustache when the only people invested in the plot are the staff, and they have no established characters pushing it forward beyond NPCs feeling '' that 'Blackhelm is near!!'. When it gets to the point that no established characters are taking a direct interest in something, instead staff having to use throwaways to push their arc forward, I lose interest. I play a senator and the only Havenite responses concerning Blackhelm are from PrivateNomad's NPCs. Beyond that, none of the 80-odd registered citizens take any interest in the big bad. I honestly prefer the more organic semi-antagonists, where they aren't entirely stock machiavells created by staff to push forward something that hasn't been cared about for years. For example, the whole Atlas Fed. controversy can paint Lloyd as 'evil robot nazi' or 'industrious space-Tesla advancing robotics', and that adds so much more to the roleplay by giving the characterisation and the role of the antagonist far more depth than "Blackhead is bad and he killed some NPCs.".
  8. What is going on with Haven these days?!

    // User AhansAS replies. And what're you contributing by moaning about it?
  9. // HAVEN TIMES △ Citizens Outraged! //

    // The link to a senatorial reply is posted by al-Saqqaf http://team-starbound.com/index.php?/topic/7868-haven-stands-shadows-fall/&do=findComment&comment=76721 //
  10. // Haven Stands. Shadows fall. //

    // Senator Ahsanullah al-Saqqaf Replies. "I think  Von Quinn is lacking a sense of proportion, especially with some recent events at home. I implore the Effervescent Von Quinn to remember who was drinking Bepis in the clubhouse halls days prior to his election." "I stand by my propositions to Atlas, as co-operation between the Federation and Atlas would only be beneficial for Haven, especially in the heightened midst of political tension." "Any mention of public favour is simply due to the tyranny of the masses. Unlike the public of Haven, I have been refined by years of consulting around the Royal Court of New Makkah, and have a depth of political prowess. I only want what is best for the people, and if the people need the hand that guides them to be iron instead of silk, it must be done." "The proposition, is something that I continue to affirm, and originally proposed weeks prior to this in the senate chambers, publicly. However, the idea of Haven having a stake in the corporation was rebuked by both the chamber due to the "senatorial politics" of inexperienced colleagues that I openly disparaged." "I apologise for trying to force an idea that would only benefit Haven and only benefit Haven's people through."   "Organisations for the elite are part and parcel with modern society, and anything that can bring cohesion and co-operation to the Fringe should be treated with the respect it deserves. The impending threat of an invasion from Blackhelm continues, and Von Quinn is seeking to divide the very powers that will soon be aiding us."     "If you have any concerns, message me directly. My secretary is away at the moment." "Long live Haven and long live the Grand Protector."
  11. // Heidrekr Mark 2 replies. "Entirely my own fault." "I pillaged Atlas prototypes from some overstock and tried to sideload a homebrewed subhuman-ebonic virtual intelligence into it. It obviously did not work as intended." "Sorry for playing with my toys too violently."
  12. Hello, I am new here

    If you do build in single player, we can add the planet as a private hub to roleplay on. Or, if it's got some really cool lore behind it (most players write a hefty codex full of story about the place when making hubs), it could be on the public teleporter system. People do have the occasional exploration party as a roleplay thing, but that's usually on discord.
  13. Hello, I am new here

    Hi! We don't currently have any sandbox mode worlds, our Starbound server is entirely RP, sorry! Due to the way we do restarts etc, worlds are reset from backup often and so any planets you build on may end up being rolled back or removed entirely. Feel free to drop by the discord server.  
  14. //Six word sad story//

    // pagamisa replies // so sad...
  15. // HAVEN TIMES △ Citizens Angry! //

    // User AhsanullahAS comments on this statement. // I am interested on your source stating that the investigation is not being "pushed through". The senate is doing as much as we can to resolve this pressing issue, and it is both a fallacy and a scathing insult to suggest that nothing is being done. We too would like to know who did the act, and constant hounding from those who are significantly less informed than those directly pursuing the investigation will only hinder us. Please, we request patience, especially as Radec's death was barely a month ago. All information that is deemed worthy of public knowledge will be released in due course. We can only do our best. Sincerely,  Senator Ahsanullah al-Saqqaf.