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  1. uhh im draw?

    Do you accept payment in Starbound?
  2. //Haven Needs Help!//

    // WoodsofYpresFan552 replies // Dude wtf you just quoted Your Ontario Town is a Burial Ground be original -,-
  3. // Solus pool closed //

    // User Habbo comments // Due to aids?
  4. Shin'kali Q&A and Information Thread

    Not at all.
  5. Concerning Solus and the Shin'kali

    No one icly knows yet that the disease is present, aside from the two who colluded in infecting it.
  6. Just here to make sure that people know oocly that yes, the drinks at Solus, and the water, including the bath, is now carrying the Shin'kali virus. Using any of these will result in infection if your character is able to be infected. The river under the bridge is also contaminated, though it won't go into effect until the fish in it transform. The staff at Solus should still remind you oocly what may happen if your character is about to do something that could get them infected, though this is here as a reminder in case they are not present.  Make sure people are aware of what will happen oocly, even if they don't know icly. Sorry if the post is brief, but any big major questions concerning the Shin'kali should be brought to the Q&A thread here. Also if your character is infected then please, please contact either me or @DaTimeSmog.
  7. // Sarracenia Subdued //

    // A news article is released by the CNS, making headlines. It is a rather short video, opening with the voice of a human female, and footage of Caliphate and NAUSCM soldiers standing around in a jungle, looking quite content with themselves. //     "As'salaam alaikum, today is a day for celebration. Today's conflict, already being dubbed as the Eleven Hour War, marks the final and stunning success of our people's combined armed forces against the supporters of our insurrection, the Sundew Tribe." // It cuts to another, aerial shot, ICIF hovercraft zooming through the sky above the vast jungle, while a large, central tree burns and smokes in the center, clearly having been shelled and bombed. Large swathes of the jungle are also blown apart or exposed, making landings for the crafts. //     "Eleven hours ago, the Royal Court voted military action against the Sundew, based in the next system over from Manara. Though the insurrection has ended, the floran menace had never signed the peace deal, and so was still in a state of war. Their inaction in negotiating a lasting peace forced the hand of the Court into ensuring their future cooperation with the ummah and dhimmi." // Another shot of tribal florans, males, females, and children, marching in a line, through the jungle, escorted by soldiers of both factions. Some of the florans are off to the side, kneeling before an apparent imam who is holding aloft a Qur'an, preaching to the new converts. The sky is a smoky haze, and while the scene is grim, despite there being no corpses in sight. //     "The Caliphate and its allies tally their total losses at around 368 soldiers, most lost in the initial landing before the aerial bombardments commenced. God bless these brave men, their slhms rest in Jannah now. General Idra Isa and General Ben Garrison were not expecting such a quick victory, but the sheer difference in technology, as well as air superiority, quickly ended the conflict. The fleet was meager, composed of robbed, jury-rigged civilian ships, which were broken through within the first three hours." // Another shot to the large, main, burning tree, the base of which was entirely evacuated, though there were clear signs there was a village there amongst the fire and rubble. //     "Within the next nine hours, the jungle was cleared to allow transport to land, and boots were on the ground. When the enemy could not be broken through without suffering serious losses, it was opted to directly attack the home tree. Suffice to say, this strategy worked immensely. They surrendered within the next hour, being fully surrounded, and offered peace by Idra Isa." // The footage then cuts to Caliphate soldiers leading florans to a makeshift stage, where conversions appear to be going on. NAUSCM soldiers are leading other groups of florans into hovercrafts, and taking them up into the sky, out of view. //     "Sarracenia, as they call it, will be renamed and rebuilt within due time, now a part of the ever eternal Caliphate. All natives are welcome to convert peacefully, and aid in the rebuilding efforts. Others will be tended to by the NAUSCM, for those who do not wish to integrate. The first plans for rebuilding are already being drafted, with schools, hospitals, roads and mosques being planned from the rubble, things which the planet entirely lacked before. A savage, primitive people, sadly needing to be broken by the fist of civilization so that they may heal into something far greater. Our prayers are with the good souls on Sarracenia that have joined us, and may their world be built into a paradise with our guiding hand. Peace be upon them, and peace be upon the ummah." // The videos then cuts to a Caliphate soldier shaking the hand of a very recent floran convert, giving the camera a smile and a thumbs up as the news clip ends. Anonymous postings are disabled on the site. //
  8. Sindy

    Add in the duct tape lol
  9. // CUBE Review //

    // Nextuber QoolQid uploads his latest videogame review onto his wildly popular NexTube channel. It opens with his usual, flashy intro, coupled with loud, royalty free electronic music, before he begins to speak. The footage of the video is gameplay of CUBE. //     "Hey guys, what's up? It's your favorite gamer, QoolQid here, coming at you with another epic game review of CUBE." // The footage then shows the CUBE falling off of a ledge, landing on its side with a thud. //     "CUBE is an adventure and platform game developed by these Echo guys that I found on the Nexus. The story of the game follows Cube, as he tries to make his way from the blue level to the red level to fight his nemesis, Cone. I don't know why they're fighting but cones are pointy and you can hurt yourself on them." // A cutscene of the game is briefly shown, showing Cube confronting Cone in level purple, followed by the word "GAMEPLAY" appearing on the screen. //     "The gameplay is pretty simple, like a block. You can move around things, and sometimes over things if there's a ramp. You need to collect diamonds in order to finish the level, and sometimes avoid traps like these big rolling pins with no handles like the ones mom uses, or just holes in the level. You also can't go through some things, so you need to go around them. That requires some thinking, which I like." // The Cube is shown looking over the level from a high vantage point in level orange, and the word "GRAPHICS". //     "It's a block game. I love block games, my favorite game is Blockcraft. The colors are pretty, there's a lot of them in each stage. Cube is always white, which makes him stand out. I like these graphics, they are nice." // Cube collects a few diamonds in a row, and "MUSIC" appears on the screen. //     "The music in this game is simply epic. It goes bwomp bwomp anf other times is like rrrrggghhhh and sometimes when the action picks up it's like DOOMDOOMDOOM. It's really awesome and fits the mood." // Cube is about to collide with Cone in level red, and they freeze as "FINAL VERDICT" pops up. //     "Overall, Cube had my attention for a full three hours before it was dinner time and mom and dad made me come down to eat, then when I was done and showed them my plate was empty I went back and finished it in another 2 hours. Awesome game, I recommend it to all of my fellow gamers. I give it a 9/10, the only thing keeping it from a 10 is it isn't Blockcraft. This is QoolQid, until next time gamers!" // His video ends with fan art of himself, a small, purple foliaged, brown floran wearing a headset and gaming on a fancy laptop. Annotations and links to other videos dot the sides of the screen, and a big "SUBSCRIBE" button sits at the bottom. //
  10. How Cloning Should Be Treated

    Good thing muslims don't clone.
  11. // CUBE //

    // QoolQid // Who cares about your friend?
  12. // CUBE //

    // QoolQid replies // Shut up its good you tard
  13. // Club SOLUS hiring guards! //

    // AlKhalifa comments // Robbed and shot up on day 2?
  14. A.E.O - Anti Echo Organisation

    (( You posted it in an IC section ))
  15. // Requesting Immediate Assistance \\

    // Any iteration of this site that somehow survives the DDOS is censored in the Caliphate. //