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  1. Hey @DaTimeSmog, giving this an initial pass. Awaiting seconding.
  2. The Icons

    Alright @Kappa, that's a fair point. You're good to go on to Phase 2.
  3. The Icons

              Hey there @Kappa, sorry for the wait. Let's start.           I'm okay with the biology, and they aren't overpowered at all, but I feel the Icons are rather lacking in the other departments. They don't have much culture other than being "united", and their design just kinda looks like standard robots. I definitely think this could get passed, but, as it stands I'd like you to add more flavor to at least the culture section, in order to make the Icons feel more like their own thing and not just more robots. Pending.
  4. The story of a dog and C4

    @Khaos rip doggo You're approved to clone.
  5. Hjalmar

    Hey @Hjalmar, you're approved to clone.
  6. Lane C. #4

    Oh gosh, sorry @Vaporwave Dealer for making you wait so long, yes you can clone.  Since this is his third clone he'll come back with chronic migraines, is that ok? 
  7. //Haven Needs Help!//

    //An add is put up on the Nexus by Senator Anne Hager.// Haven Needs YOU! Currently, the Corrav District is experiencing an epidemic, and our medical personnel are overwhelmed as is. We need doctors, scientists, anyone capable of helping. Please, lend the Federation your hand. We won't let you go uncompensated. If you wish to help, please send your resume to me or any other Senator. ((This can be done through forum PMs or Discord.))
  8. Materials

    =LUSNIUM=                Lusnium is a strange new element of unknown origins. It was discovered by a trio of explorers on a quest to discover the source of mysterious pillars of light occurring on the planet CYN, located in the UI-6 system. Large slabs of Lusnium were found in the center of this light columns. While it's secured a spot on the periodic table under the atomic symbol 'Ls', it doesn't fit into any preexisting category, so a new category was created to accommodate it, titled simply 'Anomalous'. It is believed that Ls forms naturally, however no other instances of it occurring in nature have been recorded. =Properties= Solid Non-metal Black Fractures into crystal-like fragments Unknown melting point Non-magnetic Doesn't corrode or rust Fire retardant Dense Emits a blinding light when an electric current is run through it =Uses=                The practical uses of Lusnium are few. Its' unique light producing ability is being researched in the hopes that it has some military potential, however, Ls is rare and expensive. =Variants, Isotopes, and Compounds=                Any attempts to create an isotope or bond Lusnium with another element have resulted in failure.
  9. @Roxvod We appreciate some of that input but there's no reason to call him a "spastic retard" over a dispute about RP. Keep it civil please. 
  10. Archangel missile

    Dope, passed. Awaiting seconding.
  11. Archangel missile

    Hey there @Partiϟan, I don't see anything wrong with this app balance-wise, however I don't feel the [SEMI-CLOSED] tag is appropriate here for a generic tech such as this. I'd like it if you could change it to [OPEN], thank you. ~Pending~
  12. ArMSST or "Armascat"

    Hey there @TheRagnaRoek, this app seems fine to me. I give this an initial pass, awaiting seconding.
  13. The Kixaxzi

    @Cereal-Chan Coolio, this is cleared for stage 2 then.
  14. The Kixaxzi

    Hey there @Cereal-Chan, let's start. This doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me, and doesn't quite work. You could honestly leave it at just 'putty' and keep it anomalous, if that's what you want. Other than that I don't really see any issues. ~Pending~
  15. Roleplay Tech Download Link

    The RP tech mod is very useful, adding a finishing touch to the immersion by allowing you to sit, tilt, and change your sprite's size. Click this link to download the mod.  
  16. H.N.I.C

    @Lucian @WowGain ~Approved~
  17. Devils Cane

    @Lucian @WowGain ~Approved~
  18. Aeson Rebuilt

    Coolio, just making sure. I give this an initial  pass, awaiting seconding. @Lucian
  19. Aeson Rebuilt

    Hey there @Lucian, I'll be grading your app today. Here's my main question; Does it require a specific type of robotic 'drone' to work, or can it connect to anything remotely?
  20. RY-K3R Model Full Body Prosthetic.

    @WowGain @The Risky Biscuit ~Approved~
  21. Afterglow [Drug]

    @WowGain @Nyuunie ~Approved~
  22. Anomality

    -Hyperspace ‘Diseases’-                For as far as we’ve come, there are certain forces in the universe we just aren’t meant to meddle with. Luckily for us, most of these forces and entities congregate in hyperspace. However, cracks have formed in the barrier between realspace and hyperspace, letting anomalies leak into realspace, polluting the galactic pool with its’ infinite weirdness. Some individuals have figured out how to manipulate these bits of hyperspace for their advantage; such as qarin users and psions. However, this control is imperfect and mistakes are common. Innocent bystanders are often caught up in the crossfire between order and entropy with devastating side-effects, referred to Hyperspace Diseases. All known types of Hyperspace Diseases (colloquially known as HD) are documented below.   Cuil Cancer                Even relatively ‘safe’ levels of cuils (Up to ~10‽) can have negative effects on our frail bodies. When someone achieves 10‽, the highest amount of cuils one can survive, it’s possible (though unlikely) that the overwhelming cuils may cause our feeble cells to duplicate one too many times, resulting in tumors. Symptoms Sufferers have reported the same symptoms as typical cancer, varying depending on where the tumor develops. Cuil Tumors can develop anywhere, slowly growing and crushing anything (such as bones, organs, etc.) that happens to be nearby. Cure While common cancer is usually genetic, Cuil Cancer obviously isn’t. The cure is as simple as removing the tumor, through any means.   Cuil Overdose Syndrome                As one becomes more in-tune with their surrounding cuils, the forces exerted on their body by hyperspace begins to take its toll. This begins at roughly 7‽, with worsening effects as you near 10‽. Symptoms Strange, incomprehensible voices fill your head, speaking in tongues spoken by no one, yet cause feelings of intense dread and paranoia. Everyone is against you. (7‽) Motor function begins to break down as you suddenly feel out of place in your own flesh. The temptation to claw your skin off in order to free yourself grows daily. (8‽) Memories that certainly aren’t yours begin to flood your head at an exponential rate, taking the place of “real” memories which results in a wide variety of major personality disorders. (9‽) Visions of the “end times” flash before your eyes in rapid repetition. Gaining otherworldly knowledge makes it harder to keep sane. (10‽) Cure In order to guarantee survival, one must decrease their cuils significantly, which may result in withdrawal.   Retour au Vide                This is the final stage of Cuil Overdose Syndrome. As you cross the paper thin line between 10‽ and 11‽, a certain end draws near. Hyperspace begins to reclaim what you’ve taken, with interest.   Symptom Pockets of realspace around the sufferer suddenly vanish, getting pulled through tiny hyperspace portals that only exist for a yoctosecond. It’s only a matter of time until a part of the victim’s vital organs is dragged into hyperspace, most likely causing instant death. This will continue until every molecule has been claimed. Cure There is none. All hope is lost. All you can do is give up, and surrender yourself to the void.
  23. The Races' Languages

    I like this idea. I'll poke the loremasters of the main species about it.
  24. Tinker Cloning App

    Yeah yeah, of course. First clone is just loss of some minor stuff that maybe became muscle memory with time.
  25. Tinker Cloning App

    Hey there @Lucian, you okay with losing a bit of your engineering skills?