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  1. Hey @DaTimeSmog, giving this an initial pass. Awaiting seconding.
  2. The Icons

    Alright @Kappa, that's a fair point. You're good to go on to Phase 2.
  3. The Icons

              Hey there @Kappa, sorry for the wait. Let's start.           I'm okay with the biology, and they aren't overpowered at all, but I feel the Icons are rather lacking in the other departments. They don't have much culture other than being "united", and their design just kinda looks like standard robots. I definitely think this could get passed, but, as it stands I'd like you to add more flavor to at least the culture section, in order to make the Icons feel more like their own thing and not just more robots. Pending.
  4. The story of a dog and C4

    @Khaos rip doggo You're approved to clone.
  5. Hjalmar

    Hey @Hjalmar, you're approved to clone.
  6. Lane C. #4

    Oh gosh, sorry @Vaporwave Dealer for making you wait so long, yes you can clone.  Since this is his third clone he'll come back with chronic migraines, is that ok? 
  7. //Haven Needs Help!//

    //An add is put up on the Nexus by Senator Anne Hager.// Haven Needs YOU! Currently, the Corrav District is experiencing an epidemic, and our medical personnel are overwhelmed as is. We need doctors, scientists, anyone capable of helping. Please, lend the Federation your hand. We won't let you go uncompensated. If you wish to help, please send your resume to me or any other Senator. ((This can be done through forum PMs or Discord.))
  8. @Roxvod We appreciate some of that input but there's no reason to call him a "spastic retard" over a dispute about RP. Keep it civil please. 
  9. Archangel missile

    Dope, passed. Awaiting seconding.
  10. Archangel missile

    Hey there @Partiϟan, I don't see anything wrong with this app balance-wise, however I don't feel the [SEMI-CLOSED] tag is appropriate here for a generic tech such as this. I'd like it if you could change it to [OPEN], thank you. ~Pending~
  11. ArMSST or "Armascat"

    Hey there @TheRagnaRoek, this app seems fine to me. I give this an initial pass, awaiting seconding.
  12. The Kixaxzi

    @Cereal-Chan Coolio, this is cleared for stage 2 then.
  13. The Kixaxzi

    Hey there @Cereal-Chan, let's start. This doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me, and doesn't quite work. You could honestly leave it at just 'putty' and keep it anomalous, if that's what you want. Other than that I don't really see any issues. ~Pending~
  14. H.N.I.C

    @Lucian @WowGain ~Approved~
  15. Devils Cane

    @Lucian @WowGain ~Approved~