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  1. Hello!

    I still have this picture holy shit.
  2. Lange's Winter Chateau

    It's there in our hearts. (That and I was too lazy to make signs for it.)
  3. Connection has been blocked bij Firewall

    I had this issue just earlier this week. I asked a member of staff and they told me to reset my router, I however just waited for a day and my connection came back.
  4. I'd like to ask a quick question to all the LUA wizards out there. How would I go about making an object (or a sign) open up a text bubble with custom text inside?

    1. WowGain

      Lemme hit you up with some files

  5. Heavy Mechas

    Name: Heavy mechs.   Description: Heavy mechs share a lot of their appearance with medium mechs, the only difference being that they clock in at MUCH heavier and slightly larger. Anything weighing above sixty-thousand pounds is considered a heavy mech. These mechs are massive, bruting and bulky behemoths capable of resisting an absurd amount of abuse, all the while punching back with at least twice the force of what they recieved. Heavy mechs usually top off at 30 feet in height, not out of a physical impossibility, but rather impracticality. Anything taller would simply be unwieldly with the standard heavy mech building format and would require a completely new model to be drafted from the bottom up to be efficient.   Abilities: -Heavy mechs are literal walking tanks, capable of withstanding immense amounts of abuse without batting an eye. -Heavy mechs are by far the most powerful and can be loaded with a massive amount of weaponry. -As to be expected, heavy mechs can carry an immense amount of weight on their back, usually rivaling the strength of a large truck.   Conditional abilities: -When not in combat, they make a fantastic utility tool for transportation.   Limitations:   -Heavy mechs are slow and extremely immobile. Although they can temporarily sprint, due to the excess force exerted on the mechs joints they'll more often than not give out completely after only sprinting for a minute. -Heavy mechs have an easy time getting stuck in terrain, and will often struggle getting out. Frequently when not used in well constructed areas (like city streets) they will need assistance from other mechs and vehicles.   Conditional limitations: -Unlike smaller mechs which get to choose a power source very freely, heavy mechs, due to their immense power consumption require a reactor or engine onboard. Not only does this present an immensely dangerous weak point but it also generates an incredible amount of heat. -Their balancing jets provide a weak point. If these are busted the mech has a much easier time falling over and being rendered mostly incapable of fighting, let alone moving.   How does it work: A heavy mech works just like its smaller cousins. The only real difference is the need for much larger feet, along with the difference in size of course. They’ll often need to be a lot bulkier as well in order to fit enough fuel for their balancing jets and ammo or power for their weaponry whilst still remaining tanky. They also have a massive amount of pistons, suspension and delicate cushioning systems in order to not crush their legs under their immense weight.   Flavour text: “To take down a heavy mech on the battlefield you must fight fire with fire, that being to deploy your own heavy mech. Preferably one with a bigger gun.” Is a sarcastic statement quoted from the CEO of a famous mech manufacturing company and, despite being more of a joke, multiple high ranking military officials have backed up this statement as being true.   Referenced technologies: Light mechs. Medium mechs.   Attainability: [Open] Tags: [Military] [Event] Category: Military Vehicles  
  6. Walking the dog

  7. Walking the dog

  8. Akkidans

    @Nemo   I'll request this app be removed for now to potentially be reapplied for in the future, mainly due to my lack of motivation to continue with it. Huge apologies for the long delay for a response and I hope this won't be an issue. Thank you.
  9. How to: Remove ship thrusters

    @Apple This doesn't work anymore, some insight into this would be very highly appreciated seeing as I was planning on using it.
  10. Akkidans

    Alright, I'll politely ask that staff remains patient with this app. I will have little to no stable internet for the next two or so weeks. Apologies for the inconveniances but I hope it won't be too much of a bother. Thanks in advance.
  11. Akkidans

    It's basically just what you'd find on any piece of power armour. Guns (most often energy/their own ballistic hardlight tech. Can add this if necessary), hardlight barriers, those ski things I mentioned which are little more than nanoconstructed polymers designed to have next to no bumps in it to make it smooth etcetera etcetera. The list goes on.
  12. Hi

    (^؛ ˙ʎǝ
  13. The day that no one was waiting for, even me

    Happy  anniversary  of  growing up.   (My autocorrect created this.)
  14. Akkidans

    The military models are basically the same as the industrial ones, just with big engines and a few optional additions and built in weapons.   As for lifting capabilities it'd only be about as much as a smaller and cheaper "normal" exosuit. Adding that to the app now.   EDIT: Assumed you wanted more specific numbers. I'd wager to say around 300 to 350 lbs.
  15. Akkidans

    Hey there, apoligies on the long waiting time. I kept telling myself to do this, only to procrastinate and forget. But I should've fixed what you needed, mainly by dragging down the pronounced size of various parts. The truly big pieces being the boosters now as their point is to allow the suit great speed.