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  1. Where's the 1.0 Commands.

    Best server update ever.
  2. Suspending new NPC rules.

    Point one: She not only has the rights to the account, but has on numerous ventures paid for it out of her own pocket.  Point two: Simple answer is that she cares.
  3. Suspending new NPC rules.

    To be fair, she does technically OWN the server. She is the new Haydee, and Haydee's word used to stand above all else when we were staff. If the manager of your local Walmart tells his employees to do something, or to operate a certain way, the CEO and Owner of Walmart has the authority to arrive and tell them all to stop doing things a certain way, and to do them one way. Their title is owner of the company, not management or staff. Aurora, is in a sense, the owner of this 'company' and that is not much up for debate, unless someone else feels as though they want to handle all the financial aspects that come with this server, as well as the technical things that the owner themselves only have access to.  
  4. Roleplaying

    Except we have. We have tried rather frequently to change the ideology of people. And we do, in fact, advertise the fringe as a lawless haven and final frontier of unsettled, ungoverned, uncharted space. A few of us here have grown up in lifestyles that have affirmed what I'm saying. and I'm not saying that you can, and will die. But its a rather large possibility. You are a short, frail person, walking down the streets of the slummiest town in SouthAmericaStan. You are dressed from head to toe in riches that captivate the eye of every pickpocket, your soft features tantalize the rape gang as you pass, and your well known lifestyle as a top ten actress gives every common criminal the idea of making their millions off a simple ransom. Now, there's and 80% chance that you are going to get the business end of every group mentioned above's stick. You very well could walk right out of there, not a scratch, and not a penny out of place. It's more than likely been done hundreds of times. But it's an almost guaranteed fact that its happened more often that someone just like you was robbed, raped, and then ransomed off to either the highest bidder or family. Just because bad things haven't happened to some in a rough environment, where everyone packs a gun, and has probably killed multiple people, some for less than the smile it put on their face, does not mean that its safe to just pretend that its not the case. Hence, you should be prepared. Now being prepared comes in many levels. You can be OOCly prepared, where IRL, you just kinda expect it, and are ready to accept it when/if it happens. Now you can also be ICly prepared on level 1, the simplest level that most choose, and have a weapon and are experienced users of that weapon, and have seen blood on their hands and gone on with life. IC Lvl 2, you have a gun/weapon. No experience killing someone. So pretty much a licensed gun owner on average in law abiding regions. then there's IC lvl 3, in which you were smart and contracted some of the local sociopathic mercenaries (or PSC/PMC for a more professional service) who will stand as body guards for you, and are usually around to watch out for your characters well being.  Bottom line, I do not guarantee death for the group of people who are the main target of this post, but if one (especially a veteran of GC) expects to waltz in to GC and have no issues whatsoever without being prepared on any OOC or IC level, then you cant just expect nothing to happen and for everything to go their way.  TL;DR Prepared doesnt mean be ready to die, just means be prepared for defense or consent. 
  5. Roleplaying

    And to focus on this post in particular, its more like saying "If you throw a rabid starved dog into the pen with the Queens lap dog, chances are that sparkles the angry blood thirsty dog, is going to make a quick meal out of foo foo."
  6. Roleplaying

    Im sorry, but that is practically how it is. Just about everyone whos well known has gotten in a shit show because of it, firstly, and secondly, look at any near lawless part of the world where drug cartels and black markets outnumber any government, law, or vigilante group. Theres a reason that brazillian officials have to hire body guards 24/7.  Rich + Famous = Target. That is what you get with mercenaries and criminals. Its not a generalized statement of hate for the community, its a statement about lawless places. If you are going to make a criminal, you have to accept that you are going to likely get gunned down for your crimes. You make a white knight hero vigilante? You accept that you are going to most likely get shot, and injured for it. You make a pop idol mega millionaire, you are likely to be the target of marauders, pirates, and kidnappers all the same.  If you tell a very thin, pretty faced young man that when he goes to prison, he will be made someones bitch, and probably killed, most people just take that as a statement of "that is prison, because the system is fucked". If you tell a community that your kind hearted, pacifist is going to a place thats home to blood thirsty murderers, criminals, faction wars, and territory wars, that they arent going to be targeted, its wrong? Please tell me where im wrong here. Im speaking from my experiences on the server. Perhaps yours are different, but in my year and a half here, this is just what ive seen. Popular pacifists, good boys and girls, and rich people that fit the previous two bills, often either die off or die out.
  7. Roleplaying

    I agree with parts of this, but there are others I don't agree with. This idea of character fluidity has often caused problems in the past. For Example: someone had started using synth strength, because they turned up to say they were a synth. Well someone else, who had their character killed by said synth, was quite upset because until that person decided to firmly establish that they are a synth, they played like an organic. They were not affected by EMPs, where an EMP was used, which could have stopped the other character from dying. This goes out to be called a meta game, and turns into an argument. I think youre statements about how Consent needs to essentially be a rarity instead of the common ground, especially in the fringe. I understand that someone might not want to make a new character and have them die in the same day because some maniac with a gun decided to run up and bust a cap in someones noodle because the maniac thought the back of their head told a really unsavory joke. But welcome to the Fringe. If you want a place that is safe, and comfy, then stay in your character ship, or vote to change the server to a setting in which safe and comfortable are more understandable. For those who make pop idols, designers, national leaders, ambassadors, etc. Yeah, guess what, welcome to death. You are a high value target, so be prepared to get fucked up! 
  8. Hey I'm back I guess Hi

    And so it begins...
  9. A GC Story: Consent and voiding

    LOL. >Makes Insult >Asks for something in your favor >hints us all at who you are 11.674/10 "Best post /ever/" -IGN
  10. Am I the only one who gets a little irritated when people compare wearing armor and carrying rifles and LMGs around the Fringe with an Open Carry State? The two have no correlation aside from "I haz gun".

    1. Partiϟan

      You're not the only one.

  11. How do I get one of those ranks?

    It under your settings. You dont have to donate, and you dont have to be 'cool' ( @Mrs Bartender ;3 ). though we would really like you to donate!
  12. EbonWater Private Military Contracting

    Welcome to the webpage for EbonWater Private Military Contracting. If you would like to sign up for employment, please fill out the proper form below. If you would like to contract EbonWater for job, please fill out the form at the bottom and submit it, or send it to Contracting@EbonWater.nex if you wish for its details to remain private. Please, no contracts that involve the murder of persons under the age of 15. Here at EbonWater, we believe in providing only the best performance, at the best price. Do you have a sensitive task that requires the utmost care and caution, then EbonWater is your contractor. Do you need boots on the ground and mobilized at a moments notice? EbonWater will have your back. We will refuse no contract, and we will not stop until the goal is met. Are you someone looking for a lifestyle of action, excitement, and profit? Well then EbonWater has news for you. Not only do we provide you with a chance and means of exploring the galaxy, but we pay you for it, as well as providing you with specialized training, equipment, and even housing. EbonWater is great for veterans and greenhorns alike, as we offer an experience not often given to most. So come and get your feet wet with EbonWater Private Military Contracting! Contractors Elina Kozel - Owner Andreina Brunilda - Marksman Nicodemus Blazko - Special 'Carolina' - Support Marietta Martin - Demolitions & Breaching Alexander Anderson - Support Lewis - CovOp (Not ICly listed) Tangela Rook - Engineer/Mechanic Marcion - Environment Specialist & Rifleman Contractor Positions Rifleman Marksman Medic Engineer/Mechanic Support Surgeon Terrain Specialist (stacks with another position) Environment Specialist (stacks with another position) Espionage/Cover Ops Specialist (inquire privately)   Application for employment Name: Age: Sex: Race: Position Requested: Do you require training: Contracting Form Description of Job: Pay Offered: Hiring Parties Name: Target(s)/Objective(s): Preferred Contractor (if solo job):  
  13. Faction NPCs Poll

    Im going to go ahead and say keep. The staff have made it clear that exceptions are made for those who discuss it with them and have good enough reason to be using NPCs. If you want them for protection of your city, then its easy to say that your NPC civilians (which have been said to be allowed and mostly limitless within reason) are armed, they just cant be used outside of your hub. Otherwise, it really is just a way for factions with no large member count to have a balancing power just by saying they have a few colonies and recruited a bunch of NPCs, which doesnt work (unless you are a nation faction with entire systems and staff approval)
  14. Royalty?

    I dont need the guard I need the royalty
  15. Royalty?

    But that is why you would have someone like Sir Viceroy. Royal guards didn't exist because people always liked and respected the royal families. Not to mention, royal medieval society in the future is more than likely not only restricted to glitches. I would think it to be fairly common that many other races settled down into medieval lifestyles and systems, and got rid of things like ships and advanced technology, with a few exceptions.