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  1. // the revolution begins.//

    // User Azran posts a reply. // Ea Aindivi Rekatis Virnaria trudata Ea Aindivi specas Ea honiri convos You will be dead by my blade.
  2. Time for a well earned break!

    // User SlyFox leaves a reply. // Take it easy.
  3. Weekly Update #28 [22/5/2017]

    Weekly Update #28 Donate today! Thanks to @Kappa who donated $50! Thanks to @StrangerDanger for donating $75! Thanks to @Data Caskett for donating $75!   Leave a review on the server lister page!   Welcome back to the lovely Weekly Update. As summer closes in and people are getting off school (like me), we are starting to see a rise in player count on the server, which is a very good thing. More players = more RP. On another note, the format for the weekly update is going to change a bit to reflect some recent changes in staff structure. For the updates, less focus will be placed on repetitive tasks the staff are doing and more of more important things such as successful player events, future player events, lore postings, and more. I will also be using these updates as a means to talk about important issues or other things in GC. If you haven't read this thread, you should do that. The issues talked about in there are worth discussing, though I personally believes it all just boils down to the players doing things. You aren't worthless scum that can't make a difference in the Fringe. Note how just one defunct robot attacking a civilian is enough to generate a news article and achieve a whole reactionary response from the entire Haven population. What you do matters, good or bad. Theres always a way to do things that are fun, and there are always people (staff especially) that might be willing to help. I'd also like to remind everyone that I archive important Haven News posts here for leisure viewing. Warm welcome to returning players such as @Nyuunie, as well as any new players such as @Meiyo, @zircon, @Stamp, @Rei Shards, @RivaHakushia, @dsthesecond,  and others! Feel free to join our Discord chat and introduce yourself. Finally, check out some art from @dsthesecond: With that being said, let's get to some of what was done last week. Pirates in the Fringe Prisilite Prix results! Visitant event Rakehell whistleblowing by Gary Noose A new archaeologist is in the Fringe! HAVENS STAND. SHADOWS FALL. New artwork in the gallery by @Randy Staff Work: Penguin dev thread by @krowski!   Updating of the bot with new commands by @Kappa! Votekick command Individual cooldowns on commands DM and channel-specific commands Some hidden commands More facts Subspecies lore by @Waffles! A new element!? Addition of new star systems in the Haven Starmap! But they're hidden, so you'll have to get out and explore to find them.   On the pipeline: Planning on the new Derelict plotline. Work on the Rendera District of Haven. Cleanup of certain subforums Fleet system still by @Drakkar and @Snakeybob More work on Club Solus in Haven by @Hare and @PrivateNomad:     And now, a picture of @Pinkbat5 ruthlessly murdering her dog:  
  4. GC's setting feels too hopeless

    buddy we're right here
  5. GC's setting feels too hopeless

    They are one of the more interesting of the "antagonists", if you could really call them that. - The thing about GC's RP, and ultimately Haven, is that it allows people a much higher degree of freedom to impact the setting than they had before Haven was released. Back then you had to make some hub or something, but now everything is concentrated to a smaller setting. The potential drawback of this is that not all good and evil is balanced. If you have players that wish to do evil, then there is nothing that can stop them aside from the reactionary dynamics of the Haven NPC population. That is why that instead of believing that the setting is too "hopeless", those people should make their own hope in the same freedom that was used to make the evil. Be the change you wish to see in GC.
  6. // Rakehell: My Story //

    // User SF leaves a reply. // This is puppetry to the most evil, vile extent! This Rakehell Club should be shredded to nothing, and its active members brought to true justice for tying strings to the freedom of the market and the people.
  7. Greetings

    Welcome. Let us know if you need anything.
  8. // Doctor of Archaeology looking for work and artifacts //

    // User SlyFox sends them a link to a Nexus chatroom to the Senate. //
  9. // A Haven Times article appears over Fringespace, especially to those in Haven Federation territory. // = The Haven Times = Citizens Outraged as Grand Protector Von Quinn Whistleblows 'Rakehell Club'! Havens stand. Shadows fall. Recently, Grand Protector Von Quinn ( @Waffles ) has denounced himself as well a group he was affiliating with called the Rakehell Club, which he called the 'second OFTO'. Protests and riots are already beginning to form across Haven City, but are currently being suppressed by the Haven Guard. Citizens are beginning to denounce members of the Rakehell Club, including CEO of the Atlas Corporation, Lloyd ( @Lloyd ), Senator Saqqaf ( @Hjalmar ), Syed al-Quresh ( @Hastur ) and his wife Zel'nara ( @DaTimeSmog ), as well as many others who Von Quinn publicly denounced. Many are advocating for action against the Rakehell Club, believing that it is Haven's duty now to act as a force to topple the Rakehell Club, who they believe is attempting to join together to manipulate them. Many people are also lobbying for the impeachment of Senator Saqqaf, who admitted to trying to offer Lloyd unrestricted expansion in the Haven System uninterrupted by the Senate. The Haven Times will give updates as more information is found. - Written by Editor in Chief Ordicus Strigis.
  10. PrivateNomad's Art

    updated some stuff lol
  11. // A work ad appears. // = The Haven Times = The Haven Times is hiring writers and reporters to document on the scene and write articles for the people of the Fringe to read! The Haven Times is the Haven Federation's #1 source of news, part of the Haven News Network (HNN). As a reporter and writer for the Haven Times, you will make a base wage of 20 Px per hour, bonuses for writing and posting news articles, and you will also have opportunities for promotion and access to benefits:      - State provided health insurance      - Paid two-week per year vacation      - And more! To apply for employment, you must be a citizen of the Haven Federation. The work required for being a writer and reporter is being on the scene to film and take photographs of important events, interviewing important people, and writing news articles to post onto the Nexus. All employment applications will be reviewed by the Editor in Chief of the Haven Times, Ordicus Strigis. Apply Here!
  12. // User OrdiOwl replies. // Thank you for explaining that. The article will be edited right away. 
  13. // A Haven Times article appears over Fringespace, especially to those in Haven Federation territory. // = The Haven Times = Malfunctioning Atlas Robot Assault on Citizen!  // A video is embedded, showing the whole scene. The malfunctioning robot ( @Hjalmar ) is in the red hood, attacking Jonathan Cristallum ( @Jonathan Cristallum ). Protector Lange Avalice ( @Short-Factor ) is attempting to defend Jonathan against the malfunctioning robot. The other robot ATL-1135 ( @Hjalmar ) is standing there. An armored figure believed to be Lloyd ( @Lloyd ) is standing there keeping order. // Just recently an attack on a citizen was made by a malfunctioning Atlas work droid. The robot attacked the citizen with a katana-like blade as bystanders watched. Shortly after, Protector Lange Avalice beamed onto the scene to attempt to protect the citizen, destroying the malfunctioning robot with his plasma blade before Atlas employees dragged it off and brought the injured citizen to Calypso Station to have his wounds treated. The attack shocked many citizens of the Haven District, leaving many wondering how such a thing could happen. While many openly blame the Atlas Corporation for the attack, Founder and CEO Lloyd reassured the public in a statement made shortly after the attack, stating that the employee has been dealt with and that software precautions are being put in place. Nonetheless, the public will likely be wary of Atlas robots for some time, now aware of the dangers they could pose if not properly managed. - Written by Ordicus Strigis, Haven Times Reporter.  
  14. ello i am new

    Welcome to GC :^) Let us know if you need anything.
  15. THE RISE OF EVIL!!! Chapter 1

    // Purgsoldier1 leaves a reply. // open rp?