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  1. if you're reading this you're gay

  2. On order of Grand Protector Von Quinn as of 6.25.3284, all individuals holding government posts (Senators, guards, high military, high navy, etc.,) are to be tested for the Shifter virus at the Haven Hospital, and have their test results signed and verified by head doctors of the hospital. If they are found to be infected, they will be removed from their post for quarantine, and undergo an extensive audit of their personal history to ensure their loyalty to the Federation. Government officials and guards are to report to the hospital for testing no later than the end of this month. Failure to have themselves tested, signed, and sent to the Grand Protector in the allotted time will result in arrest. If results prove positive for Shifter virus, Grand Protector Von Quinn will be notified. Perseverantia omnia vincit.
  3. // Al-Dhaid Masquerade Event \\

    // User Sly leaves a reply. // If you support slavery, go to this party.
  4. // Sinji's Logs \\

    > LOG | 6.24.84 | "Hero?" I spent an entire night without sleep investigating.. everything - the camera footage, her nexus appearances, cross referencing facial and voice matches. It all led to one person - Alexandra Vasiliev. I cannot believe the effort actually paid off. I thought she would have simply vanished. But she did not, and we confronted her. Took her to the guard. Served her justice. The one who attempted the murder of millions, infecting her own club establishment. And she had the audacity to smile. The audacity to play dumb. Her sister is a Shifter. She is ex-USCM. She knew where the cameras were. She had ICIF vaccines, she had an ICIF provided Qarin. It was her. She did this to me, she caused this constant pain and misery. It took what willpower I had left to not stand and cap her right there. I was so angry, angry over the pain. Angry about what she did. Angry of her lies. I think about all the lives that would be lost if I hadn't drank that Bepis and nearly lost my own life, telling the Senate after and having Club Solus closed down. I prevented catastrophe, and I delivered justice to the one that did it all. Am I a hero now? I never expected to ever be called a hero. I'm a liar, a con, a thief, a cheat, a dealer in things illegal and immoral. Yet here I am. Perhaps it was revenge that drove me. Yet even then, I still think about what could have happened to other people. To my friends. She made me cry, she made Kavari cry, she made Eunice cry. I hope she burns in hell for working against the Federation. It's treason. I need a drink. > END ENTRY
  5. // Sinji's Logs \\

    > LOG | 6.23.84 | "Pain" It hurts so much. I take painkillers just to try to stave it off, but it always aches and leaves me feeling... bad. And irritable. > END ENTRY
  6. Hub Building Resources

    Teledoor Example: We usually surround interior worlds with black blocks to block out any outside.
  7. Hub Building Resources

      Hub Building Resources Below is a list of resources and tutorials that hub builders can make use of when designing or building their hubs. More resources, such as template worldfiles, will be added when I receive them.   Empty Haven District Parallax Empty Corrav District Parallax This is an empty worldfile with the Haven District parallax, a black box for building interiors, and a grassy ground. To use this worldfile and many others, go to your singleplayer game and discover a new planet. Then, get your coordinates with /whereami. After that, close your game, and rename this worldfile download to the coordinates as if it was the same worldfile. Then, just drop and replace the world you discovered with this download in the universe folder of your starbound directory. You can teleport to the world using a /warp command and the coordinates you got.   Teledoor Template This mod is required to use teledoors/interactable signs in singleplayer. Teledoors use a serverside script to allow custom signs to be used as if they were teleporters. Typically they are invisible and simply layed over blocks or a custom object, but they can also have their color directives changed to look like just a custom sign that can act as a teleporter. The link above is a template to use for an invisible custom sign teledoor. Within the teledoor, you will most likely only be concerned with one particular array.   This adds two bookmarks with different information as you put it in. The name and description fields are self explanatory.   CELESTIALWORLDFILE HERE is the celestial coordinates for the destination worldfile. For example, CelestialWorld:-41144911_-243865722_-2072770_11 (this is the haven world coordinates). The final area is the position exactly in the world where you want the teleporter to teleport you to. To find this, use the /debug command. The first number is your X coordinate - round this to a whole number, as this will be XCORD. The second number is your Y coordinate. Round this down, subtract two, and place it after the period (.). This will be YCORD.   ICON HERE is the icon by the name of the teledoor. It is simply the file name of all the icons available: The icon in the example above is “return”. That will be ICON. Remember that teledoors tend to have two teleporters.   Pop-up Sign Template   This a sign that when you press E on it, shows a popup message. To give it a custom sprite, use Animated Signs to generate a custom sign, and then paste the directives of the sign over on DIRECTIVES HERE. Put your message in MESSAGE HERE, and then put in any racial descriptions at the DESCRIPTION HERE’s.   Silverfeelin's Worldedit Very useful for any building purpose. Useful for adding a shit ton of the “...” black blocks we use to surround interior teledoor rooms.   Custom Objects Add customized sprites to your hubs.
  8. // Sinji's Logs \\

    > LOG | 6.21.84 | "Hate" What am I going to do? It's not a cold. I hate this. I hate making my friends cry. I hate making myself cry. > END ENTRY
  9. // A warning from the Hylotl Empire of Axolotia \\

    // User Kirito replies to this post. // I feel a need to reply to this sheer stupidity myself. No where was it mentioned that the Hylotl Empire of Axolotia would be "killing everyone in CivSpace", whereas in fact, we would be saving the lives of many in CivSpace due to the evacuation of the Nayama threat after this warning. It is spread quickly. One simply outbreak can be the end of an empire. With this considered, you may see now why the Hylotl Empire considers this a considerable threat, and willing to combat it along with our current war against the Floran Hordes. It has potential to not only damage the Hylotl Empire and the species as a whole, but also the United Coalition of Empires that we hold some semblance of unity in. // The post ends with the official seal of the Hylotl Royal Court. //
  10. // Sinji's Logs \\

    > LOG | 6.20.84 | "A Break" I'm feeling a little sick. Sucks a little bit, but at least I have an excuse to finally not go to work now. I've been meaning to take a break for a few days anyways, just let the Club Solus staff handle things on their own, which they certainly can. Though I still need to get the whole idea of "event planning" hammered into their heads. I ordered some cherry Bepis syrup for our soda machine. It'll be here Friday, so at least that's good. I hope my absence won't put too much work on Eunice, though. Poor thing's a nervous wreck when handling a lot of people. Me too, I guess. > END ENTRY
  11. // REVIEW: Don't visit Club Solus //

    // User SlyFox posts // lol he got arrested in the same club
  12. // A Civspace posts propagates across the galaxy, originating from the capital of the Hylotl Empire, Axolotia. Featured is a short video featuring the son of the High Shōgun Tokūkoto, Prince Tikūu Kīrito. He is standing behind a podium of blue metal, featured with the three red eyes of the symbol of the Empire. He is dressed in the salmon coloration of the Royal Guard armor, an aquamarine blue captain's helmet beside him as a royal cape flows behind his back. \\ "Thank you, those listening. These are troublesome times, yet our divine empire has been blessed with righteousness this era. The Floran Hordes are receding, we are beginning to claim victory against those who have wronged us so. We, the Hylotl people, are thriving. In this time of imminent victory, we have recognized a new threat, and so I am here on behalf of my father, the divine High Shōgun Tokūkoto, to deliver the warning to the Nayama - that is, those who many call the 'Shifters'." The Prince leaned forward, his deep red eyes squinting into the camera as his hands clasped together on the podium. "You have ten days to cease all infected activity within the territory of the United Coalition of Empires, also known as Civilian Space, or else the Divine Hylotl Empire of Axolotia, with divine blessing and sanctum, shall deliver unto you a wrath larger than any tidal wave or harsher than any blow of death." "That is all." // The video ends, leaving a section for comments. \\
  13. Haven 2.0 Changelog

    Hey guys, Nomad here. The staff team have been working quite a bit to get the new Haven 2.0 (yes we're using version numbers now) out. With it are some important updates to detail as well as addition of some new features. Without further ado, the hard work of @WowGain, @Pinkbat5, and I. Finally, a Visitant embassy built by @Pinkbat5 . This is accessible from the bridge.   A brand new tree! Kind of. Instead of using a resprited protectorate tree, this is an entirely new custom object. Two, actually. This means that it won't emit laggy particles and has a much smaller hitbox (1x1 to be exact), making it harder to break and allowing me to build a stage and even plant some grass to make it look like an actual park. We added new 1.3 station panel blocks to the buildings to make them look better. Also, a small balcony accessible from Club Solus, top floor of the stairs. Addition of Haven's public transit system, the Skyrail. This contains teledoors that lead to minor hubs of Haven such as the prison or the museum, ones that don't quite make it to the public teleporter. You can get there by using the Solus elevator up to the root, then walking to the left. Aesthetic detailing of Club Solus with new 1.3 blocks. The tree in the grotto now leads to an open area of wood. Contact staff if you want to do something with it, since its empty atm.   Addition of cameras all around the map.   him   I also added a secret somewhere in the map related to important lore, as well as acting as a method to start up a series of important events. Have fun finding it ICly.   With that being said, here are some future plans for Haven: Housing district for player owned houses Work on Rendera District MAYBE work on the Yggdrasil District Other minor hubs More Shatterstone maps More underground expansion possibly Release of a building guide with instructions on teledoors as well Derelict Possibly more stuff for the Haven Guard, like a training ground More secrets   That's all for Haven 2.0. We just want to remind everybody that they're totally free to buy the empty property on Haven and do whatever with it. There's also a bunch of billboards and ad posters available. You can also talk to staff about adding new stuff to it, like new teledoor interiors, expansions, or minor hubs and stuff. Haven is your's, so DO SHIT.    
  14. // REVIEW: Don't visit Club Solus //

    // Reply // Then don't call the owner of the club you're in something he finds bullshittingly offensive. Respect goes both ways.
  15. // REVIEW: Don't visit Club Solus //

    // User SlyFox replies. // Do not call me a mutt, a ****, or anything derogatory again.