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  1. Marsz, marsz, Dąbrowski,
    Z ziemii włoskiej do Polski
    Za twoim przewodem,
    Złączym się z narodem!


  2. //Haven Needs Help!//

    //17 responds// I'm wondering why. First you let in thousands of people, literally everyone. Then you put monsters in charge and now this happens. As old stores will close their doors, Other ones may change their names, But old friends still live their lives, Where I would have died of shame. Your Haven town is a burial ground. You're already dead.
  3. "Shorter and wider than your average human."

    Oh look, the subhuman lore has even 'muricans.

    1. Pinkbat5

      !!!no theyre DWARVES!!!!!!!!!!!!



    2. 17

      Europeans are better. Dwarves have to be mighty and strong!


  4. Greetings

    Hey there! I hope you'll be having a lot of fun! Here are some topics worth reading before you decide to jump in: The Server & The Setting Player & Character Consent If you have any questions, write them there or just message me, I'll be happy to help. Enjoy!
  5. 17 - Ban appeal

    I want to add that I feel really terrible. I didn't mean what I've done, I just felt nervous and couldn't hold back anymore, I fell for the bait. Now I know that I just should ignore what needs to be ignored. Also, I'd like you to look upon the other people that are baiting all the time. They keep doing it and not just to me, to other people as well. This is a serious issue. And the main cause of my behaviour.
  6. 17 - Ban appeal

    What I've done was wrong, I regret it and I'm sorry. I also apologise to the staff for any inconveniance caused. Roleplaying here is a lot of fun and I didn't mean to harm anyone in the first place. I was never banned before and if I get unbanned, I promise that will NEVER happen again. I can understand that it might not be an easy decision, thus I'm not expecting an immediate reply.   PS: I've got notified that I was baiting after I got banned. As far as I remember, that's untrue. If possible, I'd appreciate some info on that claim. Maybe a screenshot or at least the name of the person I was supposedly baiting. Being here means a lot to me. I'm even willing to stay banned from Discord if that's required. Thank you.
  7. It's been nearly four months. I've been drinking so much. Perhaps too much. The construction's stopped.. But I will finish it. For my people and for you as well. You've hurt me. You've killed me. But my heart beats once again, with you firmly in it. I wish I could talk to you. Or at least see your smile. What I thought was so unique about you must be common after all, For I am constantly reminded of you everywhere I go. What I thought was so extraordinary, is so common after all, As I am constantly pining for you, everywhere I go. When we have all gone, to the silence of the eternity, To first be forgotten and lost in the records of the ground.. Could I still miss you then, in the time and space after all, When no one is searching anymore, and where we are nowhere to be found? We didn't spend our life together, And I will miss you forever. In the darkness, under the stars, with enough warning, to look up to the sky, in time.. I'm crying. And holding on.. To a dream.. When the end.. Couldn't come slow enough for you.. Holding on..
  8. Hi all!

    Welcome! Always glad to see a new face If you're completely new, I'd recommend taking a brief look at this section: Server Information (especially 'Player & Character Consent' and 'The Server & The Setting'). Also, remember about the most important - Guidelines If you have any questions feel free to write here or just message me. Have fun!
  9. A Stupid Newbie

    Here are some useful links: Guidelines (rules worth reading); Info about server mechanics; Various user-made guides;
  10. W-17 cloaking device

    I'm re-apping because I removed the previous app (which got accepted; this is the same application); I didn't think I'd need it anymore;   Name: W-17 (Widmo-17); Description: A device of size of cecum's end, located where the appendix is (Misery had her appendix removed because she was sick); Abilities: Cloaks the user, greatly reducing their visibility; Conditional abilities (optional): Only a passive one. Cloaking is obviously better in dim, dark areas, especially against a noisy background (like rocks or foliage). Also, any particles (of pebble size) that come in contact with user also get cloaked (of course not ground, that'd be silly); Limitations: This is not an invisibility device, user just blends into the landscape. Can't stay cloaked forever. Device is susceptible to EMP and it requires a surgery to get it fixed. Sudden movement or getting hit causes movement ripple, exposing user before cloaking them again. Useless in combat; Conditional limitations (optional): Bright light and flat, dull backgrounds (especially bright ones) increase the visibility; How does it work: User's surface is dynamically coated in silver particle receptors (which consist of input and output), which send the information about the light to the device, which then sends the computed orders to the target receptor, finally cloaking the user; Flavor text: Fascinated by an alien birds of certain species, which could blend into the landscape while resting, Eva (Misery) decided to create a device which would use similar technique, but mechanical. She used it mainly for observing wildlife and hunting. She attached the device to cecum, in appendix's place; Referenced Technologies (optional): None; Attainability: [Open] This device is only of it's kind, suited for Misery's organism and self-made; Tags: [Civilian] This device can't be used to damage anything, at least not directly; Category: Wearable;