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  1. Best hub?

    Get the Spawn Item Pack mod and there's an item to repair your ship right away.
  2. Can't Join

    Using your own username and password for server username and password isn't how you get on. To get the server username and password, read this and take the quiz linked at the bottom.
  3. The Visitant

    I have no idea if you'll answer my question (mystery and all that jazz) but are these new bodies the same as the channels but with only one mind inside them, or do they create something wildly different?
  4. Stefan Starblight

    Oops. Misunderstanding on my end.
  5. Stefan Starblight

    In-game armor, weapons, stats or whatever are typically ignored for the sake of balance and a bit of realism. As far as I can tell, energy whips aren't apart of tech lore or an approved tech app. You could try to app it or settle for a regular whip. Or ask staff if its okay to use one in the case it doesn't even need an app. Sorry if this comes off as be yelling at you to fix mistakes or something, just thought I should help you out and stuff. Feel free to ask questions to me or staff. Have fun dude
  6. Glitch_Ě̶̳͒͢R̡͉͙͐R͜O̕Rͮ101

    You think you have this Information right???? WORNG
  7. Clockwrench/Clitzclank

    Because of course galactic common is for those peasants.  
  8. Hello!

    Whats up my dude. If you need any help figuring out what's what, just be sure to SIGNAL us by using the help center or contacting staff.
  9. Praise Haydee

    *Shit, Haydee's back. Gotta play it cool* <3<3<3 I LOVE YOU HAYDEE!!!! <3<3<3
  10. Trimix's Introduction

    If you want to be a galactic citizen, then conglaturations!!! You already are one by joining this server. If you want to get onto the server, then you gotta take the quiz which is linked at the bottom of this page. Have fun RPing! (Oh, and don't worry about in-game stats or whatever. We just chuck those out the window.)
  11. Hey

    Welcome back daddy
  12. Mods?

    You Cannot Have Any Mods That Add In Anything New, Like Clothing Or Weapons. You Can Use Drawables To Have Unique Weapons Or Other Things, Or You Can Recolour Clothes Using Starcheat Or SOS.
  13. Idk, am I doing this right?

    Welcome to GC, the place where you can fuck everything. Be sure to check out our lore so you know whats what. Have fun letting Optimus Prime "take you" in a bar and be safe out there!
  14. The Buster, Dex Duster

    That's pretty young for a Novakid. I give this a good out of fine