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  1. // Al-Dhaid Masquerade Event \\

    // User KG_OP comments. \\ sure : )
  2. // Al-Dhaid Masquerade Event \\

    //A fancy ad surfaced the Nexus, its colours ecstatic and the context simple. “Al-Dhaid Masquerade Event” the ad stated over the dressed up woman. Upon clicking the ad you were taken to Vokwell’s site where an article regarding the event loaded. It was a simple video of the Vali talking whilst dressed in a fancy dress with fine trimming and golden decour.\\ “Assalam Walekum my Ummah and a warm hello to the denizens of the Fringe,” said the short woman in a warm tone and with her cheeks pushing the veil apart.   “The following Saturday we’ll be hosting a masquerade ball at Vokwell’s to finally celebrate the subduing of Sarracenia and the end of Ramadan!   “We welcome our proud citizens in this celebration of triumph achieved through the Eleven Hour war just as we welcome any and all foreign guests.   “We’ll also be serving hot food and plenty to establish a feast.   “Please simply come with in a costume or dressed according to our laws; masks aren’t mandatory but they’re very much expected.   “The ball starts at 5 pm ((UTC - 1 pm EST)), but while it’s expected for you to show up early, you may join whenever.   “Eid Mubarak, hope to see you there!”
  3. //how is prangent formed//

    (( What a fool you are. I'm a god, how can you kill a god? What a grand and intoxicating innocence. How could you be so naive? There is no escape. No recall or intervention can work in this place. Come, lay down your weapons, it is not too late for my mercy. )) 
  4. Looking for DOTA 2 players

    hots ftw...
  5. Archangel missile

    done my man
  6. // Saif Cassio - Q&A \\

    //Cassius left a reply.\\ First and foremost there needs to be a major increase of discipline amidst the Guard which I plan to bring through my mandatory training reform. With that out of the way, I propose a more thorough system for identifying and properly handling these creatures.
  7. Subforum for Good RP Items? 
  8. // Saif Cassio - Q&A \\

    //Cassius replied.\\ You're welcome. Twas a pleasure answering your questions. 
  9. // Saif Cassio - Q&A \\

    //Another response.\\ I was born in Aquila. I've been round the army all my life and eventually, I joined the CAS branch of the air force. I served during the guerrilla offensives carried out by the natives whose land our dear leaders stole. There, I lost my wife to an ambush during the night. She was a pilot too. Finally, as that war came to and end and the shifters began to gain control, I deserted and hid throughout the Fringe.
  10. // Saif Cassio - Q&A \\

    //Cassius replied!\\ The space-nazis squashed monsters with drop pods.
  11. // Saif Cassio - Q&A \\

    //Cassius leaves an answer.\\ I plan on suggesting a few reforms, some being: -reforming the Guard's equipment; -Standardising guard training; -Introducing public bins. I was a councilman of Aquila during USCM's regime before the shifter virus outbreak.  
  12. // Saif Cassio - Q&A \\

    //A fancy site boots up from darkness, its borders mellow red and the background white as snow. A red symbol looms in the background, it's simply Haven's yet dyed red.\\ Greetings! I'm Saif Cassio and I wish to formally announce that I'm running for Senate.  I have a degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics, I'm a conservative and I have roughly 4 years of experience as a city councilman. I served in the local quadrant's USCM and, thereafter, co-led a municipium.  This website serves as a Q&A-esque place, so please ask me anything!
  13. Floran Emporium

    //From pitch black a simple site booted up, its borders crimson and the background black as the night. There appears to be no section for comments, though there is an application linked.\\     Following the liberation of Sarracenia, a new market of Floran slaves has opened to the Fringe. Hence we, the Servus Corporation of Nova Australasia, would like to announce the newly opened Floran Emporium.   We offer a vast variety of slaves, from young to old, to trained and equipped with loyalty implants to simple ones with merely a shock collar.   We also offer a 10% discount to all veterans of our mighty armies.   Base: - Young adult male Floran with collar: 700 riyals - Young adult male Floran with implant: 1400 riyals - Middle aged male Floran with collar: 600 riyals - Middle aged male Floran with implant: 1000 riyals - Young adult female Floran with collar: 740 riyals - Young adult female Floran with implant: 1440 riyals - Middle aged female Floran with collar: 640 riyals - Middle aged female Floran with implant: 1040 riyals   Bonuses: - Specially trained (+200 riyals) - Fluent galactic common (+200 riyals) - Physically fit (+100 riyals) - Deformity/disease free (+200 riyals) - Above 7 feet (+200 riyals) - De-clawed, de-fanged (+50 riyals)   Choose a base and select the bonuses on the application beneath!   Buy your very own slave! Your name: Time and date you’ll be arriving at Maladh: Base: Bonuses: Warranty: [1-year / 2-year plan (+50 riyals)]
  14. Archangel missile

    Name: FTL Assisted Missile Booster, Archangel missile Description: An FTL booster attached to the rear of a missile. It's size (and hence power) varies depending on the predetermined travelling time. Abilities: >Swift cross-system missile strikes. >These boosters can be modified to fit onto most missiles. >Able to attack beyond the system limit. Conditional Abilities (Optional): >Bypass traditional anti-missile defences. Limitations: >The missile cannot be used with a tracking system due to their sheer speed. >These FTL boosted missiles cannot be launched from mere corvettes and alike; they require a proper station to be launched from or a unique attachment to a vast battleship. >The missiles cannot travel further than through two systems; in case someone would give them too long of a path, they'd self-destruct mid-flight. Conditional Limitations (Optional): >There's always a chance for them to be hit mid-flight by something like an asteroid and consequently the missile will instantly explode. (To determine the chance of the missile hitting a space object, a roll must take place) >Anything that's supposed to stop vessels during FTL also easily stops these missiles. >Celestial Objects have to be accounted for when shooting a target outside the system where the ship/station resides in. How does it work: Within the rear of the missile, a pre-programmed FTL drive is located. The said object determines the path the weapon will take. When the missile misses the target or comes off course then it will detonate after a set amount of time in order to prevent misfires. Flavor text: These boosters were originally a project handled by the Nova Australian USCM a couple of years ago with the initial plan of warping ODST pods through multiple systems. The project was soon abandoned when they found lethal flaws and due to how expensive these pods were. It was, however, recently revived by the Christians along with the help of their closest allies, the ICIF. In fact, the boosters are still in the later testing phase, and they're speculated to be used in an upcoming invasion. Referenced Technologies (Optional): N/A Attainability: [OPEN] As these missiles are being developed by an isolated nation, they are only available to them and the ICIF, however, another nation could potentially acquire them through trade or make their knockoffs. Tags: [MILITARY] [EVENT] Category: Range Armaments