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      Welcome to Galaxy Citizen, new player! Feel free to introduce yourself, and read our guides on RP if you need to, check out our lore and get a feel for it, and remember to contact any of our staff if you need anything. GC is a serious roleplay server which means we cater to users who enjoy immersive roleplay both on the server and even off of it. Remember to read our rules for both OOC and IC matters and to be courteous to others. Other than that, to get started, just go to the Outpost and check out the Two-Stop teleporter for our list of player-made hubs - you can also spawn your own hub teleporter by going into singleplayer, and after typing /admin, doing '/spawnitem 2stoptele' and placing it.  If you like it here a lot, remember to vote and help us keep up! also, remember good grammar

        ~  @PrivateNomad, friendly neighborhood CM
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      For various reasons, we've moved to a new Discord. Follow this link to gain access. Just a note, the Dark Citizen rank is no more, as Discord has new rules about NSFW chats. It'll now ask you to confirm you are 18+. https://discord.gg/qqaN8pG


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